Good morning guys, welcome back to my channel. It’s faith martini here. And today I’m going to be Taking you along as me and the boys go for their six-month checkup. So today is actually the 18th of Gosh the 18 of September they turned 6 months on the 6th, but I didn’t set up their 6-month appointment I forgot to do it so I was able to get a quick one in and so we’re just gonna get ready and head on out to go see how they are progressing and now if you like videos like this videos about motherhood lifestyle and Cleaning videos and baby videos then don’t forget to hit that subscribe button guys I post videos every week the goal is to post videos two or three times a week, but I’ve kind of been meeting that goal that I set, but that’s what I’m aiming at. But I do post videos every week on here. So definitely Subscribe and stay tuned for more videos. So yeah, we’re just gonna go ahead I At this point I am getting them all dressed up for the day They actually woke up, you know a while ago. So they woke up around 8:00 and I was able to feed them at that point and then Put them down so that I can go and take a shower And then try to get ready So I was able to take a shower, but by the time that I finished they were you know Fussy wanted to be held and whatnot. So I decided it would be just best for me to change them right now and then I can make my breakfast and Continue getting ready. So yeah, I’m just changing them here Gosh, my boy has been giving me such a hard time when I dress him He likes to roll around like this and it’s so frustrating and he’s so strong Like I just I can’t seem to get him to stay in one place That’s like one of the things that I’m dealing with right now with the developments But I do love that he can turn around like that. I love that he’s strong. You know, I’m counting my blessings and I’m grateful for that that it can be really really frustrating and tiring to like just trying to get shorts on him is It’s such a struggle sometimes. But yeah, so I’m really excited to see how they’re gonna be doing today I mean how their development is when we get to the doctor But yeah, so I hope you enjoyed watching this video guys, and don’t forget to leave a like if you actually liked it Now they were being really really fussy so after I had fed them, I mean dressed them and let them sit for a while I decided to feed them again, and I didn’t really show the feeding pot here But this is just right after that I gave them and then I just bumped them So that they can be all cool while I was trying to get my stuff done so now we’re in the kitchen and I’m just gonna set them down and Let them play around in this little walker so that I can actually make my own breakfast and eat something Usually I try to get them distracted so that they can focus on something else while I try to get something done [music] Sunshine we The No No Last one we’ll have a ball for the people’s What’s the we We first I Get so caught up in the middle Thinking of traveling is polite I’m loose inside cuz I’m falling I’m songs eatin deep down inside But I do I can hire Fucking Yeah Eyes and you can tell I will put it If you get sued Yeah, I can carry all that you’ve got to every hearts it’s not a We stumble I can’t hurt Eyes and you can tell they are Paralyzed I will put out of the fryer It forgets your turn I am runnin for you. I’m I am from for you if the dirt Oh good start Hello guys, welcome back to my channel so we actually just made it to the doctor’s office and We are about to get the boys all checked up and stuff. So oh my gosh I’m doing this alone today. So it is oh it’s tiring, but The boys are now ready to oh my gosh. I have to take their clothes off and undress them to their diapers Baby shoes are already off because They didn’t want to keep their shoes on this one too, right baby, I really need to wash these cribs, but Yeah, I’m about to get them undress so that we can get this fun going babies. You’re gonna get shots today And now we’re both gonna be crying on this one. Okay, so I had one of the nurses actually came in and helped me which was really really sweet! Now I have Hodari here, we’re gonna go get weighed. Milo is already being weighed right now so Oh, Oh my gosh.. How much do you weigh? “15 and 3; the other one is 14” Are you waving at me? So we just finished the weigh-in and Measurements so now we’re just waiting on the doctor to come in We can see what’s up we just finished with the Checkup, oh my gosh, and also the weights and the measurements the boys are not Where they need to be at the moment Their weight is actually at well Hodari is at 15 pounds. This is Hodari. He’s are 15 pounds right now While Milo’s like 14 pounds in some ounces So they haven’t gained as much weight Within the last two months since their four-month checkup But I definitely will be trying a few more things to make sure that they can continue to eat more right now they got so far see so I just had to give them some breast milk from The milk that I provided from them to well that I prepared for them this morning My little guys are already holding their own bottles because they want to be mister independents But now we’re just waiting on the nurse because they’re gonna get their shots today Which I I just don’t like but we got to do it. So we’re just waiting on that and We’ll see how it goes. But other than the weight Their height is good, their other measurements are good. Its just the weight I guess that They’re not gaining as fast as possible. And now it’s I mean, of course they’re twins and I’m breastfeeding both of them. So It’s definitely a lot but I might have to supplement with formula and we’ll just have to see what the best option is but other than that Everything else is good. They do have some eczema, but I’m gonna get some cortisol to kind of help with that and Yeah, but They’re getting all full already. Oh my gosh, baby. Isn’t that enough? Isn’t that enough? Look when I try to take the bottle out My guy is like really full but will scream for the bottle. Oh, there you go. There you go and it’s like multi-tasking You cannot you get baby can you do it like this so you can get all of it? No But yeah So we’re just gonna wait on the nurse and then the fun will begin The boys are still eating still waiting on the nurse my guys here are just going they were I mean, I literally fed them before we left and They still drank 9 ounces of milk. I I don’t I don’t get it Maybe this is the reason they’re not drinking as much or they drink and they feel like they’ve had enough and then they stop? but I might be pumping more often too so that I can be able to give them the bottled milk after they’ve breastfed But yeah, so that’s that the nurse actually brought over some Formula that I’m gonna be