Hey guys, Dr. Axe from DrAxe.com here. Today
I’m going to share with you some information about a powerful, nutritional herb and compound
that is proven to be more effective at reducing pain than painkillers. It’s been proven to
be more effective at improving digestion then the top over-the-counter digestive medications,
and it’s also been proven to reduce your symptoms of nausea. That incredible herb, with some
of its incredible compounds, is ginger. Ginger root has been used for thousands of
years for its health benefits. As I mentioned earlier, one of the number one benefits of
consuming ginger is that it reduces inflammation. A recent medical study published out of Denmark,
published in The Journal of Arthritis, found that if you consumed just a small amount of
ginger it is more affective at reducing your pain symptoms and inflammation than painkillers
given by general practitioners today. So again, if you’re trying to reduce pain and inflammation,
ginger is more effective than many medications according to The Journal of Arthritis. The other thing that ginger is very powerful
with is improving your digestive function if you have any sort of intestinal inflammation.
What could be some warning signs that you have GI inflammation? Well, things like psoriasis,
eczema, acne, any sort of skin blemish is a warning sign that you probably have inflammation
in your digestive track. And so again, ginger has been proven to be very, very effective
at reducing inflammation, but also supporting your digestive health. Another incredible thing about ginger is that
it supports your digestion because it has prebiotics. It has a specific type of fiber
in it that causes good bacteria to grow in that area.
Last but not least about ginger, it is very, very effective at reducing symptoms of nausea.
So if you’re ever going to be flying in an airplane, or let’s say going on a boat all
day and you get seasick, taking ginger is one of the best things you can possibly do.
What you could do is get ginger essential oil. You can rub that behind your ear. One of the things that I’ve done for patients
over the years that have had arthritis and diabetes and other symptoms of inflammation
is that I’ve had them make ginger tea. I’ve had them boil green tree along with slicing
up ginger root, boiling ginger root for 30 minutes, it releases those anti-inflammatory
compounds, and just drinking ginger green tea throughout the entire week. Also I’ll break off a piece of ginger and
I’ll throw it in a smoothie. Actually, it goes great with blueberries. It adds some
really good flavor. Also goes great with peaches. The other thing I’ll do with ginger root is
I will grate it and I’ll put it in different dishes. Whenever I’m cooking an Asian dish
I’ll put it in there. Actually, a lot of dessert recipes, even things like pumpkin pie, when
I make my raw pumpkin pie I’ll add a little bit of ginger root in there as well. Last,
but not least, when I’m juicing at home, using my veggie juicer, I juice ginger, or if I’m
out getting a juice as well. Ginger juice, remember all the benefits of
ginger. Number one, it is powerful at reducing inflammation. Number two, it can reduce symptoms
of nausea. Number three, it supports digestion because it reduces inflammation but also it
has prebiotics, a specific type of fiber that causes probiotics to grow. So listen, get
more of this super herb ginger in your diet. Medical science proves it. History proves
it. Get more ginger in your diet. If you want to learn some more about healing
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