hey everybody welcome back to the Jim box we got a great treadmill class for you today I'm Jen so let's get started you ready to go alright let's start on that treadmill and let's get you walking okay just take it to a nice brisk walk I'm going to take mine to a 4.0 okay so I want you to keep in mind throughout the whole class you can go your own speed you can always go higher than me you can always go lower than me okay up to you what I want you to try and do is just stay with me as far as the incline goes and as far as the pattern of what we're doing okay whether we're doing heels I'm not kind of seeing I want you to take it up take it down with me but you can always adjust your speed where you need to be okay all right so your pace should be a nice walk okay maybe not your fastest yet but definitely faster than a little stroll out in the park okay we're walking to exercise good just relax that neck shoulders down okay our chest is lifted and keep those arms moving all right so today we're going to take on a couple pretty good heels and we're also gonna do a few sprints okay there's not gonna be really quick Sprint's but they're gonna be sprints for this class all the same so and we'll throw on a couple other little things in there too so you should go by fast hopefully you'll get a great workout ha just get breathing hopefully you're starting to get a little bit warmed up yeah but let's start in the flow good take nice long stride rolling through that entire foot landing with your heel rolling through and then kind of almost pushing off with your toes okay before you step forward again all right so if you've done my class before you're familiar with what I call the breaking point okay if you haven't this is what it is all it is is that point for you before you get to the point where you can barely keep up a speed walk okay and this is easier to go into a jog that is your breaking point we kind of all have it at different levels depending on how long your legs are depending on you know how fast you can walk depending on house and shape you are so we'll find that breaking point here in just a minute so then we can kind of gauge our class off of that okay ah just take some nice deep breaths all right I want you to take your pace up just point three okay so I'm going to take mine to a four point three so now we're starting to get to a pretty pretty brisk walk okay and the faster you go on these walks the more you have to really pull it into the center okay in order to let those feet move fast enough okay so today we're going to take on our first hill kind of with our warmup you've had a few minutes I hope you're feeling pretty good okay I'm ready to try and keep it at this pace so it's not as fast as you can walk or not at that breaking point yet there's a pretty good pace for me I could keep it up for quite a while okay from there I want you to take your kind words gonna slowly start climbing okay starting with a 2.0 this should help us warm up even faster okay so I would rather you take it to the 2.0 and maybe go a little bit slower on your pace if you can okay so we're just gonna stay here for a minute or so and then we'll slowly start up on that incline a little bit more and more the warmer we get okay can we determine we're ready to work hard today I hope you push play on this class ready to work hard all right all right another about 20 more seconds here okay if you broken sweat yet hopefully you're getting there you're getting warm all right five seconds four three two take it up to a 3.0 again my challenge to you is to stick with it incline a map adjust your speed as in YouTube before you adjust that incline okay now of course if you get to the point where it's just too much you don't need to go as high of an incline with me okay we're only the three right now that's this little little hill I hope you got some water close by ok take drinks as often as you need them don't wait for me alright you got about 15 more seconds these minutes are gonna go by pretty quick all right four three two one take it up 1.0 incline as before I'm still at my 4.3 okay if you want to try going a little bit more I'm going to try taking mine to a 4.5 try it okay it's too fast you can always go back down okay we starting to fill back hill ah let's keep looking ahead you're breathing pretty good right here okay you're working a bit but I hope you're not huffing and puffing okay if you are take it down a little bit we're definitely not anaerobic all right five seconds three two one pick up five point all we're doing this so gradually pretty soon though you're gonna start to fill it and start to feel like you need to lean into it a little bit leaning into that hill good now are you pulled in tight right through that middle keep it in tight that's gonna allow your legs to take quicker steps whoo now we're moving now we're working I like it you okay you got five more seconds there shake it up 6.0 if you are at the same pace that you started with and you're feeling pretty good take about point two come on you guys are doing good push yourself a little bit all right as a class as a group we're only gonna take it to an 8.0 so hang in there good you're starting to tighten up a lot more back here as we're climbing right squeezing the glutes five four three two pick it up 1.0 we're now two seven how many of you have never climbed to a seven before I bet a lot of you right sounds way too steep too hard to do look at you you're doing that nice job speed walking like yes especially when you add in the hills you get some great Tony going on ok good sides work in that heart really squeezing through your buns to the back of the leg 10 more seconds four five four three two okay 8.0 two minutes you ready let's do this okay I want this to be a challenge okay don't want you to keep it at a speed walk no jogging yet if you wanna up your speed try it okay I'm trying to four point seven whoo are we at a point oh no matter your speed you're climbing out of a point oh nice work we feelin pretty good halfway there one more minute whoo nothing like it now those nuns climbing up a good hill and getting to the top even better thing about this class we get to climb the hills but then we don't have to go down I'd much rather to stay flat then go down them so you can climb all you want whoo looking good you're working most of us are probably getting breathless getting anaerobic that's so straight come on I want you pushing it ten more seconds five four three two and one take it down incline one point oh okay whoops let's grab a drink nice job okay I'm still about quick-paced walk let's recover a little bit okay you should be able to recover keep them out same speed okay taking the hill out of it will give that hard a break take some intensity out of it letting your heart rate come down okay now we're not gonna take our treadmill to a zero incline to the very end I want you to keep it at least to the one point oh okay ah okay I'll give you about 30 more seconds taking some nice deep breath so I'm still at a 4.7 speed incline one okay let's find that breaking point are you ready from where you are right now if you've been walking at this pace it's not your breaking point yet okay up your speed point two point three see that see where is that put you