What’s going on Nation and welcome to bench break episode 2 how to maximize chest growth and rest state nutrition a First question comes in from Scott Hickson and basically what he’s saying he’s been training for two years And he has uneven Peck development, and it’s happens to a lot of us usually a more dominant side no matter What muscle of this tends to be a little bigger than the side? We don’t use as much and I can assume from Scott’s question, then the school is muscle gained I can tell you you know right off the bat that in time as you continue to train your muscles will even out But what I want to make a specific point of going over in this video is that you need to train properly For a volume in order to maximize muscle growth And you need to make sure you training in the full range of motion to make sure you’re maximizing muscle fibers You’re stimulating during every rep and above every set and So I have three methods that I like to use I’m training for muscle gain and what I want to do is to talk to you guys about these three methods and help you apply them to your workout if You haven’t the same issue is Scott or if you’re just in general looking for ways to Maximize how much muscle you can put on when you workout? So before you do any chest workout obviously you need to warm up your shoulders there you being used a lot And then a chest exercise And if you don’t home up your shoulders you can run the risk of an injury very quickly You don’t have a shoulder bump you can check mine out right here now the first method I want to talk to you guys about is my burn set method and if you’ve seen my original chest video check it out Right here if you have it It’s the method that I’m using for every single exercise and what I like to do is I start off with the first exercise doing three sets and the first set is actually a burn set which consists of five Drops and the reason why I’m doing This is because I noticed that if I do a drop set right away or burn says I have to call it I’m forcing a lot of blood to the area, and I’m fatiguing the muscle extremely quick It’s also known as pre exhausting the muscle and as you push the muscle to its limit And you pre Exhausted you need to try harder and harder to lift the same amount of weight with each set as you continue throughout the workout So for example set one is going to be a drop of five Sets the first set I usually do like a hundred pounds soon as I’m done ten repetitions. I dropped the weight I grabbed eighty pounds do ten more reps dropped away Oh grab sixty ten more dropped away grab forty ten reps and then on my fifth set I like to do really light weight for Fifteen repetitions and at this point I’m grabbing like fifteen pounds I’m having a hard time benching them because I must was so pre exhausted now what I basically did was I infused a ton of volume into my first set to make sure I’m Ripping and tearing and shredding my chest as much as possible Your muscles aren’t going to grow Unless you’re putting the volume into the workout to rip them down and tear them apart so they can rebuild and get bigger And then usually what I do for sets two And three is I try to go back to my starting way Which I did for my first set let’s say it was a hundred pounds I’ll try to go back to that hundred and get eight to ten repetitions out of that four sets two in sets three I Recommend having a spotter, maybe help you through some of those four straps if you’re feeling a little weaker But if you have to drop the weight a little bit to complete sets two and three that’s okay When you’re trying to gain muscle the goal here isn’t to always increase the weight every single time you lift Yes, you want to progressively overload But if your pre exhausting your muscles in here you’re hitting them with extreme fatigue And then you’re going after another set I mean you’re tired You’re not supposed to be able To bench the same weight every single set if you are able to do that you’re either not hitting it hard enough Or you’re taking too long of a rest period typically if you’re doing a muscle gain routine You only want to be resting like 45 seconds to maybe 90 seconds in between sets? To make sure that you’re not losing the pump and that you’re able to just attack that muscle while it’s still beating down and fatigue To force it to really have to work hard just to be late more growth The second method that I like to use I’ve been using this one a lot more lately is I like to do around three to four sets for exercise and I’ll stick to the twelve fifteen rep range for all my sets because that range has given me enough volume to make sure I’m staying in that muscle growth area and What I can also do in that range is Progressively overload and try to add five to ten pounds per set I’m just gonna help me get a little stronger, too But it’s it’s putting the extra tension. I need on the muscle to ensure that I’m ripping it down and tearing it apart Now the third method that I like to use for muscle gain routines And it’s my least favorite because it hurts the most and that’s experimenting with tempo for those of you guys Who’ve been watching my maximum growth series? I’m doing a 3 second negative on all my exercises and Basically when you do any exercise there’s an eccentric isolation and concentric motion concentric being the positive Isolation being you know the point of wage stop and the exercise Before you that go it’s the next movement which could be positive or negative The eccentric is the negative motion so for example on a banks press The negative part of the movement is when you bring the bar down