bjbjVwVw Marco: Hey, welcome back to another
segment with the Chiropractic Source. I m Dr. Marco Ferrucci and I would guess that
most people that engage in an exercise program do it to physically look good. Very rarely
do people actually think about the benefits beyond looking good. Today, I brought a special
guest. His name is Danny Ribaudo. He is a certified personal trainer. He is going to
share with us the top five things beyond just looking good about exercise, so Danny. Danny:
Thanks Dr. Marco. Hi everybody, my name is Danny Ribaudo and like Dr. Marco said, I m
a certified personal trainer and a life coach. What I m going to talk to you today about
is five fitness facts and benefits of exercising that most people either don t know about or
don t talk about. The name of my business is called Fitness and Beyond. I m very passionate
about that whole beyond form and that s what I m going to offer to you today. Fact number
one, the human being is made up of mind, body and spirit, three different components much
like a tripod. A tripod has three legs. If you take away anyone of those legs, the tripod
s going to fall. It s not going to be able to perform the function that is supposed to
perform. The human being is the same exact way. Fact number two, exercise boosts brainpower.
It actually releases a brain chemical called serotonin, which allows you to think clearer
and think clearer longer. Fact number three, exercise gives you energy. It produces a chemical
called endorphins which allows you to feel energized that s why most people workout during
the day because then you ll have that sustained feeling of energy throughout the day. There
s always that three o clock low and we want to take a nap, you will actually be able to
break through that by exercising. Fact number four, movement melts away stress. It releases
a relaxation response within the body, which heightens your mood, allows you to feel happier,
and actually keeps depression at bay. Let me ask you this, how do you think your relationships
will be if your felt better? That s right they d be awesome. Fact number five, exercise
helps ward off disease. It strengthens your immune system, it can slow and prevent osteoporosis,
arthritis, diabetes, strokes and heart disease. To me those five facts are a lot more important
and a lot more vital than just looking good, but like I said I would love to look good
too, but what good is looking good if you can t think straight, you re tired, you re
depressed, and you re sick? It s not going to work. I hope I was able to provide some
information for you and also inspire you. Thank you so much for your help. Have a healthy
day. Marco: Thank you so much Danny, that was very elaborate and perfectly said. If
you would like more information about both Danny and I, you could visit
Thank you and have a wonderful day. gdR, urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags address urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags
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