hey pokemon fans i'm jay wins and today we're gonna talk about gym leaders which are essentially the bosses of the pokemon world now I've been fascinated by gym leaders for a long time there's a ton of them and they've all got their own fun colorful personalities so I figured I'd take on what are the challenges that you guys keep asking me to do my personal top 10 favorite so let's take a look at the list for this list I decided to use one rule video game cannon only all of these characters appear in the anime games and manga each sporting a slightly different personality and story across each there are some characters that I really like in one continuity but I don't care for it all in another so I decided to play fair and keep things to the Pokemon franchises main plotline other than that anything goes so let's check out the list number 10 crasher wake this guy oh man this guy is one of the funnest Gym Leaders ever and not just because he's an awesome masked wrestler unlike a lot of gym leaders he battles strictly for the fun of battling that ends up happy whether he wins or loses he also takes his prize money from wrestling and donates it to the poor just like fray tormenta don't know who he is well uh have you seen that one movie with Jack Black wakes like that but awesome number nine this one was honestly a toss-up for me between two electric gym leaders that I liked a lot voltner and Alisa volt there's an emo crybaby that looks like the fourth Hokage and Alisa is a supermodel that way number nine so at least it's a supermodel which in itself is interesting and then she changes her style pretty drastically between the first and second black-and-white games cuz she's got style but she isn't just an airhead model either she's helpful in getting Bianca permission from her father to battle and she allows you to cross a bridge that you otherwise would have been blocked from and her gym as a runway in black and white too is a pretty nice touch oh yeah and she's a fan of bad puns that's an instant je wit seal of approval as ELISA herself would say cough egregious is so cool wouldn't you off agree Gus oh my god I didn't think this was possible but I think she's even worse than me number eight Koga Tobi's a ninja oh you wanted me to elaborate on that a little simply being a ninja wasn't enough all right here's what we've got kogas a ninja he has one of the wackiest gyms to date filled with a maze of invisible walls he uses poison Pokemon which are pretty awesome and finally he's the first gym leader that flat-out advanced from gym leader to the Elite Four yeah I know that Wallis and iris would do the same thing later a Koga did it first because he's awesome I even think it's cool that he passes his perch at fusion down to his daughter Jeanine who on her own is a pretty solid gym leader – all in all I would say that Koga is a ninja number seven Norman you know how an every Pokemon game you seemingly have one parent and another one that doesn't seem to exist every generation is the same wake up tell mom you're leaving the save the world and never hear from dad what is this a Disney movie that is every generation except the third where Norman is the player's father I have no idea why the games haven't implemented an actual parent-child relationship where both characters are trainers anywhere else but I really like the dynamic Norman like many fathers proudly launches as his child escalates through the ranks eventually having to come return to the bank that his child can surpass him and skill and as a player finally overcoming your father is a great moment plot wise where you realize that your team is strong enough to take on the rest of the world who's he daddy Norman's your daddy number 6 Giovanni I almost debated even putting Giovanni in here he is technically a gym leader so let's roll with him perhaps the best part of Giovanni is that he's part of the biggest twist in the original games the whole time the mysterious Viridian City Gym Leader was missing he was ruling kantos main criminal organization Giovanni is a boss literally the boss of Team Rocket he's ruthless using Pokemon his tools more than companions and abandoning his son in order to focus on his own goals is also ridiculously prideful choosing to disband the entire rocket syndicate after losing to you just so that no one can hear of his loss my only gripe with Giovanni is that his ground team is a little underwhelming I guess it's just a little weird to me that the game's main villain isn't even close to the strongest character in the game nonetheless Giovanni's reveals the final gym leader was cool enough to get him on my list number 5 Whitney Whitney represents so many things that are great about trainer battles for one she represents one of the game's most iconic challenges with their level 20 mill tank which can stomp ghosts roll you out attract your males and constantly drink milk when its health is low if you don't come prepared with type advantages and equally leveled Pokemon Whitney is very likely one of the only early gym leaders that will send you back to the Pokemon Center over and over again making you contemplate your entire life there are so many jokes comics and beams about Whitney's miltank alone and you just gotta love it another great thing about Whitney is finally crushing your team she falls into a crying tantrum needing one of the gym trainers to calm her down before getting your badge after what her miltank has done to us all it is so satisfying to finally make her break into tears number 4 Bloo with Giovanni under the picture in the second generation blue ended up taking the position of radiant City Gym Leader in itself it's pretty cool to see characters from the previous generation show up in this one but it's also nice to see a character that actually develops a little over time blue goes from a brat that cares more about his personal image to a defeated champion that learns he has room to grow he's also the only gym leader in every single Pokemon game that doesn't have a specific type theme around his Pokemon which is honestly how I wish more Pokemon was I know that type theming is an element of the games that's here to stay but it does get boring crushing an entire team with one type advantage sometimes either way you look at it making blue a gym leader was cool in just about every way number 3 player as the final gym leader in the second generation and the first dragon type gym leader Claire is one of my favorite females in Pokemon period she's cold calculated and has design she's also the cousin of Lance the original amazing dragon trainer and she lives up to his name almost women in Pokemon are cute quiet and reserved Claire is confident and cocky so much in fact that after defeating her in the gym she flat out refuses to give you the badge until you complete another challenge in the Dragons Den Claire doesn't mess around and that's what makes her one of the best gym leaders ever number two Blaine seems that in Pokemon the older characters are the ones that have the most hidden secrets to explore for example drayton white almost put on here simply because of his awesome beard talks about how he lived in the time before pokeballs were invented Blaine is full of mystery and that's what makes him so fascinated the game establishes that Blaine and mr. Fuji have a history together and the pokémon mansion also highly suggest that mr. Fuji founded the Pokemon lab and created Mewtwo what part did Blaine who clearly hold on to his history as a scientist with his lab coat play in all of this it's all up to fans speculation then there's his gym which is full of nonsensical trivia questions a nice touch but even more impressive is what happens when that gym is taken away from Blaine with a volcanic eruption even then Blaine still continues battling as a gym leader in the c-fone islands like a boss and to top it all off just look at how unbelievably pimpin his design is in the fourth generation just just look at him number one lieutenant Serge hands down most badass trainer of all time let's look past the fact that it looks remarkably similar to guile from Street Fighter and just look at the facts this man brought his Pokemon to war the possibility and fallout of a past Pokemon war has been a fan topic for years but just let that sink in or how about this little tidbit from The Fame checker he flew an airplane powered by electric pokemon he also has perhaps the most mind-numbingly frustrating gym ever find a switch second switch is adjacent to the first mess up sorry bro got to do it all over this man is insane and that's what makes him amazing aside from the whole mystery of being a war veteran and all there's so another factor to surge that is always intrigued me in heartgold SoulSilver after getting surges number you can meet them at the magnet train station in saffron city where he'll offer to trade a special french pikachu volte for your regular one why French who knows although the fact that the 6th generation is very likely going to be based on France really has to make you wonder surrounded in mystery legacy and muscles the Lightning American is without a doubt the greatest gym leader ever to grace a Pokemon game thanks a ton for watching today's video if you liked what you saw and you want to learn what my new videos are coming out you can click that subscribe button right below me or over here to the side you can check out some my other channels gym leaders are really fascinating but with only 10 there's no way I can cover all the greatest ones was there a gym leader you wanted on the list that I didn't talk about let me know in the comment section below didn't even have to let me know I already know what it is it's flannery you wanted flannery and you didn't get her because she's cuz she's hot cuz the cuz of fire types you know what I was wrong Elise is not worse than me I am truly a monster