I think dreams mean everything if you’re not able to dream and manifest what you want just nothing to live for nothing to fight for nothing to wanted to achieve I think everything start off with a dream that you work towards to make it reality and that’s the kid you have the imagination of you know what would you like to be one day I think what’s where most dreams start from you know as the kid using their imagination saying hey I want to be a doctor or you know hey I want to want to be a pilot and you know for me having a dream of one day one to be mr. Olympia manifested to become a mystery idea [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so let’s see your back in 1993 I cut nine tendons and was told that I would not be able to use my right hand eat [Music] and I also sort of attend I was one of the hardest time for me because I couldn’t grip anything I had no grip strength you know up to this day I can’t wear gloves when I work out because if I can’t feel the weight I can’t lift it I don’t know if it’s in my hand it’s a lot of challenge man that’s a good thing about bodybuilding I actually lost the scholarship to college because of this when you learn I learned to live with it I learned to train with it it made me a lot stronger over the years because I know that everything that I have I earned it like nothing was ever given you know even when in the mr. Olympia I know it was because of the work that I put in nobody handed it to me that guy had to dig really deep [Music] to earn it December 26 mm – I remember day after Christmas I got a phone call that my dad was in the hospital you know I’ve never seen my dad’s ticket day of his life so it was kind of shocking to hear that and did some more tests they found out that he had Stage four lung cancer and they gave him three months to live he made it to almost one year for me my dad was he was my biggest fan and my biggest support so after he passed away I quit modeling I never set foot in the gym I just said you know to hell with it and you know I gave up I I took up started drinking and partying and I mean everything else that you could think I became an alcoholic and you know I just I just quit I didn’t want to be a bodybuilder anymore but I could for 70 years and you know always tell people that your destiny is pre-written before you were born my purpose was to inspire motivate people I had to go down that path not to share my story to others or someone that went through the same situation that I did I tell myself it’s part of life it’s part of the growing process of we were supposed to be and everything that happens happened for a reason and in the end if you make it out on the other side you’re gonna be a lot stronger than when you get in but I think a lot of times you know people face adversity and the first thing to do is a big quick maybe I can’t do this I don’t want to do this and they give up it’s enough just fighting a little bit harder you know sometimes that fight is needed in order for you to make it to the next stage in life if we could turn the next page and move on to the next chapter you’re gonna have to fight some battles a lot of time those battles against yourself [Music] the last thing my dad said to me before he passed away was when was I getting back on stage and I decided I wanted to do one show and I’ll see where I fit in when you take time off you coming back you that started from scratch you digging yourself from BDD people used to say man it’s like riding a bicycle no it’s not like riding the bicycle because it’s like your body it’s like what do you do what are we doing here like I didn’t sign up for this I thought we quit and your mind is like yeah we quit we did what are you doing and you find yourself every day so I spent a lot of time you know trying to come back in 2000 in 2009 just I spent more time fighting myself than training because it’s like every day was a new challenge every time I thought man I’m up to 30 pounds my body was like yeah but it’s been 70 years and I start my preparation I threw the Texas for my pro debut I was like you know it’s gonna be great I just I just came back I did one show qualified for Nationals went to North America won my pro card I’m gonna go to Texas Dallas Europe for Super Show I’m gonna make the top three I’m gonna go to the Olympia everything is gonna be great everything is being lined up and I remember first call-out second call-out third call-out Ford call out and I’m still standing you’re going like v call out I’m like okay and it was like the rest of you guys that was my group I I took the lecar I took it like a champ and I was like this is what it’s like to be a problem and I went home and I had to find myself like do I really want to commit myself to being a bodybuilder like I made a promise to myself I said I was like I want to go back to this same show I want these same judges to judge me again and tell me I’m not good enough then take something I’m not good enough I would quit and I went back and forth [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] baby and trying to be mr. Olympia is a mindset it’s cuz it you look at the guys all the guys at the Olympia everyone is in shape because this the biggest show on the planet the separation from 1st to 5th any one could argue is is that much but it’s just a mindset this is the mind frame like while you’re prepping while you died in while you’re at the competition while you’re backstage while you on stage I’ve been close a few times I’ve been in the top 3 since 2012 except for 2017 with a broken jaw so you look at all those close calls were like you’re right thank you no 2015 I thought okay this was that 2016 and like man this is definitely it and in 2017 you can have for me was the best thing that could have happened to me was having to take a step back and kind of evaluate where you at I never doubt I get hungry and hunger each time you’ll find yourself going to a place that most people don’t know is there one and most people are afraid to go because the mindset gets so deep where you get lost I had to do that for the Olympia after getting out of the hospital because for a moment it was you start questioning yourself like is it me is it worth it like this is sacrifice worth the reward like why am I doing this and nobody’s responding back to you it’s just you talking to literally talking to yourself like you know why am I doing this like we didn’t want to do this there’s nobody because you are the answer and I found myself saying I want it and you know I’ve never needed to prove to anyone but I wanted it you know and I know I was gonna do whatever it takes to get it like most guys go to the gym and they just they work out to be mr. Limpy you have to train together select it you just don’t going to gym and go out with the train are I’m gonna work at some farms that have a 20-minute conversation to assess thank your mind is like this is my job I’m gonna be was still in fear I have to train my butt off I have to Train like I’ve never trained before you know you don’t stop because you’re tired you stop when you’re done I didn’t want to be a bodybuilder because I thought I was gonna be a millionaire just no glitz just no grammar you know body builders is about passion that you develop from day one and that passion is gonna drive you even at your lowest moments you can never lose that passion because you think hey you know what I’m not where I’m supposed to be I’m not making the money that I’m supposed to make once you start thinking like that just walk away subscribe to our YouTube channel subscribe click follow