(intense, bouncy music) – What’s up everyone? Welcome to another
video of official Thenx. Get ready for the top five exercises to master the planche. (upbeat, energetic music) – [Child] Listen. (bouncy bass music) – Alright, so before we
begin, I just want to say this is just the top five
exercises in my opinion that worked best for
me when I was learning how to do the planche. There are so many more
exercises that I did do and that you can do too, what you will find on the
full planche tutorial guide on Thenx.com, which
we’ll be releasing there. So, this is just the five that
I thought were best for me. So before we begin to learn
the top five exercises, we have to understand
straight arm strength. So when we’re doing these exercises, it is important that you have
keeping your arm straight and that you’re not
bending your arms at all and you’re concentrating
on the ditch of your elbow, tied in with your forearm,
and the end of your bicep. This is what is engaging when you’re doing straight arm strength and
when you’re doing planche and stuff like that, and all
these other exercises too. So let’s go and figure out how to indicate that we’re doing this movement correct and we’re engaging the right muscles. So if you pick up a weight,
something super small, a book, something like
that, and you hold it out to your body, right, from here, your arm is completely straight. You’re gonna then squeeze. As you squeeze, you’re
gonna feel the pressure come in the ditch of your elbow along with meeting at the forearm, and right here at the bicep. That is how you want to
feel when you are doing these exercises that we’re gonna do today, and when actually doing
the planche, right. So the more you squeeze,
also will help you to focus on that area there. So if it doesn’t feel
like this or if your arm is a little bit bent or
not completely locked out, you’re not doing any of
these exercises correctly, and this is very important,
because if you’re doing any of these exercises
with your arms bent, that skill is not gonna transfer over. You can be doing bent arm
of all these exercises, bent arm planche for
the rest of your life, you’ll never do straight arm planche. You’ll never do a real planche, because to do real
planches with straight arms in perfect form, you have
to train with straight arms. You have to strengthen
that straight arm strength. Okay, so this is super important that you’re using correct form. So now that we know what’s correct form, how to do straight arm
strength and how to apply it, how to know if it feels right or not, this is how we actually
start to engage you. Well we’re going up onto
the bars, for example. We’re gonna go first
back with the scapulas and then down. From there, you can feel you
start to engage the lats. From there you’re gonna
push down and close as you move forward, so
the shoulder actually goes back down and then
forward, almost like a C. From here, you’re starting
to engage the lats more, and that’s what’s gonna
be held to support. So from here, as you can see, you push, straighten out the arms, point out the elbow ditch,
right, core is tight, everything is tight. You’re gonna push down with your palms, so your shoulders go down,
and then squeeze in like that. And that is how you start
to engage as you can see. Alright, so now that we know how to engage and we start doing these moves, we’re gonna start with the first exercise. Now to make these exercises
a little bit harder, I’m gonna put on some extra weight, and we’re gonna do it with a weight vest. (bouncy bass music) So, if this is the first time you’re doing any of these exercises, I would advise you not to put on extra weight. Don’t use a weight vest. This is only if you’ve
already watched this video and you’ve already been
doing these exercises, ’cause you wanna make sure
that you can do these exercises with perfect form before
moving on and trying to add weight to your body, right? Like I always say when
people start doing weights, you should start to learn
how to master your own body weight before you start
to add weight on to your body. Right, so that’s what we’re gonna do. So, that’s why I’m wearing this vest. But for all you doing these
exercises for the first time, do it without a vest. You can continue to do it with a vest and this will triple your planche game. When I started training with a vest, it changes everything, especially
when it comes to planche. Imagine if you take this thing
off and you feel super light. So the first exercise is
we’re gonna go from an L-sit, tucked L-sit, and then a tuck planche, and then we’re gonna go
back into those movements one-by-one for about three seconds each. And the goal is to try
to do that consecutively without getting down off the bars for a total of 30 seconds,
but really you can start and you can do as many as
you want at the beginning, and you will eventually work your way up. So it’s important to
keep our arms locked out the whole time when you’re doing this. So, it should look like this. Arms locked out when you
first start, core is tight, head is forward. The elbows, see I’m holding on tight. I point the ditches out
like that to make sure that they’ll stay straight. From there, up, legs out. One, two, three. Go into tuck, arms are still straight. Now I’m even more pointing out. See that, one, two, three. Now lean forward and I
push the palms forward. I’m not bending my arms at all. If I was like this, that’s big no. You wanna make sure it’s locked out, okay? Come back here. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One. (bouncy bass music) So keep going through
