yo what's going on guys before you check out this video I just want you to know if you're on Facebook or Instagram make sure you check those out down here below because I'm constantly putting up content on those as well if that's your platform enjoy the video hey what's going on guys Chris one here from over time athletes so a lot of you guys asked me about sample workouts for certain goals or objectives and to be quite honest with you right now after my ankle injury I'm kind of making I don't want to say a comeback we'll see if it's a comeback but I'm getting back into doing a lot more jumping after I'm happy built and I'm getting getting my athleticism back so a lot of you guys asked for this so what I wanted to do is kind of show you what a sample workout day looks like for me when I'm training for power so I'm usually on a four day split that's two days upper body two days lower body so for the lower body one of them what I'd like to show you is what we're doing for the workout so first to start off I perform a dynamic warmup you guys have always seen me perform this I have videos of this on my actual channel I go through this because I want to mobilize and really I want to increase my core temperature and allow my body to get loose after that I do a series of hip activation exercises what you'll see me actually do is monster walk with a like what they call a hip circle and what a hip circle does is allows me to keep my glute activated as I'm performing something and what I notice within my body is when I'm extremely fatigued by doing this exercise I'm not in peak shape when I'm actually getting towards that peak shape or when I hit that 44 inch vertical I could do multiple sets of monster walks or lateral monster walks with it with the hip circle on and I wouldn't be as fatigued and that meant that my my stability and my glutes was extremely strong after that I'm going to do some kind of single leg movement I always like a unilateral movement for lower body I'm going to do single leg tough jumps however what you'll see me do here is I'm actually performing it slow eccentric movement really forcing that body to absorb that energy as it's coming down really load those muscles up low the elasticity up and then explode explode up as high as I possibly can land two feet and really stabilize and stick that landing I'm going to perform five sets of five on each leg with that next I'm going to move into something a little bit more aggressive and that's going to be reactive vertical jump so what you'll see here is now that I basically slowed it down on the single leg vertical and spent my time on that unilateral movement I'm going to go over to a more you know bilateral which is both my legs perform a reactive vertical where I'm basically stepping off something absorbing that force and immediately exploding off of impact and what this does is it increases or what I'm working on is the amortization phase amortization phase and plyometrics is essentially the phase that you have when you're the amount of time spent on the ground this is very important for you guys like in basketball or in football or any of these sports where you don't want to get stuck as you're moving from movement swimming you want to be able to spring off that ground and really what I'm focusing on this drill is that after that I'm going to move into my strength movement schedule reason why I only have to power movements here is because like I said at the four-day split so two other days I'm performing explosive plyometrics so I give my body that stimulus I apply it 100% intensity and then I back away from it it's all about quality reps when you're training your vertical jump and explosive power for that matter but going into strength what you'll see me do is I love the 5 by 4 rep scheme so I'm gonna go 5 sets of 4 repetitions building up to a heavy or actually not to a heavy but 4 repetitions I'm actually going to perform this with a 4 cents for second east central tempo and by doing that this is the first block of the phase of triphasic where I'm really focusing on the stretch shortening cycle and the stretch reflex in that so I actually won't be going heavy on this as you'll see but really what I'm doing is I'm trying to focus as hard as I possibly can on great technique and basically being able to control that weight and move it as fast as I possibly can out of the hole for my supplementary movement I love limited range of motion type movements so what you'll see me perform here is a box squat so I'll actually drop the volume tremendously by only going to sets but I'm going to match it by doing four repetitions next week I'll go three and then the following week the third week before I D load I'll actually go three to five repetitions with the same way I did the three so by doing a box squat it allows me to come in a limited range of motion probably like right above parallel right where I would want to be with the vertical jump and explode up as hard as I possibly can with a little bit heavier weight then I'm going to go ahead and get into more auxilary so for auxiliaries for this particular workout I chose elevated reverse lunge and kettlebell bandage swings so I kept the volume pretty low for elevated reverse lunge which you'll see is I have a higher range of motion when I step down off the platform and be able to really put some stretch on that glute and force my body in a unilateral moves motion to produce strength or overcome that resistance I'm going to go six repetitions each leg then for the kettlebell banded swing I absolutely love this when I'm training vertical jump because it mimics a lot of the same movements and a lot of the same muscles you would use in that the band essentially pulls me down so it really helps support that eccentric phase of really absorbing that force through that move motion I'll go 3 sets of that and then to finish off I'm going to perform stabilization when I perform stabilization I'm just saying my core for now or this actual workout like I said I perform 3 different variations of core where I'll perform stabilization I'll perform some kind of flexion and then some kind of rotation I usually perform some kind of extension too but what you'll see is I usually perform the extension in the stabilization manner where I'm actually statically holding it so that's the workout hope you guys enjoyed it hope you guys check this out try it out for some of you if you're interested obviously I have a whole program on this called the flight system teaching you know three months full program basically the same impact I had and it helped me in a lot of different athletes so you know you guys can check it out guys if you want to follow this exact workout I actually have a screenshot of this on my Instagram account so you guys could take this exact same workout it's at over times athletes you guys can check that out and get this workout and do it along with me hah 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