Of the 50 peer review papers that have
been published for dairy, three papers really stand out in my mind. The first
one has to be more at all that paper represented the first study where we
showed that feeding the Zinpro product improved feet on cattle and that
essentially established for us the groundwork or the framework for
understanding how Zinpro products could improve feet in livestock and also was
one of the first papers to really go ahead and show us that feeding our
products we can improve feet on cattle. The second study would have to be the
Ballantine study in that study we were feeding diets that were highly fortified
for trace minerals and it showed us that when even when diets are highly
fortified for trace minerals replacing inorganic zinc, manganese, copper and
cobalt with that supplied by Availa-4 we improved lactation performance, we
improve fertility and we improve feet on cattle. The third study would have to be
the last study was published the Iowa State study where we went ahead we
compared our standard feeding rate with that of a higher feeding rate of Zinpro
Zinc and in that study when we did that we saw improvements in lactation
performance, we saw improvements in feed efficiency and we saw further reduction
somatic cell count. So that studies told us that as genetics change, as nutrition
change, as performance change we need to be continually evaluating our standard
recommendations to make sure that those recommendations represent the most cost
effective feeding rate for our products.