Treatment of joint pain If the pain is mild it’s just a little sour, numb and distended limbs. Joint movements seem to be a little uncomfortable At this time, we can use ginger 200g onion 200g Chen Ai 200g, calamus 200g. Boil these medicines into water first fumigation and then wash them. For example, some people have painful finger joints. Moving finger joints all day Anesthesia, swelling and dyskinesia due to activity After boiling well use steam to fumigation and wash after fumigation. In the process of fumigation we can rub our painful joints. This can play a very big role. If you want to prevent joint pain you can use ginger 200g every day. Boil ginger water every night to wash our hands and feet Then rub our joints. For older, weaker people It can play a role of dispelling cold, dispelling wind removing dampness and relieving pain. When we eat, we must be careful not to eat cold food. especially when opening a refrigerator. Some people have pain in their hands when they open the refrigerator. In such cases, it is often lack of healthy qi. This is the time to clean up our gastrointestinal tract. ou can use coix seed and mulberry twigs to stew stick bones. In that way, it can play a role of ventilating wind dispersing cold and dredging collaterals. If it is only slightly painful it will have a certain effect. You can also use the skin of wax gourd especially the gray-haired skin of wax gourd. Plus coix seed and ginger Boil water to eat you can play a role in dispelling cold dehumidifying, pain relief Use ginger and wax gourd Add some mutton and eat it together Then it can play a role of dispelling cold relieving pain and relaxing wind. Of course, there are also If the pain is not so severe To prevent it, we can often rub our joints. Rubbing finger joint wrist joint shoulder joint In particular, sedentary people must be active regularly. Our own bones and muscles must be active But exercise must be moderate such as shoulder movement. Activities of lumbar joints neck joints and lower extremity joints Always changing positions after sitting too long That would have a protective effect on us. If these conditions are serious Because arthritis is a very troublesome disease we must support healthy qi. Here I’d like to introduce you to a recipe for diet therapy. Prescriptions for dietary therapy commonly used in our clinical geriatrics It’s 100 grams of Astragalus membranaceus and 100 grams of Coix seed. Stew lean meat with 50 grams of wax gourd peel and 50 grams of mulberry twigs The kidney qi deficiency stews the pig kidney If the stomach is insufficient, add some pig stomach Cook them together can play a role in dispelling cold dehumidifying, pain relief It has a very good effect on senile arthritis. Of course, acupuncture and moxibustion are also possible. Acupuncture and moxibustion on several points of our joints with moxibustion sticks For example, moxibustion for shoulder pain Moxibustion Dazhui Point for Neck Pain Moxibustion at Quchi Point for Elbow Joint Pain If the knee joint under the foot is painful moxibuste the Knee eye point. It all works very well. Of course, if the pain gets worse It’s always a bad recovery. You need to go to the hospital. Ask a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Only then can it be alleviated