hey it’s coach Joe from StayFitAnywhere (stay fit anywhere) and today I want to share with you my top 3 beginner exercises everyone
should start off with you might think exercising is quite easy jumping into
any workout should be a no-brainer nowadays you can find multiple videos on
workouts specific exercises for different body parts and for even
different fitness goals but it’s not quite that easy because a lot of the
workouts and exercises that you do find where there’s some magazines online it’s
pretty general right it might give you a few instructional steps to how to do
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as I was mentioning if you’re beginning a workout and you’ve never consistently
been a exerciser or someone who’s them workouts for months and years sometimes
it’s not as easy just to pick up any routine and jump right into it why
because you don’t know if it’s actually the right routine for you
there’s always foundational exercises which will really benefit you before you
actually begin a workout program even if you are a seasoned exerciser I still
watch the video make sure your technique is right now you’re maximizing each
movement throughout your workout because if your technique is off you could be
slowing down your own progress to reach your results so I’m going to be showing
you a few of those foundational exercises where once you learn the
techniques and you practice them you will be able to do many other exercises
based on just these three foundation exercises so I’m going to be showing you
today the squat a push-up and a done lift if you only start with these three
exercises and practice them over and over and over you’ll be on your way to
maximizing your results and preventing injury but if you feel you’re need of
more of a challenge quick appear for a stair circuit
one of the exercises I really recommend doing as a beginner when you’re starting
out any type of workout program is the bodyweight squat if you’ve never done a
bodyweight squat before I would recommend doing a chair squat you’re
probably been doing multiple chair squats and you didn’t even realize it
anytime to get in and out of a car or in them of your seat at your desk those are
all variations of chair squats and today I’m going to show you how to perform a
chair squat if you’ve already been doing squats like bodyweight squats and chair
squads are lifting squats with dumbbells and Olympic bars you can always
double-check your technique with mine so with the chair squat grab yourself a
seat and let’s start with the side profile first from here just sit in your
chair I would recommend not leaning back on it try to sit halfway into the seat
so you have a little bit of room to actually come up out of your chair do
things you don’t want to do when you’re doing a chair squat is launching
yourself with momentum with from your arms to get up out of your chair and you
don’t want all the weight to be on the balls of your feet but to perform this
chair squat have a neutral posture brace your core have your legs butt hip width
apart and a 90 degree angle from the back your knee down to your heel if you
find this position too difficult to lift yourself out of the chair slightly bring
your heels back towards you but you don’t want them too far back because you
don’t want to be building pressure into your patella or leg into your knees
knees so you want to be able to find a find a position that’s comfortable for
you so you can get in and out of your seat properly begin embrace your core
push up from your heels and breathe out as you’re coming up and breathe in as
you’re lowering your body back down to your chair so from here you want to
breathe out put all the weight onto your heels and slowly come back down
and bring yourself back up and slowly come back down
as you’re going through these chair squats feel your glutes hamstring calves
secondary muscles quads engage as you’re coming up and down through the squat and
up and back down as you improve with your chair squat the
next level would be chair tap squats and then chair hover squats so all those are
instead of coming right back down from your squat into a seated position again
you want to come back down and gently tap and then come right back up and
gently tap and you come right back up you’re still keeping all the weights
onto your heels and as you improve the weight gets distributed evenly across
from heel to the ball of your foot and to do a hover squat basically come back
down and just hover above the chair that will transition into a bodyweight squat
so you won’t even be using the chair once you can hover above the seat you
still want to maintain all the weight on your heels as you’re coming up and down
through the squats for now until you can build up the strength and then
distribute it evenly throughout both feet the push-up is a fantastic beginner
exercise it works all the way from the top to the bottom of your body it’s a
great exercise to start building up strength throughout your core your upper
body and your lower body it’s a perfect foundation exercise to begin any workö
routine so if you’ve never done a push-up before or even if you have done
many push-ups I’m going to show you the setup of how to do your push-ups
properly if you can’t do push-ups from the toes right now start from the knees
we’ll work up to doing push-ups from your toes so to set up your pushup
I would recommend having a towel or a mat of some sort and this way it’s gonna
help you lay out where your hands will go what you want to be doing is how
your hands on either side of the mat so we just measured an arrowhead so what
I’m looking down at your body your head should be the top point of the arrowhead
and your elbows should be the other two points so to set yourself up for the
push-up you want to use the edges of the mat so that’s the top in either side the
top of the mat you want to want to line up with your chin either side of the mat
you want it to be lined up with your thumbs as you’re performing this have
your hands on either side extend your legs back have your chin roughly where
the edge or the start of the mat or the towel is bring your body up and as you
come down try to keep your head level you don’t want to be having a head tip
down too far doing push-ups into this position where you see a lot of people
to prevent that look ahead on the floor and that should keep your head level
with your back so perform this push up I’m gonna come down in exhale I should
come up inhale exhale inhale exhale you can do this from your knees show you
quickly from a side angle you can do this from your knees make
sure your back is nice and flat you don’t want that big curve in your lower
back otherwise you’re gonna start feeling it there so from your knees same
thing down up look further ahead with your eyes so your head isn’t so your
head isn’t bent as you’re doing these push-ups you want to be level with your
back nice posture and press and push so this is the setup for the pushup and
it’s a fantastic beginner exercise to start off any workout routine the
deadlift is a great beginner exercise to help build a solid foundation for
workouts and you might be already doing a variation of a deadlift exercise but
your technique might be off most people when they’re lifting don’t really lift
with their legs and their knees they just put everything onto their lower
back so a lot of clients come to me with you guessed it lower back pain if you’re
looking for additional hip mobility exercises you can click the link right
up there so for most people when you’re lifting you’re probably just bending
your back and lifting straight into this position that’s gonna put a lot of
pressure into your lower back and your upper back shoulders so the
beginning deadlift you want your feet about hip width apart
you don’t want too wide or too narrow but it needs to be comfortable for you
when you’re lifting from this position I always recommend a slight knee bend and
then start hinging your hip so that means when you’re hinging your hip
you’re pushing your butt back and bending in the torso you’re not bending
you’re not bending your knees anymore to go lower you don’t want to be getting
into a squat and coming back up from a squat you want to be doing a deadlift
where you’re just hip hinging usually you’re pushing your butt back keeping
your back straight and bending your chest forward towards the floor loading
up the heels and bring yourself to a standing position so we’re out the
deadlift exercise improve your technique and you can transition into lifting
heavier loads those are my top three beginner foundational exercises that I
believe everyone should know how to do correctly so take the time to practice
and perfect the technique for each one of those exercises I want to help you
out as much as I can so I’m gonna set you up with a good
nation for any type of workouts and if you’re looking for extra help click the
link below for my online consultation form I’d be happy to help you out by
giving you any kind of tips and strategies to make sure the exercises
and the workout that you’re doing are correct for you and we’ll see you next
time in my next video you