taking so I don’t know I’m still kind of anxious on trying this but we’ll see how we do and it goes (Speaking Swahili) These kids ooh If you take away the milk now (Speaking Swahili) What are you getting from this baby? its over You know, it’s out. There’s no no But he just wants to hold on to it and suck on it Which is of course gas and we’re gonna have to do some serious burping later on because you’re going to be crying over the gas that you Have sucked up. Look at his belly but still he just wants to continue eating now the other thing that you know, I’ve been struggling with in the Eczema. Oh my gosh, man. I Really hate and we know that skin is really dry because of the the weather that we are in right now but I lotion them every day but still it doesn’t improve as much as I want and then also you can see the eczema amount all over their feet or Legs and it’s it really sucks. I hate it so much but we’re gonna try cortisol for that as well to see how that you know progress is This guy is still drinking his milk, he does not want to stop. This one does not want to stop even though the milk is out Just wants to keep h olding on to the bottle Right, but I guess we’re happy now right you’re not crying anymore that’s good. Oh Yeah, still waiting for the doctor or nurse rather Oh my gosh, they’ve eaten way too much Yeah, they do have eczema so hopefully the cortisol will help No these are actually the first ones in my family (Sorry for the shakiness in parts of the video) The crying did not last as long this time I guess it’s because they fed but Now I’m just gonna get them all dressed up and then we can head out, right babies (Sorry for the shakiness in some parts of the video) La La Ok, I literally have to sing for them to stop crying I was gonna go get some Tylenol, but I haven’t been able to do that. We just got home about a few minutes ago actually We got home around 1:00 p.m from their doctor’s appointment And I was just like, oh, I’m just gonna come I’m just gonna put them down And they’re gonna go to sleep because they actually started sleeping when we were in a while We were in the car, but they don’t want to go to sleep now. So I just had to close this video guys That’s why I’m here with them because they won’t be let down I do have to I didn’t want to I mean I I couldn’t let them just continue crying so? Basically, as you already saw we went to the doctor today, it was their six-month checkup. You were able to go there and They got their measurements and their weights Now the doctor said that they’re not really gaining as much weight And actually what was funny is when he actually saw the results at first. He thought that they were That they were wrong. So he actually wanted it done again. So they Weighed them with a second time but it came up the same with the same as before which was 15 pounds for Hodari right here and 14 and some ounces for Milo, Milambu so So, of course then we kind of talked about You know their feeding schedule or how much they actually eat and what they eat And right now I’m breastfeeding and also I’ve introduced solids to them. So that’s what we’ve been doing so far and Honestly they eat like, you know, babe like they don’t they don’t really complain that they’re not getting enough right I mean if they were I would have noticed And then something different so they’ve been like this seems really content and that’s what the doctor actually said to like, you know They might seem content now when they feed they feed up to you know whatever level they feel like they have it and enough and then they stop I Didn’t really put a limit for them when it comes to feeding and I feed them multiple times a day. So In addition to feeding. I also give them the bottle once I have Some milk pumped and they usually drink like nine ounces. I think you saw that already in the video They can drink nine ounces in one sitting like it’s ridiculous, but But they gave us the formula. I am really hesitant on Taking formula on them taking formula because I’ve kind of tried to control what they eat If you haven’t seen my other videos, I actually make my own baby food at home so that I don’t have to buy You know store-bought baby food. And so I really try to control what they eat and with formula I just don’t know like whenever when I started breastfeeding and everybody the goal in my mind was I’m when I breastfeed, you know I never really had the intention of using anything else or supplementing, but of course things change and I Don’t know that I’m gonna actually do the formula I think I’m just gonna try feeding them more and they’ve definitely been really responsive to feeding and to The solids that we’ve been giving them so I’m probably gonna use this more. I’m also gonna incorporate some other I’m solid, too Because they definitely love to eat so I’ll try that and Then I guess you know, I will decide how we can go forward with that. But we do have another appointment within a month to actually go and To go and get them weight again, they got their flu shots today, but they’re also going to get another flu shot In a month, so we’re gonna go back for another appointment in October. So hopefully they’ll have gained some weight by then The goal is to have them at eight pounds by that eight by that time But it might not really happen it. They can’t really gained three pounds in a month, but we’ll see. We’ll see So that’s pretty much what happened today guys, I really appreciate you tuning in to this video If you are a mom of multiples, I would love to you know, hear your experience about breastfeeding I know breastfeeding is definitely hard. It’s challenging it takes a lot You know, I’m also gonna be making a video about my breastfeeding experience and tips that I have You know as a mom, you know feeding two boys for six months But I’m gonna be making that video here pretty soon But if you are a mom of twin boys and you’ve been feeding your boys breast milk, how long did you go? You know, did you breastfeed? Till there were a year or did you stop at some point and supplement with? With formula, I would love to hear that guys I know that some people might say oh you need to just you stop breastfeeding and use formula and Honestly, I appreciate That’s your opinion And I thank you for you for having an opinion but I’m gonna do what I feel like it’s best for me and my kids but That’s pretty much it for this video guys. Thank you so much for tuning in. Really appreciate you watching Hope you enjoy the video and I’ll be seeing you on the next one. Have a great day Bye say bye Say bye They can’t really be a biggie just yeah, do you wanna say bye to the camera See you, bye bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye Okay, bye bye. Could it be gonna be different