hey Android fans this is Eric from Hollywood Frodo comm with another Android app review today I'm gonna be talking to you about the app timers for me plus right before I get to that I just want to remind you this review is sponsored in part by Andy tags calm so after the review head over to Andy tanks comm check out the really cool Android theme stick NFC stickers NFC keychains NFC product reviews and all that fun stuff over on Andy tags calm so timers for me plus or in other words the pro version of timers for me is a really simple app it is an alarm clock as well as a stopwatch as well as a timer why'd you just set up multiple timers as well as multiple alarms you know there's only so much an alarming timer app can do and there are plenty of apps that do this but this app has a really cool user interface very laid out very well has all the functionality and features that you would want especially for alarms in multiple timers and the way you can kind of sip set up a bunch so that it's easy whenever or whatever one you want just go in in a neighborhood so anyway I'm just I'm talking about it stuff on my phone I'll show you how it works show you all the different settings that you can choose for each one of those to make it your own and why I liked it so much alright so here are on my home screen and this is the icon for timers for me plus so we're just gonna tap that and open up the app it opens up to your timers as you can see here you have the fault by default you have timers here here's a work timer an app timer and a cook timer it's set for what it's set for but you can easily tap it and you can either start it restart it turn it off set the ringtone if you want to select a ringtone you can change the label so if you want to change it from work to something else you can you can edit the time so 30 minutes is longer than you want to work I only want to work 15 minutes today so let's set the timer for that when you do that you can also click the repeat button for how many times you want that timer to reappear repeat category and label you can change from inside of there as well as you see you've got category so you can pick from any of these built-in categories icon so you can choose an icon or you can reset it to default icon you can choose your own icon and you can change the label going back you can choose your your ringtone information so you did see that quick select just to select your ringtone inside of here your you can set everything the ringtone the alarm duration the volume you want vibrate on do you want it to fade in you want it to large even if your phone is in silent mode you want to alarm if you're on a phone call do you want it to read the label when it alarms do you want the LED to flash when it alarms so lots of different features that you can control and then advanced features trigger so what do you want there to be something that triggers this timer to start early ring do you want our early ring a snooze count snooze setting all those were there and then alarm notes if you want notes and then start or don't start so lots of lots of different things you can change from inside of the edit button you can duplicate this so if you want another timer to be the same you can delete it you can set our EP and you can set a trigger which is where you link it to something else that's happening so when that countdown gets too and it triggers this so a lot of cool things if you wanted to start it you just tap it and press Start and you can see it's going to start counting down while we're doing the rest of this and you can have as many timers as you want you can add another time or easy enough you can hit the label button and select a new label and you can hit the menu button to are not the menu button sort button to choose how you want your timer sorted so lots of options here you see as it's counting down you see the lines getting a little bit smaller as it does let's go over to alarm clocks so here's your alarm clocks again it has work and nap these of course instead of counting for duration or accounting they're counting to a specific time you just tap that little icon to turn it on you can see that it's on you can see when the likes underneath it that means it is active you can tell just from here that you've got an alarm you've got a vibration set it's gonna happen Monday through Friday at 8:30 a.m. you can hit that little menu button you can delete it you can earlier you can skip it just once so maybe you're not going to work tomorrow if you instead of turning it off you just hit skip once it'll skip it once or you can edit so if you edit you've got repeat you've got category and label you've got your ringtone singing in and then advanced features which again is a trigger and early ringing a snooze account or snooze setting and then if you go up to the settings here it takes you into your general settings so general you can auto start it boot keep the screen on when the program is running what startup page right now it was defaulting to the timer maybe I want it to default to the alarm clock when I open it headset do you want it to mode on headset mode on plug speaker mode on plug are all mode meaning it'll beat if you have a headstone it'll be and the headset but also on the speaker sound fade so why do you want the sound fade to be how long you can use a normal font or a digital font I think the digital is cool you can change to 24-hour format you can choose your date format so those are your general settings then your timer settings timer display countdown or count up short tap timer settings timer control menu or toggle the start pause let's toggle the start pause on that and the default custom timer working timer on top timer sort by or peak timer ringtone finish alarm mode vibrate pattern you want to show up icon in the status bar you can probably see right there focus in there's a little icon right there it's in the situs bar let me know I do have a timer that is currently running you drag down you see it right there work 11 minutes and 44 seconds you also see the alarm I set up is there as its active so you can take that off if you don't want to icon in the bar and if you do have it active you can choose to always show icon in the status in the status bar regardless where this running or not and you can choose to enable the time icon which displays the remaining time in the status icon and status icon so if you see on that little timer it's showing me right now that I have 11 minutes remaining on that timer so it is pretty cool that it does have those options and then you can create a little clock settings finish alarm mode so button or swipe you have the option to that you can choose your vibrate padded normal long or short and you can choose with a nuts should icon again so you turn it off you won't have the icon to know alarm set and then UI style you can have the classic style which I have which is where you tap the button and the light comes on to show you that it's a on or you can have the newer on off little slider which is part of the Android system now I personally think the classic mode actually it looks better and then you can set up new timer templates and you alarm tip once and you have local backup and restore now which is awesome and you also have cloud backup and restore so let's get out of that that's the alarm clock let's turn that off before I forget that I have it on and they've got a stopwatch a very simple traditional stopwatch stopwatch you do have a Settings button but there's not really any settings to change for stopwatch a stopwatch is a stopwatch so if you press Start and then you can stop it and then you can start it and then you can lap you're keeping track of laps and then you can stop and then you have the option to save which is kind of cool and there you go yeah when you're and stop you can hear you're set to reset so very simple and then you also have a log which is a cool way to keep track of timers and alarms and things that have gone off we don't I don't have anything right now but it's something that will keep track of if you are using this on a regular basis so anyway that's all there is to that I'm going to stop this timer countdown because I don't need it to let me know I need to go to work in 11 minutes and I am done working on this review that is timers for me plus as timers for me plus and hopefully you can see and agree with me that it has a really slick user interface and you know not a fancy app it's simple app a lot of apps that do it do what this one does but I think this one does it excellent and is an excellent choice definitely want to consider for your alarm clock stopwatch timers needs in a way that's it for this review if you like this review please click that like button head over to my channel and check out the two hundred and Royd app reviews a half promise you'll find some really cool Android apps that maybe you didn't know about before also do product reviews and I have a Tasker tutorial series so you might want to check those out subscribe to the channel or just favorite the specific playlist you want to keep up with anyway that is gonna be it until next time this is Eric reminding you that your Android phone is only going to be as good as you make it