– Morning, Trainiacs. Today is gonna be a day in the life of Triathlon Taren eating, 2018 edition. Let’s do it. It’s still just 6:30, so we
gotta be a little bit quiet for NTK, okay? Shh. (exciting dance music) Shh. (exciting dance music) Alright, Trainiacs. So most mornings, I like to start off, very first thing, I get up
and I crush about 16 ounces of water, and then I go about a little bit of puttering around. I was up around 5:30. 6:30 now, so by the time
I’m ready to start eating, I will usually start off with something that’s easier on the stomach
and lighter and fat-based. So right now, we’re gonna show you how to make the vegan Four
Sigmatic cordyceps coffee. So I’ve done this before but
it’s a little bit updated. We start with somewhere
around a cup to two cups of rice milk, cashew milk, almond milk, really any milk besides actual milk. Then I take Four Sigmatic
mushroom cordyceps coffee or just their regular coffee. By the way, you can go to
foursigmatic.com/triathlontaren and get 15% off. Much less caffeine, same amount of energy, less gut rot, tastes like coffee. And then I start adding
all of the special add-ons. We do a collagen for joint health, do about a heaping tablespoon. Add about a teaspoon of beet root powder. Depends on your genetics,
could act as a vasodilator, so it opens up your blood vessels, giving you basically
just a surge of energy because you’ve got more blood
and oxygen in the muscles. Do about a teaspoon of Four
Sigmatic Superfood Blend. There’s a whole bunch
of mushrooms in there antioxidants, just general health. Four Sigmatic Lemonade
Elixir, do a teaspoon of that, and these aren’t
prescribed to be mixed up. I just like jacking up my system with a bunch of mushrooms
because all the antioxidants, all the health benefits, all
the restorative properties that it has. With all the training that we do, use all the help we can get. Do a tablespoon of MCT Oil. It’s just pure fat. Tablespoon of sunflower
butter or almond butter. Top the rest up with water and blend. (blender buzzing) So what comes out is a shake
that is a little bit sweet. It’s got some caffeine in it. It’s got some cordyceps in
it to give me some energy, but all the calories in it are either primarily fat or protein. At this point in the day, I don’t wanna start becoming
reliant on carbohydrates. I wanna be just slightly fat adapted, so I start the day off
with fat and protein, which kinda keeps that fat burning state that you go into while you sleep going for a little bit longer. And if I’m doing a
workout right after this, still just use that as
long as it’s only an hour to an hour and a half, but
today we’re gonna use this and then the workout’s gonna come later. In the morning, before I go workout, come into the corner of the garage and I work in near darkness
and drink a pile of coffee, cranking out one of my
major to-dos of the morning. Today it’s writing a book for you. So now that I’m done in the cavern, it’s been about two hours since I had that shake, thereabouts. I’m gonna go do my swim, but
because it’s been two hours, I may have already processed
a lotta those calories. By the time I start getting into the swim, it’s gonna be three hours. I don’t wanna be depleted going into it because I wanna be able
to execute that swim well. Now, there’s a lot of question about should you just be fat adapted, should you go into a workout fasted? Whenever it’s a key workout
or if I’ve got two workouts in a day, going into a workout
already a little bit depleted I don’t think is a very good idea. You’re gonna not be able to
execute that workout very well, and you will be digging a
hole for the next workout. So I’ll tend to have a bar. This is a Kronobar. Thanks to the people from Tribay Market for sending it in package
I got from them recently. Could be a Bonk Breaker,
could be a Picky Bar, could be just a small little
bar that we make here at home, but I’m just lookin’ to get
a little bit of calories in a quick so I can get to the pool now. So let’s get to the pool now. (water splashing) (upbeat electronic music) Now, because this workout’s
longer than an hour and I’ve gotta be fresh
for another workout after, about midway through
the swim, I take a Gel, and during the swim, I’ve got
a light electrolyte drink, not a lotta calories,
lot’s of electrolytes. (upbeat electronic music) Pretty much immediately after the swim, I take a recovery drink, and this is about 150 to 200 calories that are prepackaged into this Ziploc bag, and it is a four to one
carb to protein ratio. Try to find one without any fat. Having fat ends up slowing
down your digestion process, so it takes longer to
replenish all that glycogen in your muscles with the carbs and get the protein back to the muscles to start rebuilding. Then, the one hour after
I’ve had that shake, I have a more substantial meal, which lately has tended to be oatmeal with a whole bunch of stuff in it. First I start with the oatmeal. Then I throw some nut milk in. What I’m looking to do with this meal is top up my levels of everything. This is gonna have protein,
carbs, fat, the whole business. We do about a tablespoon of hemp hearts, about a tablespoon chia seeds. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I used to
