hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical
therapist. I’m Brad Heineck physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapist on the
internet. In our opinion of course Bob Devon Seven best exercises to increase blood flow
and circulation to your legs and feet these are some things that are not
evident to a lot of people I don’t think a lot of people realize that if they’re
not getting a lot of flow to their legs you need to actually exercise and in
order to get more perfusion of blood to the muscles right blood contraction and
relax and relaxation is part of the key to get fluid and that blood moving right
and also stretching well we’re gonna show you a bunch of things you can try
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because we’d like to be like I fell off the bed alright the first one Brad let’s
talk about the first one this is the easiest one this is the one that
everybody can do all right just you got to incorporate some walking into your
life the more what you can walk the more you’re gonna get blood flowing to the
extremities the feet and a lots of for some people it’s uncomfortable because
they might have what is called claudication sure where there’s actually
they walk so far and they start getting pain in their calves because the Bloods
not flowing like it should right and what you want to do is walk up to that
point and then try to go a little further we every day sir can because
eventually again you you hope that eventually you’re gonna get more blood
flow to the muscles by exercising right and then with these other exercises and
stretches that should help increase the ability to walk for it right next one
brad is very simple you’re just going to do some some bodyweight squats we call
it you can just do it on the back of a chair do you want to madame you bet
right here you got me Lonnie so you can do that you know hold a chair
or whatever you need for balance okay good posture though we like to do things
with good posture so what I’m gonna I’m gonna squat forward like this which is a
common mistake but we’re up tall and I’m just a nice gentle squat go down as far
as you feel comfortable yeah you can do real shallow ones you don’t I mean you
could start out here believe me you’re getting all the muscles working even
real shallow like this you know if you happen to have pretty good leg strength
you’ll you’re welcome to go down farther as long as you feel comfortable you can
do 10 to 15 of these I mean everything feels good you know you get the
circulation going in these large muscle group try to keep the knees behind the
foot I mean right right yeah go ahead we’re saying here is we preach this
constantly but if we run a plumb line there it’s better on your knees if they
don’t go past the foot and that’s in one reason why we kind of like the ball on
the wall don’t we embrace her yeah because do you want to throw it to me
real quick that’s gonna go get a ball all right if you have one of these or if
you don’t by the way all the products that we we love we always put down in
our list below it sure amazon list in the description but what’s nice about
this especially if you have a good grip e shoes it’s real easy to keep your
knees behind the front of the foot with this no this is how I do my do these
almost every day just a good functional strength anyone your back is protected
it’s just really easy to do my wife does these every day
I know what she does she wakes up in the morning and in like five seconds later
she’s doing these really I’m like you know I lay on the ground for a little
bit I roll around trying to stretch and she’s like I’m just doing these things
right oh wow so anyway the beauty of the ball all right next one Brad this is one
we all can do through all today – you’re gonna have to pan down here Lonnie sorry
I’m over here now if you can look at my feet all you’re gonna do is going to
raise your heels and then your raise your toes throughout the day you should
be doing these my fourth grade teacher used to do these bread really
yep I remember I just just really stuck in my head it’s like she’s like my
doctor told me I’m supposed to do these because I’m having trouble with swelling
and lack of circulation on my legs so she do all today she’d be teaching and
she’d be going up and down like this amazing what sticks in your head yeah it
is so she was a nice teacher oh good all right I’m like my third grade teacher
all right next one Brad is the foam roller these work out really good for
getting perfusion of blood into the muscles Tom Brady his workout the t b12
I don’t have the book here he uses vibrating foam rollers okay today we got
foam rollers from FEI which is we’ll put a little plug in for them fabrication
enterprises inc I’ll have a separate link for them below if you are a
physical therapist or occupational therapist you should definitely get
their catalogs or they’ve got a lot of good they got a lot of good products and
these are a couple of their foam rollers this is under the can-do brand sure I
like that name can do all right you can do it yeah okay and this is actually
their black rolls there and they wanted to promote these two there’s the kind of
smaller these this one’s pretty dense isn’t it yeah that’s aggressive how
about this one that’s a little soft a little bit yeah so which one are you
gonna use today right well I’m going with the pink okay yeah okay so fans
don’t worry I’m gonna start from the from the ankle and we’ll work up yeah
this is a good one to do because a lot of people have a lot of poor circulation
in the calves don’t ya so you’re gonna work that you can do yeah I should there
you go you know if you want to get more aggressive you go like this and that
gives pretty aggressive you know if I wasn’t real tough I’d be hollering right
now so I’m going back to here yeah you’re one of the toughest guys I know
in this room oh yeah now you’re right there you might as well go right up to
the hamstrings yeah hamstrings I’m gonna cross my legs on that one right away and
