hi Steve from Well Professor your
professional guide into the cutting edge world of health technology where we
search the web for the best products that are out there and we test them and
test them and test them again from an academic point of view to a user point
of view so you can be confident that everything that we bring on our website
actually has some scientific backing and it works and is effective so on that
note I’m gonna here to bring you an unboxing of one of our stress products
this is Touchpoints, these are a tremendous little stress product
there is loads of research and loads of evidence behind how these work and it
works by a certain process called BLAST which is not the best
acronym in the world which means Bilateral Alternating Stimulus Tactile
and yeah doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it’s really effective
in dealing with stress and a lot of research suggests that it can reduce
stress levels by up to 70% within 30 seconds of these being used so it is so
very very useful product I have to admit so yeah we’ve – we finally get our hands
on one so we’re here just unbox it and just to show you what it’s like so yeah
what we have here is this this little sort of gray gray box just in here with
Touchpoints on it, I’m not sure what the little yellow sticker on the end
there’s four but yeah there we go so as we open the as we open the box up here
what we’ve got is these two little units just on the inside and these are the
touch point units so it’s a little ribbon that we can just pull up
and we can lift the unit just out of the out of the box now it’s got a little
power button just on the top there there’s a USB charging point just
on the side and that’s pretty much it there’s little rails on the side here
but I’ll show you what that’s for in just a minute
so there’s what and we pop that out there and here’s the other so it’s
exactly the same configuration as what was there before
so we then take this bit just out here and we look further into the box and
we’ve got oh there we go we’ve got a QuickStart guide just in here
so I’m assuming this is just going to give us information yeah just
information on how everything works how it plugs in how charges and then just a
bit of information on the back just in here as well so yeah that’s just this
means you’re sort of QuickStart guide then you get in most of these things so
as we look just inside here we’ve got a couple of little wristbands you feel
like a silicon sort of feeling to them along here and then they’ve got
these little rails these little sort of clasps and if we can
get a good angle of that or not and just to show you what they what they
look like on on either side and what we do is we get the their control unit just
in here I’ll just drop that down and we just pick that up and we just slide that
just onto that bit just there and then we bring this bit along here and we just
slide that just in there and there we have it and it works like
like a wristwatch mechanism in there obviously
there’s another one because this is another unit as well and what we have is
these on either side of the body and so you can wear them on either wrist or
ankle or in your pockets or anything else you want so yeah too little too
little wrist bands in there and quite nice actually they feel that they feel
very sturdy very strong so if you have a deeper look into the box
what we’ve got in here is that looks like a charging cable it looks like a
standard USB charging cable yeah looks like a standard USB but obviuosly isn’t
standard because it’s two charging cables in one obviously there’s two little units make sense that there’s two cables in one
there so that gives you a very useful little charging charging
application and then further into the box there’s
then this lovely little bag that comes with it as well
and so yeah one of the nice things about the Touchpoints is they’re incredibly
portable you know they’re not very big so they’re very very easy to transport
around and and things like this so yeah and it
gives you a nice little travel bag that you can sort of take with you and then
also you can get them out and use them as and when you need for feeling a bit
stressed or you’re going for an interview or something like that yeah
this is when you can then pull these out and start using them using
them then so yeah from the from the unboxing that seems like it’s everything
that’s in the in the box so yeah as usual do go look on our website on wellprofessor.com we’re always updating our information there’s loads
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