It’s literally like having an entire gym
and a personal trainer in your home The way this works is you remember, you know,
if you take 2 magnets and put them next to each other, they’ll kind of push apart —
that’s your magnetic force. Well if you use a magnet
and an electronic magnet, an electromagnet, it turns out you can create a lot
of force that way as well. So when you’re pulling on that cable
of Tonal, you’re actually And we’re using millions of calculations per
second to adjust that electromagnetic field so that it feels just like a weight machine. Growing up, I was literally the chubby
7-year-old kid with glasses who could code and always loved technology. But by the time I was 35,
my health was in disarray. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.
I was — I had type 2 diabetes and I got to a point where I’d been
struggling with my weight and I really So I did something pretty drastic. I quit my job and I spent the next 9 months
losing about 70 pounds. And that was the journey
that ultimately led to Tonal. So I really wanted to get this
giant strength training machine into — I wanted to shrink it down into
something that could fit into my one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. And I realized that the reason this machine was so big was because it relied on big metal
plates and gravity to work. And being an electrical engineer,
I figured maybe there’s a way to use a little bit of electricity to generate force. So I went home that day and
I ordered a bunch of parts and strapped them to my kitchen counter
and about 3 months later, I had the first working prototype of
Tonal’s digital weight systems. And then we use machine learning to
extrapolate from those 4 movements the recommended weights
for every movement in our system. From that point forward, any time
you do any movement on our system, we evaluate how well you did at that particular weight and we adjust the weight up and down automatically. And so as you get stronger,
the weights automatically progress up. If you’re having a bad day,
the weights automatically progress down. So we have 8 coaches on our platform
and they come with a variety of backgrounds, styles, and personalities. We film every single day. We’re releasing new programs
and new workouts every single week. All of this is to make sure that no matter who you are,
there’s always content for you. And you never get bored, you never
have to do anything a second time.