go like that probably with a oneness narrow I would just do one leg at a time
cuz it’s not quite wide enough if I had three foot one you had in your in your
hand yeah then I could do both legs a little
more easily but it works works just fine he’s a nice compact you throw it into
your bag you know sir gym bag or whatever then I would yeah I would
definitely do even these the the four shin splints bread yep I’m gonna get
there yeah I’m gonna get there you rolling yeah
so he’s doing the front thigh and now he’s to get a little bit in the IT band
even yeah you’re not gonna go on the shin bone but know that anterior tube so
you’re a little bit on this side I start doing these by the way oh really
yeah I did it this morning I did the calf and I did that because I was
getting a little bit of shin splints yeah seems like it’s really helped yeah
now I have a lot of weight through my other leg I’m not putting all my body
weight down there cuz that would be a little uncomfortable for me but it all
depends on the individual palm rollers you’d be surprised at how pliable they
make the muscles and how quickly you can move things along
circulation moving all right next one is the leg wedge bread I’m actually gonna
have you lay down because you fit better on it okay yeah I’ll get you a pillow mm got you a cervical pillow Oh fancy
silky there we go alright what’s nice about the leg wedge it’s a it’s just a
good one you know if you get your feet up a little bit elevated so you the it’s
going to help prevent the swelling from happening in the feet and and then when
you’re in this position it’s a great position to go ahead and do the ankle
foot flexion at dorsiflexion and plantarflexion
and then circles to them now if something about this leg wedge the
contact it makes here really provides comfort for that low back yeah we’ve
said this many times it’s just it’s just a weird sensation I didn’t believe until
Brad showed me this and and is that it just feels really good on your back for
summer right so so this is a great way to take a nap or you know if you’re
trying to relax after a hard day of being on your feet
mmm get your feet off I’ve had one patient had swelling problems he liked
it but he also added a pillow on the end on the end to it right under is
Catherine even elevator a little bit more sure provided that
support gosh you’re just talking about all right the next one Brad is this is a
machine that we use in all our clinics oh yeah all five of our clinics actually
six clinics actually and what we do is we actually put a 2×4 underneath the
front we don’t need to do that right now Brad but it just it puts it a little bit
better angle these were designed it’s an elliptical machine and again we have a
down below if you want to see what it costs and usually around 80 bucks I
think with free shipping right if yeah somewhere in there
yeah anyway it was designed to use standing up but we use it with all of
our patients sitting down and it’s just a really smooth glide right I mean it’s
just so it’s just and you can see I’m getting some my ankles going up and down
like this flipping up and down so it’s just a great one for getting a little
more circulation into your legs and feet plus getting a little cardio a little
exercise get the ankle the knees and a little bit of hip yeah and there’s a
resistance knob on there if you want to right and make it a little bit tougher
but you know this is one you know I got one of these for my mom and just puts in
front of the TV it she just watches TV and and sits there and the girl that
works for us Rosie she’s right now I had just had a knee replacement and she does
the same thing she just sits in front of the TV and now you know if the person
has stiff ankles that’s when and particularly with an elderly person
that’s when like Bob was talking about you put in one or two two by fours under
here to elevate it and it just makes Italy’s e’er for someone that’s weak or
has some tight joints to get it yeah Brad actually is fabricated of these
would what would you call pictures your fixtures for all of ours and so on and
all of our units that we have those it’s over there right now in fact we could
get one but that sorry yeah anyway it just works out really good in these are
very durable we we’re using them are like six hours a day right and they go
on for years for home use you’re never gonna have a problem alright the last
one Brad is you can actually you can stretch you want to stretch the
muscles if you want if you can and you can do that you know just manually or a
lot of times we recommend this stretch out strap this is a yoga strap what’s
nice about this so you can start stretching the calf muscles and again
you got the strap so it’s really easy to do and you can just put your hands
through here like this and now I’m stretching
you know I express you have maybe a Laura thright us in your hands and you
can’t grab on just you can use your wrist pull you can go right in from this
right into a hamstring stretch sure what my hamsters a little yeah let’s go this
way a little shaky there was I Brad right
okay and then you could go into this right maybe you could start doing this
because you’re kind of sleepy maybe you could pull this strap off yeah be my
transitioned out of bed you can lay on your side like this and this maybe put
it down further I’m gonna stretch the front of my thigh so he’s getting the
quadricep so I’m taking one of the loops here and I could go all the way I still
get it wrong I’m gonna go like this good stretch that way and the other ones
we want to do with the strap rat or a note that pretty much covers most of it
four legs you guys can’t get the major muscles there so give it a try see which
ones you like you don’t need to do all these by any means just pick out the
ones that work for you start with maybe just the walking and the body squats
bodyweight squats and maybe the heels and toes and then if you like move on to
some of the other ones right they’re all gonna be effective and but again
everyone’s got their own particulars thanks everybody for watching you