[S]This week’s TL;DR concerns Martina who wants to talk about being sick in Korea, because guess who’s sick in Korea right now? Somebody feels very poopy Martina has a very very bad cold. So we’re at home today We’re filming our TL;DR here and we’re going to tell you about healthcare [M]Stop Yelling at me [S]We’re gonna talk about health care and other things you need to know about health in Korea [M]이것아파. [S]이것아파 this hurts 아파 is the key word you can get to know [M]목 살 [S]목 살is what we eat at the grilling restaurant [M]목아파 콩몰 마니 아파 아파~ [S] Martina’s a really big sissy today and the thing is I’m getting sick right now Also [I] feel my eyes burning and my throat’s starting to swell but I’ve got the attitude of like welp I’m getting in sick anyway and sometimes. I’ll just enjoy my free time while I still have it [M]okay So being sick in Korea can kinda suck because anything that you’re used to [S]*coughs*Keep going that’s the whole point we’re supposed to cough (inaudible) [M]anything that you’re used to from your home That’s comforting like chicken noodle soup or like maybe your mom cooking something for you You’re not going to find that here, so I’m actually in the background. I’m actually making juke [S]Which is supposedly a health food of choice whenever you have a cold juke is pretty much like really really boiled down rice into like A soup, it’s like chicken, it’s like chicken noodle soup. It’s like chicken rice soup [M]Well, if that’s what you want to make it as but it’s also for babies For babies old people and sickness [S]Guess who is a sick old baby right now, right here? [M]I’m making myself chicken juke okay anyway, so let’s say we want to talk about something [like] health care. [S]Oh boy. That’s exciting [M]Hey, if you come to move to korea, you’re gonna live here, and you actually have an employer [who] is paying for Health care It’s usually 50% coverage or a little bit more but it’s not like Canada. Where blessed, awesome, Canada Yes, where health care for everyone. So when we were teaching we had we used the hospital several times I say hospital and not doctor’s office because most foreigners that are living here Don’t go through the effort of getting like a personal doctor So we usually check into hospitals when we’re sick [and] it’s not like you you’re not going to wait in [a] hospital for hours as a hospital means. You’re probably Guaranteed an English speaker at the front desk who could help you then from there It gets really confusing so thank God for having that person around they’ll take you from like corner to corner to place to place [all] [S]The hospital waiting room and then like the doctor comes in it’s like there are a whole bunch of different wings And they’ll just like allocate you to a wing like this is the throat wing now the thing [is] when you go to a hospital Not everything is going to be paid for for you So if you will even though you have health coverage you’re gonna have to pay a little bit afterwards But it’s not a lot of money’s now a few years ago I had this incredible pain in my groin when I try to stand up I couldn’t like be more than like this many degrees if I tried to stand up straight I felt a lot of pain in my Groin so I went to the hospital for [it] and then they’re like hmm looks like you have Kidney stones So they did an ultrasound of like oh
You don’t have Kidney stones Turns out that your appendix is about to explode and you can die in half an hour if you don’t go into surgery right away [so] I’m like holy shit I’m gonna die so I called Martina right away like you have to leave your school right now And come to the hospital because I might die this might be the last time that we ever speak so she came to the hospital And then they did a test me a giant Ct Scan like they put dye in my blood and it was a really fancy pants machine and then the test turned out that I’m totally fine I just have a pulled groin so they gave me a slap in the ass and they send me home all these tests You know I like how they start with like the worst Diagnosis and they work their way down like all these tests and all the medicine that they want to give me afterwards only [cost] [me] like 120 bucks [M][so] even if people don’t have health care which we’ve had happened before um like friends or family [that] visit bucks 200 bucks like for something big like using a machine like an MRIs or like having your Ankle casted because I didn’t have health coverage at that time right all that can cost you under a hundred dollars. That’s pretty good So even though Korea has a lot of technology when it comes to the medical industry. It’s not very expensive for you to use Yeah now if you’re staying at the hospital [altogether] There’s like all these Fancy-Pants rooms that you can rent which you’ve probably seen from Korean dramas because I remember people asking us before for TL;DRS Are all Korean hospitals decked out with like TVs and like all these crazy things in the rooms. [S]No. No those are the swanky hospital thing [M] The private ones
