Push-ups, friends, the most incredible
and versatile exercise. They can be done in any place without any necessary equipment or only
with some parallets of this type. There are different types of push-ups starting
with regular and simpler types up to more advanced that may require years of practice
to learn. Practically all the push-ups that will show you today are executed with body weight, although if some seem easy to you – you can
can make them difficult by adding a weight vest Also friends, do not forget that the push-ups
train the eccentric force, it's an exercise of push, vary your push-ups with the exercises of concentric force be more versatile athletes. LETS GO! Friends, this was the video of all variations of push-ups – as you can see we got burnt
in this sun doing the video. Now, to train all the variations of push-ups
starting with the easiest ones up to more difficult ones.
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See you!