hello it’s Peta your Personal Face
Exercise Coach from Facerobics today I’m going to be doing the update for the
I exercise and Exercise Along With Me Series 4 so stay with me and I will be back soon you so much for coming by you know so today we’re going to be doing the update
of the Exercise Along With Me Series 4 now this is an
update the exercise is exactly the same it’s just some more tips that will help
you do the exercise a little bit more effectively so you can either watch this
one or you can watch all the other updates as well that you’ll get other
tips for it but the exercise is the same as normal please go ahead and click on
the timestamp below if you don’t want to hear about the way the exercise works
you go straight to the exercise and we’ll go from there
okay so today is about the eye exercise it is to help reduce the eye
hollowing you know the hollow that we get here when your eyes start to set
in a bit now there’s a lot of reasons for that
our eyes are getting smaller so it could be that our eyeballs are shrinking
everything shrinks as we age you know just face that you know this is the way
it is so everything starts to shrink so our bones in our skull shrinks our
muscles shrink our eyes shrink our height shrinks everything shrinks so
this is what also happens in our face so the eyeballs are possibly shrinking
that bone density is probably getting more or less and that shrinking so
there’s other reasons why we have that sort of flat hollowing inset look with
our eyes so what I’m trying to do with this exercise is to try to build up the
muscles around our eye now the eye muscles very very delicate muscles but
they’re actually designed to hold the eyeball in place and to move it so there
are muscles that will be strategically placed around your eyes so you can look
this way so if you look that way so you look up so there’s all different muscles
that do different things so what I’m trying to do is just to exercise those
muscles a little bit more because we don’t get to do that
very often unless we do these exercises and moving them around there’s a lot of
exercises out there on the Internet so unless we do those sorts of our
exercises we don’t really tend to exercise those little muscles inside our
eyes that hold our eyeball in place so this is what this is about so let’s get
to the exercise then so what’s really important about this exercise is that
you do your finger placement in a sequence because if you try to do it in
the wrong sequence it’s very hard to get your fingers placed so the sequence for
this exercise is first of all you place your thumbnails on your cheekbones you
then place your fingers your four fingers onto your eyes and then you
place your last two fingers into the corners of your eye so that’s what’s
really important first that’s the first thing get the sequence right and I have
spoken about sequence before about placing your fingers in sequence so you
can do the exercise so you’re not fumbling around all right so let’s
practice set so it’s thumb forefinger ring finger and middle finger to the
middle of your eyes near you you know is the bridge of your nose
okay so when you place these two fingers you place them right up onto the bone
okay very important that you put it on the bone and place resistance there all
right so let’s do that again making sure that you’re isolating these crow’s feet
wrinkles that can form more and then all you do is squeeze okay
now you can see what I’m doing I’m actually just squeezing my eyelids I’m
not squeezing around this big avicularia s’ oculi muscle okay this muscle here is
a very big muscle very strong muscle I’m not squeezing that muscle okay
what I’m doing and underneath my hands is I’m going like this quite firmly with
my eyelids because then sometimes you can hear a vibration in your ears if you
if you’re pressing so let’s do it again sings anyway I’m just using my eyes so
you can open them up and do it she opened them up sometimes I keep them
closed because if I do make Sur sizes in the morning I’m generally still half
asleep so sometimes I’ll keep my eyes closed but you can also keep them closed
or open and it’s stronger if you open them and while you’re doing that exercise
what I want you to be focusing on is this part of the eye right in here get
Dorian for you this is where I want you to focus right in this area along here
where that muscle meets the apical eros oculi muscle again it’s all part of
focus as well so if you’re focusing and you’re focusing in a certain area when
you are exercising it all of the focus and attention goes to that area so it
stands to reason that if you focus on that muscle that’s going to help build
us a bit more and just in the whole thing of opening and closing the eyes
does exercise those little muscles inside the eye also it might strengthen
your eyesight I know that a lot of people have commented to me about how
their eyes seem to be getting better since they’ve been doing facial
exercises so it doesn’t surprise me because it does strengthen the muscles
around the eyes and that is basically what happens to us is that as I was
saying before everything shrinks everything gets smaller you know all of
that stuff so what we’re trying to do is strengthen these muscles so that we can
at least age gracefully and that’s really all we want to do isn’t it we
don’t want to look 20 again we want to age gracefully please do remember to
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