to your chest, and if you’re utilizing a113 tempo that Negative part of the movement is where you’re gonna count one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand And that’s how slow you’re bringing the bar down to your chest, and then you hold it there for a second and you press up and that up motion is the concept Rick part or the positive and That needs to be one second long as well That’s what the one one three means and so That’s really tough to do and it takes a lot of mental focus to make sure you’re doing that one one three But the difference is the reason why I do less reps and the reason I’m doing eight reps is as compared to twelve to fifteen Is because those eight reps are now? Longer reps, so you figure you have a one one three tempo so each reps taking you five seconds to do okay? so that’s 45 seconds per rep as Opposed to doing like a one one one with 12 to 15 repetitions Where every rep is only three seconds and this one we start getting into things like time under tension or Tut? That’s why there’s so many different ways to work your muscles out there to gear your workout towards building Mouse Building strength are toning or leaning out because you can manipulate the numbers variety of ways to hit that goal And these are just three of my some of my favorite ways to do that if my goal is muscle gain So what I want to do real quick is go over some Exercises with you guys just to show you What you need to be doing in order to stay in the for range of motion when you’re working your chest to maximize the amount of muscle growth we have So I’m not going to go over the entire form of how to do a barbell bench press or a dumbbell bench press you Guys can check out this video right here, and I go over step-by-step on how to set up to do it But what I want to go over is a couple of things that you guys need to pay attention to when you’re benching To make sure that I hear hitting both sides of your chest evenly and first. We’ll start off with the barbell And what I know this is a lot of people especially when they have a dominant side is That’s the side that starts to go up first and so they’ll bring the bar down nice and straight and then once they start to fatigue the bar kind of does this and Goes up this way, and then the left side kind of catches up but becomes more like a shoulder and back push as opposed to just you know pushing and Stimulating their chest so if you need to drop the weight on your barbell bench press in order to do proper repetition So that’s what you need to do so you want to make sure you watch that bar the entire way down to make sure it’s staying straight and Then when you push up it’s digging straight as well Another tip that you can do to help you in having a hard time with keeping the bar straight is go up and down is you can actually put some torque on the bar and Try to squeeze it as hard as you can and then push your hands together And you’ll notice already That my arms are tensing up and on my chest is tensing up if you keep that torque on the bar the entire time You’re gonna use just the barbell like I am right now you’re gonna notice a lot more tension on your chest on the way up and on the way down if You haven’t tried it before I suggest you give it a shot Can be quite surprised with just how much stimulation you’re getting by torquing the bar Now as far as incline chest press You want to follow the same steps? So same thing you’re gonna get into your position grab the bar and make sure that when you’re benching you’re bringing in all the way down to chest and Pushing it straight up, and you’re keeping the bar straight and once again having our time You can push the bar you can torque the bar with your hands And keep that pressure pushing your hands together on the way down And on the way up Also while I’m here I want to go over a tempo really quick and this applies to the flat bench as well If you do anything like a 1 1 3 tempo with that 1 1 3 is going to look like is The 3 will be the negative so you’re gonna go one one thousand two one Thousand three one thousand then you gonna hold it here for one second And then on the way up and I’m just gonna throw the bar in the air You’re going to control it and utilize it one second push the ball out of the way up so it’s gonna be one 1000 like this as opposed to bringing the bar down and just throwing it in the air you’re gonna have complete control over the bar the entire time You do each repetition If you’ve never done that before You’re gonna. Love it now. Let’s get over to the dumbbell chest press And you’re basically following the same guidelines I’ll grab some 45 – demonstration for you guys Same thing here now obviously with the dumbbells you don’t have to worry about the bar going up on evenly But you have to worry about your hands going up evenly so when you get into your position you want to make sure that you’re coming out and down and as you push up They’re going up at the same rate you Don’t want to get into this where you coming down and then one goes up And then the other goes up if you start to do all this stuff Because that’s when you can start to get shoulder injuries You can also that’s pretty bad as well, and it doesn’t feel good so if you’re doing the tempo here I’ll show you guys once again, so you’re doing a 1 1 3 you’re gonna. Go 1 2 3 Hold for a second up for one second And you keep in control the entire time and will go over the incline here as well When you guys doing any client chest press same thing You want to make sure you’re training in the full range of motion and what that means is starting dumbbells