– [Taren] Morning Trainiacs. Huge brick workout today. (mumbles) And we are gonna get all the
nutrition ready right now. I’m gonna show you what that nutrition is. (exciting music) Okay, so we have about a
two and half hour bike. And then, a ten minute
run and then after that, probably gonna do about 20-30
minutes of glute activation. So, we’re talking a good
three plus hours of training that means I need to replenish somewhere around 600 calories. Let’s talk about how I’m gonna do that. First, breakfast. I didn’t do anything
crazy high performance for breakfast, actually
quite the opposite. A big bowl of cereal, threw
some coconut milk on there so that I don’t have all that lactose in there sloshing around. Some people do okay on it, I do not. Hemp Hearts for a a little bit of protein, and just to kinda make it heartier. And some vegan protein. What is this? Is this rice? Rice protein, P protein,
organic hemp seed, sprouted brown rice, chia seed- That was breakfast. Electrolytes! Over the course of three hours we want somewhere around 36-48
ounces of electrolytes, you’re going like,
12-16 ounces every hour. So I’ve got three bottles,
and today I’m using SOS. I like SOS, I like OSMO, I like Scratch. They’re all the light
electrolyte mixes that absorb really well, don’t
provide a ton of calories, but just enough to make
sure that it absorbs well, while not giving you so much sugar that it starts tasting crappy
and being hard to digest. Nutrition and calories: So
I’m looking at replacing somewhere around 600 calories over the course of this workout. This is Hammeraid Perpetum,
this is like really long endurance-based nutrition, this is what I used in the marathon swim last year. This is Hammer Gel, it’s just straight up gel, in bulk form. This is a little bit more hearty than your typical nutrition. It’s got a little bit of fat, little bit of protein, now granted, fat and protein hasn’t really been proven to enhance performance. The only reason that I’m using this is because I’ve still got it leftover from the long swim and we’re
doing such a long workout that I’ve got to use it up sometime. So, might as well be now. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a little bit of this, little bit of this, to get that sugar spike,
mix it into just one bottle mounting to a total of about 600 calories and if I start feeling bonky,
I’ll grab some Clif Bloks. Just kinda feel it out. Recovery. And within about 30 minutes
after finishing your workout you want to be taking on a bunch of carbs and a bunch of protein
and somewhere around a three or four to one
carb to protein ratio. Your body is just gonna
be absolutely stripped of all the glycogen,
essentially the carbs and the energy that is in your muscles so you want to top that right up. The old thought that we’re body builders, we’re like, “BAM! I’ve got
to hit myself with a bunch of protein and just have a protein shake.” Doesn’t really workout
for endurance athletes. We need to be topping up our carbs and we need a little bit of protein to rebuild those muscles, but more
important is the carbs. The energy system of our body. It’s pretty easy to find
recovery protein powders in that four to one ratio, however, I had a really tough time
finding a vegan solution so I actually went to the
muscle-head work out place and I said, “Hey, this is
kind of what I’m looking for- vegan and about a three, four to one” and they actually said well, vegan gainer is three, like, 3.2 to one, but instead of having like three scoops of this and 700 calories, I’m
gonna have a half a scoop- I’m gonna have a half a scoop amounting to like 150 to 180 calories. That’s gonna be immediately
after the workout, right before I start all the glute work, so my body can start
repairing itself right away. And then an hour later, then I’ll have a more substantial meal. Let’s mix this all up, shall we? (rap music) (liquids mixing) That Perpetuem and Hammer
Gel mix:really gotta mix up. Now, go outside and punish ourselves. Alright bye, love you, see
you in like, five hours. Then, come out here and get
everything just prepped up. I am a big fan of this Wahoo Desk for keeping all of this junk close by. Bottle, for electrolytes,
goes on the bike. Second bottle for
electrolytes goes on the bike. Third bottle for electrolytes, there, ready to be replaced. (liquid shaking) Perpetuem nutrition,
there, ready to save me. Fifth bottle, for recovery,
goes in the fridge. Hopefully I’m alive three hours from now to be able to use that recovery drink. Let’s do it, shall we? (rap music) I think this hat could be classified as a biohazard. (rap music) Two hours and ten minutes down, just finishing up a 15 minute cool down. There’s carnage on the ground. A little damp down there. It was tough. (music and workout equipment) So, how that went was, 20 minute warmup on the bike, and then four three minute sections going 180 watts, 210, 240, 270, five minute recovery, and then two times this 40 minute chunk. 40 minutes was 30 minutes,
just over race pace. Four minutes at about
30 watts over race pace. Three minutes at about
60 watts over race pace. Two minutes at about 90
watts over race pace. And then one minute at about
120 watts over race pace. Cool down for 20 minutes, and then run for ten, building up to race pace of 8.5 miles an hour. Now whine to the camera and
go do my side bomb routine. That very crampy on the run. Ho! Very crampy. Legs did not like that. And the final nutrition tally is- nutrition with Hammer Aid
Perpeteum: completely gone. One bottle of electrolytes,
completely gone. Smaller bottle of
electrolytes:completely gone. Third bottle of electrolytes: still about three quarters left, which
I will finish right away. And the post workout recovery: right now. That’s a day in the life of
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