at that point that freaking point this is about my breaking point I'm at a 5.0 okay it's getting hard to keep up this speed walk be much easier for me to come into a little jog okay if you're not there yet up at point two point three find not breaking point okay I'm gonna give you 30 more seconds find it ah this is a recipe to keep up at a lot are we there okay from your breaking point we're gonna take things to an easy some light jog okay I'm gonna have you go up point five from your breaking point okay so my breaking point was about a five oh I'm coming to a five point five now remember okay this is not an advanced trekking or treadmill class we're gonna keep things a little bit on the easier side if you do not want to come to a jog you never have to okay probably if you're gonna keep it in a speed walk you want to go about point three the low breaking point okay so it's challenging for you yeah not too uncomfortable a pace that you can keep up all right just alive you to jog feeling pretty good alright can you just hang here for a little bit okay let's do it about another man and a half maybe a little bit more than a minute and a half nice are we still 21.0 keep it about 1.0 okay a challenge maybe the speed it's nice and easy little jog for you you can go higher on your incline if you wan okay now that'll pick things up one more minute nice just jog it out okay I hope you're not anaerobic I want you to still be able to breathe in and out okay you can breathe without mouth closed if you're with a friend or neighbor you'd still be able to converse with them Hey oh yeah it was so pretty good we're way over halfway done nice work all right give me ten more seconds here okay so at this point we are 0.5 above that breaking point I want you to drop it down 1.0 okay drop your speed down 1.0 so I'm coming to a 4.5 we're gonna start skipping okay so you should be about 2500 that breaking point still at a 1.0 incline all right little change of pace for those legs nice easy skip okay if you're nervous about your balance about tripping on your own feet on this that's what these handles here for okay go ahead and keep a couple fingers on them hold on to if you want but if you can we're just gonna let those arms flow front and back whoo heart rate probably has come up a little bit taking more for these skips all right look a little bit longer here now we're gonna pick up the intensity of our skip well nice to work ten more seconds all right you guys know you're ready heinie skips one minute let's go same speed nothing's changed with your speed all you're doing adding that little hop under your feet and if you can picking that knee up a little higher heart rate definitely going up come on really doing this one minute hang in there tops halfway again if you need to hold on you can still have a little hop holding on to the side whoo come on really push off a ball your feet look those calves a little bit ab not pop whoop five seconds to one block okay grab another drink looking good whoo oh goes my lid all right you guys speed walk okay I'm point five below my breaking point I'm gonna pick it up a little bit okay if you can take it up point three maybe just point two I'm coming to a four point eight still a little 1.0 incline okay so we're coming down from that high skip but we're not cooling down okay we're still working we're still pushing it whoops Thanks they light on your feet good tuck those arms and they going straight front and back none of this okay you start cross them in front of your body you're going to start rotating this way wasted energy okay keep us stable here running back with the arms and with the legs nice okay pushin up speed give me 30 more seconds now we're gonna attack our second hail whoop are you feeling good I hope you feel like you're working pushing yourself no matter what speed rack yeah the fact that you're doing it doesn't matter where you're at okay we're all different levels so just keep moving you're looking great alright now your option keep the same speed if you can okay try it you can always lower your speed we're gonna take the incline up starting at four okay come up to a 4.0 I'm gonna try and keep the speed four point eight hey if you get to that incline the speed is too much drop it down starting this point to see how that feels if it's still too much take down maybe point one or point to mourn okay we're not losing that intensity we're going to push a ricer to the end the clock okay we're going to push it so we have maybe a minute and a half left come on let's go so we're starting a little bit higher on that hill we're gonna spend a little bit longer at each incline about a minute and a half okay all right give me ten more seconds here before we take it up three two one let's go 5.0 get that incline in there 5.0 adjust your speed is needed don't make this easy though okay I'm sweating I hope you are too we're working nice breathing just keeping a steady pace you got a great hill ahead we're attacking the hill I'm pushing ourselves nice work okay that's our one minute mark 30 more seconds you got to laugh with me three more minutes through this okay three and a half minutes so if you're running out of that fire take that speed down this little okay enough that you can get through about three more minutes five seconds to go nice work okay take it up this time to a 7.0 who are taking an extra skip and a jump okay a minute and a half this is as fast as you can walk and we're climbing good if you have bad knees okay and running on the treadmill first and that impact do stuff like this okay the intensity is the same your heart rates going to be at the same level you don't have to run just add the incline to push your stuff come on sink long legs it'll help you okay thirty more seconds let's do it come on let's go let's go hey you guys one more minute take it up whatever you can do 8.0 9.0 I'm going for a night it's your last minute give me all you got whoa come on lean into the hill oh we're using every second we've got push it 20 seconds Oh feels good doesn't it heart rates are off nice ten five four three two all the way down hey zero incline drop your speed okay I'm coming to a three-point eight okay maybe even drop a little left on that a nice easy walk for you take a deep breath let your heart rate come down how do we feel so it's heart fill appeals gets those heart rates up and they push yeah nice job you guys drop it down point five nice deep breath all right when I was left in that water bottle I want you to finish after class okay all right go ahead and push stop on that treadmill okay if you're ready to stretch with me I'm gonna work let's just come off the back drop those hills the ball feels pushing down towards the floor one is time press it down long other side fresh all right I want you to bring one leg in front cross it over flex your foot sink into it posting your hips back push that knee down a little bit get a nice stretch through your glutes opening up the hip as well stand it up switch sides bring it up see you back ah good let's go ahead and circle your ankles around big circles all the way other side great work today you guys thank you for working so hard keep coming back keep trying it and they'll get easier every time nice job we'll see you next time