I’m Gerry McCullough. I’m the radiologist at Tri-County hospital. I replace Dr. Heard all 15 years ago I have a wife and three kids, and we’ve been in the Wadena a community now for 15 years and we really like it here and look forward to being here for the rest of my career. Well the medical field is always changing and in my department X-Ray or imaging There’s always new and cutting-edge technology, and we’re fortunate to Tri-County that the board sees fit to keep us on the cutting edge Approximately a year and a half ago. We got that a new CT. Scanner in our CT Scanners twice as many slices as any of the others in the area it’s Faster it has a much lower radiation dose. It takes better pictures, and it’s also Strong enough to take bigger patients than any of our competitors More recently we’ve been working on a new MRI suite currently our scanners in the truck We are actually going to bring a brand new scanner to the hospital and put it in its own dedicated area. The room will be nice and big and compared to the truck which is kind of claustrophobic The new scanner itself is much smaller It’s much less claustrophobic It has an opening or a bore that is bigger than any of the others on the market are the ones that we currently use And is also shorter from a technology standpoint it takes fabulous pictures the pictures that the doctors look out to make decisions on are going to be the highest quality of any in the area Well, there’s lots of different reasons a person might need an MRI some of the non-emergent reasons would be Musculoskeletal type things like knee injuries or torn acls people hear about their shoulders or another one that Are very frequent. also of people with back pain your disc problems MRI is the best test to assess and describe and figure out what kind of pressure is being placed on nerves and so forth. One of the nice things about having our MRI here. Full-time, is that there’s also emergent or emergency type needs for MRI If a patient is having stroke symptoms often times on a CT scan they don’t show up for 24 hours. But on an MRI stroke, it will typically be visible within 45 minutes of this stroke occurring and so that gives us time to accurately assess their brain in and do interventional measures here right away to help alleviate the damage of stroke can do. As part of that imaging suite where the MRI scanners going up, we’re going to have a new mammography suite we’re going to have 3D mammography and what 3D does is it takes images so that you don’t have a compressed? picture, but it makes more of a box and you can scan through the inbox and so you can see things that might be hiding behind dense tissue or so of course. What makes it a much more accurate process of one thing that we’re going to do that none of our neighbors are doing is to have stereotactic biopsy available the Theory tactic Biopsy has multiple benefits for the patient one we can do it here. So they don’t have to drive 50 60 100 miles somewhere else to do it too. It’s a pretty quick process it usually will be done within 20 or 30 minutes Three there’s just a very small incision for we use our 3D images in the computer and the To pick the spot we want to biopsy and then the computer helps guide our tools so that we’re at the correct spots So we minimize biopsies that need to be taken? all of our in-House Equipment is available 24 hours a day so some comes in the emergency department We do the study here our people are cross-trained, and that’s unusual almost Hospitals the Radiology Tech’s do x-ray or they do mamo or they do CT. And that’s something really special. Well at Tri-County our mission is be patient centered and take care of patients in the new technology that were getting. Allows us to do a lot of things that they might have had to do elsewhere. I’m very proud of the work that’s being done here. I grew up in the twin cities, and I’ve been here for 15 years and the people that work here are continually amazing me on a daily basis. The cared commitment quality service of being able to get that right here at home and not having to travel it’s just an amazing amazing thing. This is a real gem this hospital