Hello everyone, my name is Otto Oome. Today an unboxing of NXT Level Protein products. I have to go get my package at the Runkster Gazetje. We are going to do that now. Voila, my package from NXT Level. Consider subscribing to my Youtube channel? Voila, here is my package from NXT Level Sports Nutrition. I have bought a bundle (combi deal). Whey Isolate, Creatine and BCAAs. First a comment. NXT Level! You have such a beautiful logo. There is nothing about your brand on this box. At the end of this video I will show you how a competitor does that. I’m going to open the box. Let’s see what’s in it. This is already easy. And voila, here is my NXT Level Whey Isolate. It is the vanilla taste. And it is a pack of 750gr. I will first try this before I buy the 2-kilo boxes. This jar contains BCAAs, which are 3 amino acids. BCAAs play an active role in building and maintaining muscle mass. I have never ordered BCAAs. But I’m going to give it a try. Then there is also in this bundle. Creatine monohydrate. Creatine consists of two proteins and creatine would be a performance booster. For intensive sports. I will also try this. There was also a shaker in the bundle. It was there. This is a smart shaker. From 600 ml. There is a strainer to shake with. There are also two … There are also two storage compartments. To possibly include other products. Then, we always go on vacation and we go brisk walking. About 25 km per day. In order not to have to carry too much weight on the way for energy I bought RAW Organic Energy bars. These energy bars consist of natural ingredients. Cashew nuts, apricots and pecans. No added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives have been added. My package arrived a little later and they had promised me something extra. Indeed there are some extras in it. Let’s see what it is. I think a towel. Look how beautiful a sports towel. And look, your logo is on this. Very good! Another logo. Thank you NXT Level. A movie about making a shake with NXT Level proteins is also coming. Do you find the video OK? Then give me a big thumbs up? Do you subscribe to my channel for free? Share this video with your friends? And also put a comment at the bottom of this video? Bye! Subscribing is appreciated! Thanks for watching! Consider subscribing to my Youtube channel? It is free!