beat Sabre should be your go-to workout for cardio because since we're already addicted to it we may as well embrace the benefits the oculus quest is seriously the best system to use for the beat Sabre workout because you can go anywhere to do it there are no wires to trip over while you're dodging walls and the headset is really light so you don't get that hurt EVR neck thing it's like it was made for it or something according to the VR Health Institute yep that's a real thing beat saber burns six to eight calories per minute which is the same as tennis or jogging 5 miles per hour neither of which I would ever do beat saber tricks you into working out initially so you don't even know you're exercising but once you come to terms with it you'll start looking for ways to make your beat saber workout even better the oculus quest is step one of that here are some other tips adjust your grip the oculus touch controllers are made to fit comfortably in anyone's hands while allowing access to all the buttons you may wish to adjust your grip when using beat Sabre as a workout though so when you swing you can easily hold onto the controller and ensure the grip is maintained through the entire workout especially if you're sweaty turn on the no fail option since the time that you spend not sabering to the beat during your workout drops your heart rate and lessens the quality of the workout it's better that you don't fail out of the songs the no fail option keeps you swinging even if you're missing the beat you'll either get better as time goes on or you just have no rhythm either way you'll get a good workout fully swing you're probably already doing this since you get more points for swings that start at a 90 degree angle and extend a full 60 degrees but that helps you get more of an extension and burn from each movement also it feels really good to get max points from a level and this is the only way to do it overreact to obstacles add full side steps and squats to avoid walls like your Indiana Jones you might look a little silly but that's no reason to forget leg day speed up the song if you get to a place that you want to increase the cardiovascular effects of your beat sabering train creasing the speed slightly it'll make it harder to do everything but you're moving faster and burning more calories paired with the no fail option you can just fail your way to a great workout now let's get to our favorite workout songs from the official beat Sabre song list tell it's over is a great song to start your workout it is three minutes and 43 seconds which is a bit longer than most of the official songs but has a relatively low beat per minute so you can start slower now killing yourself this song has great use of obstacles to get your blood flowing in quite a bit of what I like to call double swing blocks which are great for core work next upcountry rounds this song has one of the highest beats per minute in the game so it's really gonna get you pumped but it has a moderate level of notes per second which are notes actually flying at you each second high energy with a slightly easier skill level is great for your warmup commercial pumping has the highest notes per second on this list it's only a 1 minute 20 second song but the amount of slices required starts burning especially if you're already a few minutes into your workout it has great arm crossing sections moments that require sidestepping and those double swing blocks I mentioned before next up is a hundred dollar bill the obstacles will keep you moving but the real reason I love this song is the way the blocks make you do circular motions to complete the map it feels great if you run through it a couple of times the song is really fast and really fun and has accessible notes per second so you can clear the level relatively easily and still get a great burn our favorite song to work out – his angel voices which is the longest song in all of the free DLC coming in at just over 6 minutes the burn is so strong with this one when played at expert + difficulty it has fast sections with brief moments of calm so you can contemplate how much more of the song is coming down the pipe at you it's great no matter what level of beat saber you are you can just adjust your beat saber to fit your needs and still get a great workout