here and Pressing all the way up And this is why it’s so important to do that shoulder warm-up because if you have tight shoulders It’s going to be a little painful to get the dumbbells where they need to be in order to have full range of motion Guys as far as muscle stimulation in the chest Basically going over the 3 basic chest exercises is flies and flies to be done a Few different ways you’re doing an incline fly the goal is always to make sure that the tension is on your chest and How you position your elbows and your wrists in relation to where your chest is can change the exercise dramatically? so if you’re doing an inclined fly You don’t want to do this And this happens a lot and this puts a lot of tension on your shoulders you want to keep everything in line I kind of turn my wrist in a little bit And you want to make sure you’re going down evenly like this And you stay in line with your chest And obviously once again You want to make sure everything is nice and even so you don’t want to have one hand like this sometimes what will happen is the weaker hand will start to kind of Bend and Stronger hands stay straight. You don’t want that to happen Then lastly let’s go over the flat back Doing the same exact motion paying attention to where your elbows are and make everything’s in line she coming down to the sides of your chest like this What you don’t want to be doing is coming? Oh? Hi like that and Tearing up your shoulders So you want to make sure it feels nice and comfortable Just like this Alright, so that was it wants a question – and question – Was about rest a nutrition This question is from Chantry Donny he’s basically asking if your calorie intake should be the same on the days that you’re not training and And this question could be answered in a variety of ways it really depends on what your training style is and what your goal is So most people that I talk to more like a serious bulking phase they don’t care how much body fat They pack on they’ll eat the same amount of calories every single day, but for me It’s a little bit different And I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting lately with my own meal plan to figure out exactly what works for me I go high-protein now I’m eating like 250 grams of protein a day And some people say that might be too much protein you really need like one gram per pound of lean weight I go like 1.5. Grams per pound of leeuwin on my body and the reason why my protein number is high I mean, that’s what even a super high number most people go like 300 320 So I guess I’ve worn the low end of what’s considered to be high But you have to understand if you’re trying to build muscle your body first need to take all approach and it gets for the day and go about its daily functions and repairing your body and Then go after repairing your muscle tissue And I can give you a quick example say you just did a hardcore chest routine, and then you went home And you fell and gassed your arm open your body’s going to take that protein to fix the gash in your arm Before it goes repairs your chest so you need to make sure you have plenty of protein to prevent muscle breakdown and to also Promote muscle growth so that’s why I go high like Georgia to the grams a day I keep my fats really healthy And I stay around 900 grams a day and like I said once again the carbs are low like 150 grams a day for my carbs on my rest days I still try to keep my protein at that, and I still try to keep my my fat. Where it is But I’ll decrease my carbs because the reason why I’m eating carbohydrate is for energy I know because I’ve experimented over the last month if I don’t eat enough carbs before I go to the gym I just feel like my stomach’s caving in the entire time like I have these invisible hands Reaching in my torso try to pull energy out in order to do lifts so what I’ve been doing is you know? Taking the majority of my carbs for the day about an hour to before I go lift and then after I’m done lifting I’ll go home I’ll have another balanced meal still with carbs to help replenish my glycogen stores because the Carbohydrates are your energy so in the days of not lifting I don’t need that many carbs because I’m not gonna go to the gym and expel all this energy or I’m not gonna go for a run or Anything like that so on my rest days I’ll drop it down and maybe I’ll increase my fats a little bit more or I’ll increase my Protein a bit more just to make sure I have enough calories for the day, so I’m not losing muscle tissue I’ve also noticed that if I stick to my low-carb diet That after about a week I start to feel kind of like tired and lazy Regardless and so where I’ve had to do is implement a refeed day, and what I’d like to do on my refeed days I’ll boost my carbs back up to like from 150 up to like 300 or 350 grams But I try to do that on a day where I expel the most energy which for me is like on a leg day I know a lot of other people like to go on a light day to be their refeed Because they’re using a lot more energy on that day, so there are gonna burn it off and not store too much So if you’re trying to figure out exactly what works for your body you might have to do some experimenting But you can kind of take from what’s been working for me Maybe apply that to yourself and your own goals and your own You know daily meal plan structure, and how your your workouts are for a week to see what works for you So I want to thank you guys for watching episode 2 of bench break if you have a question Just email me questions at Scotthermanfitness.com and as always guys more good stuff coming soon. See ya