hey it’s Derek from Signet nutrition and I want to show you all a couple of my favorite ways to use the Viva life perform protein powder I see too many people shaking up the protein powder with just water when there’s so many better things that you could mix it with to maximize your recovery and increase your nutrient intake we all know how crucial protein is but by adding in some nutrient rich foods we can greatly boost the benefits to our body so something that I’ve been doing lately is by adding it to my breakfast oatmeal it sweetens it up and it also gives your body a good blast of protein for the day so what I’ll do is just make the oatmeal normally then mix in some Viva life perform at the end then I’ll top it with some chopped fruit nuts seeds and maybe some almond milk this will keep you full for a while while giving you nice sustained energy for the day and then on days where I work out recovery is my main focus in my post-workout nutrition and if you’re still doing protein powder and water you’re missing out on so many nutrients so many things that can be helping you recover better so after my workouts for maximum recovery I always either have a big smoothie or a big fruit smoothie Bowl I’ll show you what I put in there right now whether I’m making a smoothie or a smoothie Bowl the ingredients are almost exactly the same however it with a smoothie Bowl I just add more frozen fruit and less liquid that way it makes it thicker so for this smoothie Bowl I’ve been making lately I’ll blend together some frozen bananas frozen berries some ground flax some greens and then a splash of water with some Viva life perform all the flavors are really great in this but I’ll give you a little secret on what I’ve been doing lately I’ve actually been adding half a scoop of the vanilla and half a scoop of the SAE blueberry and mixing those together and it is unbelievable you guys can thank me later alright I hope I gave you a few other ideas on how you can use Viva life perform protein powder I’m gonna go and enjoy this