hi Jean Walker here for the human solution today I'd like to take a few minutes to discuss the benefits of a sit to stand workstations which is a desk just like any other except that it can raise up and down allowing you to go from sitting height up to standing height now why would anybody want to do that you may ask well we all use them here at the human solution and I can honestly tell you that I would never want to go back to just sitting at a regular desk in my life all right stand up about two to three sometimes four hours a day about half the workday so you know I I have benefited from it greatly I feel more alert at work I have better focus and some studies have you been shown that it can lead to some weight loss benefits so that's a really really great way to work and I would definitely recommend it now we at the a human solution sell many different brands of height adjustable workstations our most popular is the uplift hover line of sit to stand workstations so or height adjustable desks now they're really competitively priced they're great value for your money and they come in some really attractive laminate tops beech and maple today I'd really like to talk to you about our new uplift hover treadmill desk which is really cool so basically that pairs our uplift hover 448 model 448 which goes from 24 inches low to really low up to 51 inches high so it's a really really nice desk it comes in four sizes there's the model 40 which is approximately 40 inches wide 48 63 and 79 inches wide so these are all the different sizes that you can choose from beech or maple laminate which you know both look really nice and we've paired that with the new patented tread desk it's basically a treadmill you can put in front of your workstation allowing you to get some exercise walk throughout the day it sounds crazy but it is so nice to do now we just started carrying this it's a really really cool feature feature product that you know we're really excited about so basically you have your treadmill it's about 51 inches long the treadmill itself is 18 inches wide by 48 inches long so it's plenty pronate plenty long to walk on now it has the safety feature where if you pull it out it will stop the treadmill now it just goes right in here it's a little slot for it you clip it to your belts or your shirt you hit the start button and it starts your walking at a soft start so it doesn't start immediately it kind of builds up to that speed now it starts you off at half a mile an hour which you can see is quite a slow stroll you know a really easy walking speed and you know it would be no problem to work and type at this speed now we would recommend personally walking anywhere from 1 to 2 miles an hour to get the maximum benefits now what are the benefits you might ask well obviously you're not sitting around in a chair you are getting some exercise and a recent study from the Mayo Clinic has shown that if you walk anywhere from 1 to 2 miles an hour you can burn between 100 and 130 calories per hour we multiply that across a workday a work week a month a year you're looking at some serious calories burn so it's a really great great way to you know get a little exercise throughout the day so you're not just sitting around in a chair all day long now when I say 1 to 2 miles an hour you know what does that look like how does it compare to what you would imagine in your mind it's you know what kind of speed well this is half a mile an hour right now it's really slow really easy to do I'm gonna pull it up to 1 mile an hour so this treadmill it gradually increases the speed so you're not just all of a sudden walking a lot faster you know which could be a tripping hazard so that's a nice feature as well so this is one mile an hour pretty slow stroll still so let me bump that up to one and a half miles an hour now this is getting closer to a normal walking speed that you might just walk you know regular walking speed now you may be asking is it gonna be hard for me to work at this work like this now I'm not gonna lie it is a bit of an adjustment but most people get used to it I would say under a day and you're not gonna spend your whole day working while you're walking although the owner of ths recently did and he walked 14 miles in one day which is pretty incredible so this is one and a half miles an hour it's you know a good pace this is the speed of you should be walking if you're looking for that 100 to 130 calories per hour you know we're held rate even though it's not a workout it's so easy I'm going to show you a 2 miles an hour looks like so again it's gonna gradually increase that speed so you're not you know all of a sudden falling off the treadmill now at this speed that's a nice walk feel good and I have found from using this that as I'm walking and working because I'm focusing on the walk I actually have more focus on the work that I'm doing so it's a really great way to increase your focus at work too so I mean it's a nice easy walk you know I have no problem typing sending emails talking on the phone and it's a really quiet treadmill to you I'm sure you were wondering is it's gonna be really noisy well it's not yeah at two miles an hour it's rated at 35 decibels which basically equates to the sound of someone whispering to you right so if you can imagine what a whisper sounds like pretty quiet so that's really nice as well yeah you remember that safety feature I told you about this is how it works so pulls this clip out the treadmill stops and you're nice and safe so it's a really nice feature to have as well now obviously most people aren't going to spend their whole day walking at their desk so once you're tired of walking or you're done with that it's such an easy matter just pull over your keyboard tray move your mouse over and your keyboard and then it's just a matter of repositioning your monitors and then you're ready to work standing up really really easy thing to do it's a great system I highly recommend it again obviously not everybody's gonna want to spend the whole day standing up either so with our 448 height adjustable desk it's such an easy thing to lower it to a sitting level it has a safety switch so there's the safety switch you push in and then with the push of a button it just lowers it's got a rate of one point one inches per second and you can just lower it until the height you're ready to sit at pull up your chair adjust your keyboard tray and you're ready to work I couldn't be easier than that really I mean this is a great great system I would highly recommend it for literally almost anybody so I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about the control panel for the treadmill now it's a really easy control panel to use has several buttons so it's really easy to use so you have start and stop which obviously starts and stops the treadmill so to start it you just hit start it starts going at 0.5 miles an hour so half a mile an hour really easiest strolling pace which you just saw now to increase that speed you just hit fast and it increases by 1/10 of a mile per hour per click now it's gonna have that slow ramp-up speed so you're not gonna immediately be a 1 mile an hour or one and a half or two miles an hour you're gonna slowly build up so that eliminates you know the tripping hazard a falling hazard it's a really nice feature mm-hmm now to again you just hit it now we typically will recommend anywhere from 1 to 2 miles an hour for you know a good efficient safe walking speed while you're working really about as much as you know you're gonna want to do again I'd like I said earlier has a 35 decibel rating at this speed which equates essentially to a whisper you imagine someone whispering in your ear or whispering to you it's if that quiet it's really nice so to slow it down obviously you just hit slow again it's gonna go at 1/10 of a mile per hour per per increment or to stop you can either hit the stop button which will gradually slow it down again for safety or if you just step away from your desk it'll pull this pin out which will automatically stop your treadmill as well so again a safety feature that's really really nice now this mode button basically means you can you can choose to see speed time distance or calories burned or you can switch between them by hitting the mode buttons now are in distance calories and now we're in skin so it'll rotate between speed time distance and calories burned so you know it'll give you that revolving shot of data really really great thing or you can hit that and it will come back to speed you know so you can set it really on whatever metric you're trying to track time distance speed calories burn and you can just look over it's got a big display so you can just check it out glimpse of a you know real real quick glance and you know be instantly updated so it's really really pretty nice now to reset all your data you just press and hold the reset button and it'll zero everything out so you're gonna start the next workday and start counting all over again so the desk itself is also equipped with a safety feature in the switch which basically requires you can see that there's two buttons here so first you have to push this button in and then you'll be able to raise which is already at the uppermost height or lower at your discretion so it's not gonna raise or lower unless you have this button pushed in and that's a safety feature so that you know you don't actually or accidentally hurt somebody or yourself this is the uplift treadmill desk come check it out at the human solution comm