– Hi everyone and
welcome to TRUE, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 24 and we’re
headed back down to the floor. Wear something extra
cozy and comfy for this easy, breezy, be kind
to yourself practice. (uplifting music) – Alright my darling friends,
go ahead and grab a blanket or a towel if you have one
today so you can sit up on it, just lift the
hips up a little high. And then allow your hands to
rest gently in your lap and sit up nice and tall
when you’re ready. Pause the video if you need to grab a little
padding to sit up on. So, we have a
quick practice today. Dropping a good
amount of the poses. We’ll pick ’em up tomorrow. To kind of hone in on this idea that by
merely showing up you are showing
yourself a very, very beautiful grand act of kindness. So close your eyes and
begin to notice your breath. Sit up nice and tall. And be kind to yourself today. It’s a little restorative
practice to help you feel good. And if you’re like,
“Oh man, bummer “because I have so much energy.” Well then, we can tend to
that after this video ends. But see if you can really just
use today as a little gentle moving meditation
to focus on the power of being kind to yourself. We can consider
this with our thoughts, our actions, the movement,
the way we move. And today it’s also
intended to serve as a little day off from
being on your hands. Give your joints a little rest,
let your muscles soften and relax a bit. And then we’ll pick up tomorrow
with our awareness practice. So see if you can just sit
with your breath here for a moment or two longer. Notice where your mind goes,
where your thoughts go. And then, start to bring your
attention more and more to the sound of your breath,
anchoring your mind in the sound of your breath. Uniting the mind and the body in this moment
just the best you can. And you might already start to
notice how your mood or your energy begins to change
when you just stop (laughs) doing things. And often, taking a day off or
taking some time to just be with yourself and to be still and
be with your breath is really, really valuable and sometimes more valuable than a fast paced workout,
a really sweaty yoga class, a ton of vinyasa. Just allow your body to feel at ease here. Your systems to
kind of smooth out, become less frayed. These types of practices often bring you the energy that you need to actually get to
those other things eventually. So we’ll take one more
quiet moment here in Sukhasana, just seated nice and tall. And then begin
to open your eyes, you’re just gonna take the left
hand to the earth and the right fingertips up and
over for a big stretch. Take a deep breath in. And then exhale,
come back to center and take it to the other side. Inhale, big stretch. And then one more
time to each side, inhale, reach. Exhale, come back to center. Inhale, reach. And exhale, come back to center. Awesome. From here, you’re gonna
send the legs out long. Still seated up on
your blanket or block or towel. And when you get there,
reach the arms up and overhead. Bend your knees as much as you
need and you’re gonna drape your belly over your thighs. Inhale in, and exhale, drop
your chin to your chest here. Allow the weight of
the head to relax down. You’re just gonna listen to
the sound of your breath here. Nice, cooling,
calming pose and shape. Kinda getting out of
that fight-or-flight mode. This practice is also gonna
leave you nice and refreshed and motivated for
tomorrow’s practice. And this might be the most
difficult day for some people. It’s hard to
slow down, to chill. But I know you can do it.
Just do your best. And then take one more inhale
in here and as you exhale, slowly release and you’re gonna come all the way
on to your back. And you can use your
blanket or towel as a pillow. So pillow the head
with your blanket or towel. And then when you’re ready,
we’re gonna hug the knees into the chest, scoop the tailbone up
so your lower back becomes nice and cushion-y with the floor. And then interlace
the fingertips, squeeze. And if you want here you
can rock gently side to side, massaging the back body. Now continue to listen
to the sound of your breath. You got this. Paying attention to the breath. Letting it wash over you each
breath is really different, like a wave. No one wave is the same. Just breathe and listen. Some will be deep,
some will be shallow. You’ll get distracted
but just keep coming back. Then go ahead and
place the left foot down. You’re gonna reach the
right toes up towards the sky. If the leg doesn’t
straighten, that’s okay. But you’re gonna
point and flex, point and flex so it can be bent here. Nice and easy,
just pointing and flexing. And then you’ll
interlace the fingertips, bring them behind the
thigh or behind the shin. And we’re gonna breathe here
keeping the shoulders relaxed. Big stretch. We’ll release that. Bring the right
foot to the earth. Send the left toes up high. The same thing,
we’ll point and flex. Just allowing the blood to
flow opposite direction here. Great for circulation. Nice to just have
a day on the back, feeling the support
of your yoga mat. You can imagine it,
I like to image it rising up to meet my spine. And then same thing, we’ll
interlace behind the thigh here or behind the shin
or you can even hold on to your pant or your short. Of course, we know
a tie or a yoga strap is also very helpful here. You’re gonna breath deep here, listen to the sound of your breath. Nice, deep inhalations and really long exhalations. No pushing or forcing here, just
nice and easy as you stretch. Good, then take
a deep breath in. Exhale, release. Left foot comes to the earth. Now, we’re gonna bring
the feet as wide the yoga mat. Allow the knees to fall in. Now you’re gonna bring
your left hand to your heart, excuse me, your right hand to
your belly and everything should be able to relax here. So you shouldn’t be
holding your legs up. Just allow the
knees to fall together. We soften through the belly,
soften through the bowl of the pelvis here and close your eyes. Once again, listen to
the sound of your breath. Inviting the mind to quiet. The nervous system to calm, to soothe. Nice, then we’re
gonna release the hands, press up off the toes and you’re
gonna reach toward the inner arches of the feet
and you’re gonna start to massage your feet here. So we’re opening
up through the hips. If it’s too much, you can
do one foot at a time, in the hips but by now we might be open enough to try to do both feet at the same time. And if not, it’s
just an easy adjustment, one foot down. So start to massage the
arches of the feet here. Breathe deep as you open the
hips and again feel that support in your back body. Be kind to yourself,
continue to breathe deep. Pop your toes, now rub
the tops of your feet. Yes! And then we’re gonna end with a
Happy Baby so you’re gonna grab the outer edges of your feet and slowly kick the
feet up towards the sky. Nice and easy,
lengthen the tailbone. Actively reach it towards
the front edge of your mat. And then you can take any
movement that feels good here or nice, steady stillness
and just allow your breath to move you here. Allow your hamstrings
to get a little sunshine. Take stock,
notice where you are today. No toxic thoughts. Remember the
power of your thoughts, how they help cultivate,
dictate your experience in life and your
perception of all things. Ooh, yes and one
more big inhale here. Feel your belly rise
as you breathe in and then as you
breathe out, release. You’re gonna
windshield wiper the legs a little
back and forth. Allow your arms to
open gently at your sides. Windshield wiper the legs. Great work. Creaky old floor, what’s up? You’re gonna extend
the legs out long. Take anything, any last little
movement here that you like, that feels good. Make sure your heels are at
least as wide as your yoga mat, maybe a little wider
today as you take up space. And then the same
thing with the arms. If you’re really zipped up here
see if you can give yourself a little room to take up space. And then tuck the chin slightly,
lengthen through the back of the neck and inhale
lots of love in and exhale lots of love out. Breathe with me now. Inhale lots of love in. Feel it, feel everything
and exhale lots of love out. One more time,
big inhale, lots of love in. And exhale, lots of love out. Let this practice be a
reminder for you to remember the
importance of being kind. Really, truly
kind with yourself, to yourself, in
conversation with yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re amazing,
you’re doing your best. I know it. Let’s bring the palms together. And as you’re ready, lift ’em up
high up towards the third eye. Namaste. (uplifting music)