Outcome based commissioning is so important because it really gets to the heart of the new NHS agenda, which is maximizing value for patients. We put people in control by delivering a body of data, intelligence, and evidence upon which clinical commissioners can make informed decisions about the patients and citizens they serve. Clarity Patients is a commissioning decision support system. It provides data, analytics, and most importantly a body of evidence upon which clinical commissioners can make key decisions around service redesign and service transformation. With Clarity Patients, we deliver healthcare analytics and intelligence that support population health management, case management, performance analysis, and finance and budgeting. Clarity Patients is more than just risk stratification. We believe our collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore is fundamental. We’ve collaborated with that University because they’re world renowned. In terms of the ACG system, which we have fully integrated into Clarity Patients, that system has been implemented globally and currently operates in 15 countries. Johns Hopkins’ ACG system has been fully calibrated to work with UK healthcare data, be that secondary care data, primary care data, community mental health, and indeed, adult social care. This is wholly relevant to the UK healthcare experience. Clarity Patients has a wide footprint now in the UK. Currently we are processing records for in excess of 7 million patients. We are engaged with four commissioning support units delivering services to 850 GP practices across 30 clinical commissioning groups. Before setting up Sollis, I worked for 10 years in the NHS and went through many reorganizations myself. I understand just how chaotic and disruptive that can be. I think one of the principle advantages of working with Sollis is that many of us worked in the NHS. We believe we understand current healthcare issues, and our collaboration with Johns Hopkins University makes us stand out from the crowd. At Sollis we never forget at the end of every piece of data, there’s a person.