The satisfaction that I get from the sport has a lot more to do with the journey than the actual victories that I’ve had over the years. Hopefully what I will convey to the viewer Would be that if you put your mind, heart and soul into something.. Win lose or draw, you’ll get the satisfaction that you’re looking for. But my motivation is beyond that, my motivation is beyond just winning the Mr. Olympia. It is to show you we weren’t born this way. It takes a certain amount of time to achieve a certain appearance.. That on any level of competition, what it takes to become a champion. Training, competition, determination, willpower, motivation and all of the other objectives that come with being a champion bodybuilder. In order to do that, I will need every bit of energy and willpower and drive and determination that I’ve ever had. In bodybuilding you can’t tip toe your way through a workout.. You can’t fake eating 6 or 7 meals a day… I’m amped. I go to the gym and I’m ready to get down. There’s no way you can properly recover by training hard and then going out partying all night…. It’s all or none!! That’s problem what led to me being so laser focused on trying to bring my best package. Is because it all rose to the top or sink to the bottom with what I do.. From day in day out. Learn your body, use the mirror as your guide, bulk up and diet down and let them see what you’re able to do on your own. As I study and analyze my physique, I don’t look in the mirror at admiration or satisfaction .. .. Because then you become content. And when you become content with your progress, There’s somebody else coming up behind you that’s working harder. they’re not satisfied, and I’m never satisfied with what I see. As a bodybuilder, as an athlete you gotta know where you’re going. But you also have to see where you’re coming from. When I see the sweat on the ground, I gotta match that or I gotta double that. Because they’re working their A$$ES off. Most of the time as they diet down and start to lose strength they start feeling sorry for themselves. You never get that out of me.. You’ll find no quit in here. So what I’ve gotta do is out train them. I’ve gotta out diet them, I’ve gotta will myself to be a better bodybuilder than they are. If you put your mind body and soul into it, you can accomplish whatever it is you try to accomplish. So when I look in the mirror I know the mirror is not lieing back at me. Versus I may have friends, or fans that tell me I look great when I really don’t. You got one set of eyes you can really trust. And that’s those at you looking back in the mirror. The good part about my attitude is that I’m very optimistic and every day I reflect and say yeah.. I left it in the gym, I did my best. Let’s get on with the next day! That’s the mark of a champion, never being satisfied, and always trying to be better. Stay focused and stay hungry in the gym.