[S]you go to if you’re like samsung or LG or ballin’ in some way But we unfortunately are not so balling so we cannot tell you what those experiences are like [M]Although The University Hospital in Bucheon we kept wondering why everyone was so hot [S]Right [M]all the workers [S]It looked like it was a set of like a drop off No are there cameras here like it every one of doctors waiver their hair looking long hair [m]and then we found out later on university hospital so people are training [S] So it’s all young, attractive people [M]which sucks cuz when you break your ankle and you go somewhere you’ve got like hairy, dirty, shaved legs and the doctors like Hi, can I help you? I’m like I don’t want you, I WANT THE (inaudible) [S]now it’s really cool about the medicine that you get is that you don’t get like a bottle of all the medicine They pretty much give you like little Baggies with your serving that you supposed to take so if you’re supposed to have medicine with your meal They’ll give you a little package of the medicine that you’re supposed to take at that meal with [M] so you get this like strip there like a You know looks like oh, condoms, [S]it looks like a condom package that a whole strip of like little like square[pre-packaged] But they’re all filled with lots of medicine in them [M]Yeah, and the only thing that concerns us is that the first time you get medicine here take these? It’s like 20,000 [S]And every package has like seven thing seven different pills in them And it turns out when you ask them what it is They’ll give you really strong medicine And they will also give you medicine to prevent the nausea that you will get from that strong medicine [M]Yeah, so honestly It’s really hard for us to take medicine in Korea because even though the pharmacist speaks English or doctor speaks English No one really breaks down all the pills you’re taking I want to know what I put into yeah So we don’t really Take a lot [of] medicine to begin with so to get a package of like nine things feels really uncomfortable to me So we usually just don’t end up taking anything, so when we go back [home] to Canada We tried to stock up on some of our favorite things like a cough syrup [S]Or for example like if you use Buckley’s or if you use like rollbacks or something along those lines You’re not going to find that in Korea So what I recommend [that] you do is instead of trying to get that specific name-brand look at the medical ingredients on the back So for example if you get like sudafed all the time for like sinus infections the actual ingredient is pseudoephedrine So make sure you remember that because when you bring that to Korea. You could ask the pharmacist for pseudoephedrine They won’t have it as sudafed as a brand that you know [M]and they’ll give you the Korean version of it which It’s very cheap. It’s usually like every box of medication usually costs us between [$2] to [$6] I’ve never spent like 20 bucks on medicine at all everything is like so small and so cheap now one thing that you might have to watch out for depending on if you grow up with her or not is that despite Korea having like super great technology in the hospitals and like having medicine that works then we try to sneak in [some] natural Herbal medicine and the medicine Manner [she] [machinery] of all the medicine I’ve had only one has ever worked nicely for me the rest of them made me really sick and maybe [S]If you ever complain about having stomach pain you go to a pharmacy there even [a] bottle bottle of like Liquid [Earth] Herbal poison vomit-inducing nastiness maybe [asian] people are okay [with] it whenever I tried it it was like woah. [yeah] [I] get it really bad [M]Do you remember when I took that weird package and rip it off, and you just take down this package it felt like it was filled with little grains and then later on I threw it off and [S]Because the little grains [M]Expands[S] into jelly, so when you throw up you’re throwing up delicious jelly instead. [M] OK I wouldn’t say they were delicious. I just threw up a stream of soft bubble tea I was just like [S]and you know what they also have medicine that makes you throw up rainbows when you’re happy, [okay]? [M]But I don’t think that medicine was supposed to make me throw up is the point the point is that it was Evil medicine? [S]Anyhow, we’re gonna tell you some more stories about this on our blog So make sure you click on and like you to check it out And if you want to leave any sympathy comments for Martina the big sissy baby or for me because I’m going to be a sissy Baby in a few days when I get Martina’s cold. [M] But You’re gonna get the second straight. It won’t be as bad [S]So that’s it for this week’s TL;DR if you have a question for next Tl;DR. Leave your question in the comment section below it’s your line, [M]or Check out the questions already asked and you can thumb them up To bring them to our attention [S]and don’t forget to [subscribe] for more TL;DRs Where Martina is going to be a whiny sissy baby, and we’re gonna snuggle on our couches with coffees and blankets? yesterday Martina was like hey My nose is breathing really hot air you want to feel it and she brought my arm up to her and then she started breathing On it and then she snot it all over my arm. [M]It was an accident [S]You want to feel my hot air in my hot snotty boogies? That’s what marriage does to you six years of marriage Snot on the arms. [M]It was an accident