You know how Israelis
stay in such excellent shape? Well, I don’t either, ’cause I never work out. But here are the top 7 ways
Israelis love to exercise. Check it out,
you’re on my story, man. Number 7: cycling. It’s not just a green
mode of transportation, it’s also a fun and healthy
way to work out. But, you know,
for other people. Thank you.
-Don’t mention it. Number 6: yoga. Israelis have a very special
connection with India, and so it only makes sense
that they would love yoga. And whether it’s
a spiritual journey or a physical work out, you can always catch
an Israeli greeting the sun or doing a downward
facing whatever it is. The first rule of fight club is
you don’t talk about fight club but you can talk about
number 5 on our list, which is kickboxing. Israelis love to kick
and punch, and it turns out you can
get in shape while doing so. The broken nose? Well, that’s just
an added bonus, isn’t it? Number 4: Pilates. Apparently, this is
a work out of some sort… I can’t imagine how. It’s very comfortable. Hey, I can’t talk right now,
I’m doing pilates. Yeah, it’s great. Oh, I feel it.
I definitely feel it. Number 3: swimming. Israelis love to swim, probably because it’s
so hot outside and it’s always nice
and cool in the pool. Look at me right now, refreshed. I am healthy. Number 2: group fitness classes. Whether it’s Zumba, TRX,
weight lifting or whatever this is… CrossFit, apparently, Israelis don’t just love
to be in shape, they like to look
in shape, too. Look at these guys. I feel terrible about
myself already. And at number 1:
walking and jogging. There’s no wonder Israelis
love it so much, it’s affordable, it’s fun, and you can do it
literally any time, mornings, late afternoons, you can always catch
an Israeli walking or jogging for God knows what reason. So put down your phones, try to be a little more like
the Israelis and work out a bit. It’s… It’s good for you.
Trust me on this.