put frozen berries in. I’ve switched that up for a banana because what’s been found is that things that have a ton of
antioxidants, like berries, are so intensely antioxidant
that when you take it after a workout, your body
is actually flushing out a fair bit of the calories and the things that you’re consuming that
you’re trying to top back up. So instead of taking those
sugary antioxidant-rich berries, I have sugary less oxidant-rich bananas. Sprinkle a little bit of raisins on. Get some walnuts for some
healthy fats and omegas. A little bit of vegan protein powder. Apparently dairy is quite
acidic and catabolic, as in it doesn’t necessarily promote muscle growth in humans. So at the moment, science
says that on average, should reduce some dairy. Finally, add in a little
bit of sunflower butter or almond butter or peanut
butter, whatever you like. Heat it up. (dish clanking) And eat it down. (growling) Now before I end up
heading out to the garage to start doing work, I wanna make myself another Four Sigmatic, and it is currently 1 o’clock, and because I wanna get to
bed just about every day by about nine, I wanna start tapering off of any caffeine. So I’m gonna go with the Lion’s
Mane Mushroom Elixir Mix. Lion’s Mane by Four
Sigmatic has been known to enhance mental acuity. So while I’m out there working,
trying to be super smart, I will have the help of Four Sigmatic Lion’s
Mane Mushroom Elixir Mix. If you forgot that URL to go there, you can just use the
coupon code triathlontaren to get 15% off any Four Sigmatic. (upbeat dance music) (slurping) Mm, just felt my IQ points go up. Gotta be into double digits by now. Now a couple hours of work done, time for a little bit of lunch. This is going to be a three egg omelet. What I’ve been finding is
as I ramp up my training, if all I’m doing is
eating vegan-based meals and I don’t think to add in
any meat every couple of days, I get a little bit sluggish, so I’m trying to have
the odd three egg omelet, and I do that from eggs that come from actually a backyard little farm. I went and chilled out with the chickens. They were awesome, nice chickens. So I’ve got three eggs,
and then I’ve sliced up a bunch of spinach, bunch of red peppers, bunch of avocado, and there’s
a bunch of black beans in there and salsa. What kinda monster eats
eggs without salsa? (fork tapping) So I’ve now got lot’s of colors. I’ve got lot’s of good fat in there, lot’s of good vitamins,
all kinds of good stuff. As that’s cooking up,
I’ll snack on a couple of these homemade little
mm peanut butter cookies that Kim made, gluten free, low sugar. If I didn’t have a run
workout to do later today, I would start tapering down the carbs and just go with the omelet, but because we got a run workout to do, gonna have a couple carbs. Couple carbs. I burnt the hell outta these. I’m not good at making omelets. Chase it with a little fizzy water and you got yourself a lunch of champions. About to go do a 8K-ish run. Little something beforehand. Just before 5 o’clock, haven’t eaten in about
two and a half hours, so last meal was big, so
I don’t need much now, just a little bit of carbs. (upbeat electronic music) It’s been a while since I’ve
failed at a workout that hard. Supposed to be kilometer
warmup, kilometer at race pace, two kilometers at race
pace, two kilometers at 15 seconds above race pace for 10, then two kilometers 30
seconds above race pace, 355 per kilometer and then
a kilometer easy jog home. Did not do it. Couldn’t do it. Went too hard on the
weekend, paying for it now. I deserve that. I deserve a Bonk Breaker because I bonked. Same premise as this morning, four to one carb to protein ratio. – [Woman] And delicious. – And delicious. About an hour and a bit later, 7 p.m., stomach has settled. Ooh, that’s bright. And it is a leftover kinda evening. NTK is gone, so that
means I get tomato soup, and this is essentially what
we had for dinner yesterday, a gluten-free wrap with hummus,
buffalo chickpea hummus. Delicious (slapping). Peanut butter is the glue
that holds my body together. A lotta people might be saying, well, Taren, shouldn’t
you not eat before bed to lose weight? Yeah, but you should also
get a really good sleep to lose weight. Now, I find that I have a
hard time getting to sleep if I’m hungry. So a little bit of natural peanut butter, all fat-based, a little bit of protein, very slow digesting, so instead
of slamming your body full of a bunch of carbs right before bed, a little bit of peanut butter. And I have my final and probably favorite Four
Sigmatic product of the day, Reishi Mushroom Elixir Mix. This here is 1,500 milligrams of reishi, and reishi is very calming. So I’ll have this, read a
little bit of Harry Potter right now in bed with a
couple tablespoons of that in my stomach, I will sleep like a baby. So there you go, Trainiacs. That is a day in the life of Taren’s stomach and the kitchen. I really should’ve cleaned up. NTK’s gonna kill me. As you can see, I am a
huge fan of Four Sigmatic. If you want any of those products, go to foursigmatic.com/triathlontaren or just go to foursigmatic.com and use the coupon code
triathlontaren for 15% off. And if you aren’t already subscribed, hit the Subscribe button below. Gonna drink that Four
Sigmatic and head to bed. Later, Trainiacs.