these movements right here. Alright, so the next exercise
is tucked planche pumps. So we’re gonna go into a tucked L-sit, and then from there we’re gonna pump up as if we’re going into a tuck planche. We’re gonna go as high as we can, so we’re gonna make our
hips go as high as we can. The more you push like this,
harder you lean forward, the higher you’re gonna go,
and this is gonna help you from when you’re first
going into that planche and having the energy and
the power to just boom and push into it. So it should look like this. You wanna rep this out. Do about 10. So from here, push up, lean forward. Push up. Make sure your arms stay straight. (bouncy bass music) Alright, so that’s an
excellent move right there. Now this next move I’m about to show you is one of my favorites. This is one that really made
me go from a tuck planche to a straddle. This is how I got my straddle planche, specifically with this move. This also helped once I was
able to do a straddle planche and to obtain my full planche. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna go from an L-sit to a straddle planche,
and you’re gonna do it by rocking back and forth, but you’re gonna keep your arms straight. At the beginning when you’re doing this, you might do it with a
little swing and momentum, but as long as you’re
doing it with the intent that you’re gonna try
to slow yourself down and control that movement,
eventually you’re gonna do it slower and slower and slower until you’re just boop, hold it, right? So for this exercise, we’re
gonna go into an L-sit and we’re gonna hold it for a second and then go back in, and then hold it. For all of you that can
already do straddle, I would suggest going from L-sit straddle, L-sit full planche, L-sit
straddle, L-sit full. For those of you that can’t
even do a straddle yet, focus on just the straddle first. So, it should look like this. Make sure you’re also leaning forward, k. (bouncy, energetic bass music) Woo! Alright. So obviously, the more
weight you have on you, the harder, but as long as
your arms are locked out, you’re working that. So the next move, this one
is very, very significant. This move got me from my
straddle to my full planche, especially when I was
having trouble leaning, getting that lean in there. So next we’re gonna move on to the rings. Now, if you’re not training with rings, you’re missing out
completely, ’cause this will take you to a whole new level. You can do your whole
training program on rings. In fact, I’m coming
out with a ring program very, very soon. These things get you super strong, especially ’cause when
you’re training on them, you make your own stability
versus training on something that’s already stable. So this gets you strong super fast, especially when working
with straight arms. So first thing we’re
gonna do is gonna go up and we’re just gonna hold
it with our arms straight, shoulders pointed down, and
we’re gonna try to squeeze our hands as close to the body as possible with our arms locked out. Just hold for time. (bouncy, energetic bass music) You wanna make sure that
you can do this hold for at least 20 to 30 seconds, right? Once you can hold that,
the more advanced move would be to hold and start
pointing out your wrists like this, so you’re exposing the ditch. The more you expose the
ditch of your elbow, the more pressure you’re
putting on that straight arm strength, you’re gonna get
way better, way faster. So, from here, then
you can hold like that. Once you’ve been practicing
this for a while, now we can get into holding, and from holding by your side, you’re gonna push down,
come up in the forward, squeeze together like this,
and touch the rings here. Then come back. Rep, come back. All controlled the whole time, right? On the last one, come
here and just hold, okay? Squeezing in helps a lot,
a lot, especially when you do it on the bars in a
planche or a straddle planche, when you’re squeezing in at the same time as you keep your arms straight
and you’re leaning forward, it’s gonna solidify that flatness as well as if you point your chin and point your toes at the same time. Right, so it’s all these little tips that acquire the technique that allows you to do this in the end. So, we’re gonna show you how to go from here. Push down and forward. Come in, touch. Come back out. So, lean forward. In, touch. (intense, bouncy bass music) So hold, hold, hold. Lock out those arms. Hoo! And we come back down. Alright, ring holds. Okay, so the last one we got. You won’t need this anymore. Okay, so now we’re gonna
pick up some dumbbells and we’re gonna start
with around the worlds. You wanna make sure that
your arms are locked out and that you’re feeling the pressure in the ditch of your elbow. But you’re coming down
with your arms locked out, and you’re feeling the
negative as much as you feel going straight up. (bouncy, energetic bass music) See that? At the end of these reps,
gonna hold right out here. Just hold, squeeze. Awesome. This move, you wanna start off light. There’s no shame in starting
off with five pounds, eventually working yourself
up more and more weight, but this you don’t even need
to do it with that much weight. If you can do it with 25, you should be already holding planche. Remember to keep your arms straight. So, there you have it. The top five exercises
for mastering planche. Thank you guys so much for watching. Remember, these are just
the five that helped me out the most in achieving my goals. There’s so many more
exercises that I already did, but you can find ’em all
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