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the top five exercises to master your handstand. Let’s get started. (upbeat pop music) ♫ Listen (slow pop music) – All right, so let’s get started. So today we’re covering
the top five exercises to master your handstand. This video is for people
that already know how to do a handstand and they’re
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everywhere in no time. All right, so when
mastering your handstands, you wanna focus on three elements. That’s strength, balance, and alignment. You wanna be strong enough
to hold your body up. You wanna be aligned so that you’re in a straight perfect form position and you wanna make sure
that you have enough balance so that you can stay up there
for a longer period of time. So the first exercise to
mastering your handstand we’re going with, handstand hold for time. You wanna hold your handstands
for as long as you can. Record the amount of time
that you can hold it for and then try to beat that. Increase your endurance and try to hold your handstand longer and longer. This is the most basic step, but it’s also the most important, so let’s go ahead and do a handstand. All right. So you wanna increase your handstand hold. This is the most basic step, but it’s also the most important, so you wanna increase
this handstand hold time. If you’re still having some more trouble, you can always go against the wall and do it against the wall. So for the next exercise,
we have handstand shrugs. Handstand shrugs focuses on strength when you’re pushing those shoulders down so that pushing down on your shoulders is gonna be a lot more
comfortable, a lot easier. It also focuses on your alignment because when you’re doing this move, you’re gonna be doing it against the wall. The wall forces you to be in
that straight perfect line, keeping you in that correct form and it’s also gonna help your balance because when you’re pushing
those scapulars down, you need to maintain that balance as your shoulders push down
and your body moves up, so let me show you guys
what that looks like. We’re gonna go into our
handstand facing the wall. From here, you wanna
push down on the floor as hard as you can. Hold the top for three seconds
and then you can relax. Once you guys get really good at this, try to get your feet to get
off the wall a little bit. All right. So that right there, handstand shrugs. You wanna max those out and master those. When you first start doing that, it’s gonna feel really
hard and really difficult to push that shoulder forward,
but the more you do it, you’re gonna get a lot better at it. So the next exercise is
handstand shoulder taps. This exercise is gonna focus on your strength and your alignment. When you’re doing a
handstand shoulder tap, you need to go onto one hand first and that’s gonna strengthen that arm to be able to hold up your body. When you can hold up your whole entire body with just one arm and you can do that with both arms, imagine how much stronger
you’re gonna feel, how much easier the handstand is gonna be. This also works on your alignment. Because you’re against the
wall when you’re doing it, you’re gonna be forced to be straight and when you move off to that one side, you have to maintain your
body and your position to keep that straight line as you shift from one side to the other side, so now let me show you
guys what that looks like. From here as straight as you can, as close to the wall as you can. Lean to one side, touch. All right. So that is handstand shoulder taps. Master this move right here. You’re gonna be isolating those arms and you’re gonna make
handstands super easy because of the isolation. Okay, so for the next exercise, you have handstand side bends. This exercise is gonna focus on your balance and your strength. When you’re doing a handstand side bend, you have to move all the way to one side with one leg and more
than half of your body. From that position right there, you’re isolating again just
like the handstand shoulder tap, except even more because
you’re extending even more onto that one side of your shoulder,
that one side of your arm. From there you’re gonna
have to use your core and your balance to engage
to bring your body right back and then go to the other side, so let me show you guys
what that looks like. Remember, when you’re doing
this move, you wanna engage. Breathe, but definitely engage your core. Make sure your form is
perfect, squeezing your glutes. Legs are straight and
you have that pressure on your fingertips and on your palms. Let’s go for it. All right. So that move is really
tough, but it’s definitely gonna increase your strength
and your balance tremendously, so for the last exercise of
mastering your handstands we have uneven handstands. When you’re doing an uneven handstand, you wanna have one arm straight and your opposing limb
on an elevated surface that’s different to the other hand, so it can be really higher
or just a little bit higher. You wanna train and practice
different elevations. Practice different grips as
well with that other hand and practice on both sides, so let me show you guys
what that looks like. So you can use a yoga block, a book, a chair, a little bench. Anything you want really ’cause you wanna practice
different elevations. You wanna practice being this high, this high, even this high. Practice them all ’cause
it’s gonna make you a lot more comfortable
with your handstand, so now let me show you
what this looks like. So normal handstand, arms straight. All right. Let’s try the other hand now. All right. My arm is basically just
giving out at this point. So this is crazy, even to just train back to back all these exercises, but these are the top five exercises in my opinion to master the handstand, but if you guys still have trouble on even doing a handstand,
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