the best thing in my opinion is to do it together and to really be really passionate about it and to like think about the other things that are bringing all the pluses to it not not only the the physic itself so much other things like being staying healthy and feeling good about ourselves the energy is much better there is so much much things that's great and when you think about it you just want to continue with it and never like quit [Applause] of course there are some tougher date you're feeling like you want to create other something on diet most of all but at the end of the day we are supporting each other and and we're definitely going to continue as long as we just can so I've been working out for soon eight years I start started when I was 18 seriously I quit the diet so that's what I'm counting on and you when did you start I don't really remember four yes she's be working out for four years so also pretty long time but yeah like I said it takes time to build quality so we are not rushing anything we met on a party in Poland we are together hold ten years now so we're actually getting married this year so big stuff coming after us yeah my girlfriend here is really great too and she's totally into the sport too she's gonna compete this year actually so yeah I'm really glad for for her helping her and coaching her and bring the best package because she got the same mind mind sets like me and she loves the tight the tightness and the aesthetics too so really great yeah my history with training overall and bad billing it was first some you know just training I was seeing always interested in working out and when stuff with serious I started dieting the interest developed a lot and my first competition 2015 went great I took the first place and and then the fire turned up really hot I mean I felt yeah this is my this is my thing you know from there I just he just exploded and I was more and more serious diet was straight more and more strict and training sessions was longer and better and from there my biggest achievement it was last year in October math I took the overall championship in bodybuilding in in the Nordics some the Nordic overall bodybuilding champion yeah right now i'm all hyped for continued with it and next year I'm planning to fight for the Europe yeah Pro Carla is planned for the next year amateur league to begin with and then we'll see how long I can take it in my opinion still leaking some size many don't agree with me but yeah I'm pretty critical I I don't want do things half way I want it to be perfect I gotta feel perfect about it so that's why I'm thinking like this what I tried to create is aesthetics I want to be really tight and small around the waist with broad shoulders and big back always always like prioritizing the symmetry over the sides I rather be smaller and now that boxed up then then be just huge of a role and when I get to some festival sweetness festivals we have a lot of people coming there the most kind of thing I get asked is our leader getting SARS you know I usually laugh at it and tell ya of course it's a lot of work but there are also genetics into this and my arms didn't grow themselves of course but yeah I definitely think that genetics are doing the kind of thing that how those arms are looking and yeah people also asking a lot of about staying in shape how how do we manage because they feel like it's tough holding the calories and all this stuff for longer but what I say is the more passionate you are the more serious you are the more you want to leave that life style the easier it gets and it's not obvious for everyone but it's more obvious for me so that helps laugh