Hello everyone my self dr varun sharma and you are watching Ask Health Guru In this video i will tell u How just in 10 days How u can Control your thyroid gland disturbed levels naturally By following my 4 step thyroid treatment plan U can stay healthy and thyroid problem free Watch this video till end. And if ur new to this channel Plz subscribe my channel And hit the bell icon To get latest notifications Lets the video began 4 step thyroid treatment plan is what I tested on my patients and is very successful for most of them Result r satisfactory or 1st step of this 4 step thyroid treatment plan is Thyroid patient diet What is good for thyroid patient and what is bad to eat Let have a look Vegitabels Bad and good for healthy thyroid What to eat and what not to eat Main focus is on what not to eat The food to eat is also important But the food which is not good for thyroid is more important So plz watch the video step by step till end Don’t miss any step Vegitabels u should avoid are Cabbage Cauliflower Broccoli Turnip Theses 4 vegitabel You have to avoid as much as possible. Becoz they contain Goitrogens Which do harm to ur thyroid gland Lets talk abt those Vegitabels good for thyroid Cucumber, s Sea weeds Onions garlic, Bottel ground moshroom, raw banana, jack fruit carrot Bottel ground Green banana, jack fruit Lets talk abt pulses Avoid soybean and products from soyabeens Strictly avoid soy products, Soy milk, soy tofu soy products etc Soy products reduce absorption of iodine Soy milk, tofu, and soy products r harmfull for thyroid patient Lets talk abt good pulses Plz watch chat carefully Kidney beans, Chickpeas, black gram Eat them in limits not in over amount Avoid soyabeen products Lets talk abt flour And grains Which to avoid as much as possible and Which to eat Bad ones r whole wheat flour, soybean flour, corn flour Oats, red rice and brown rise Amarnath, Quinoa These r really very good for thyroid U can take screen shot of the same Lets talk abt fruits, Bad fruits r Peaches, plum Avocado, chiku Good fruits r Amla, banana, pineapple Jack fruit Pomegranate Eat them for healthy thyroid Lets talk abt oils and fats Which had to use and not to use Plz avoid all cooking refined oils Soyabeen oil, peanuts oil Corn oil, these all should be avoided Oli and fat Good for health Cow ghee, or ghee, Mustard oil, coconut oil White Butter, Rice bran oil, they r good for health Lets talk abt dry fruits Bad ones r Peanuts, And Sunflower seeds Avoid these Good for thyroid r Wallnuts Almond, melon seeds Flex seeds all r good Non veg food As my recommendation Avoid all non veg food But if ur not able to get rid of non veg food Then u can eat salmon fish, Organic chicken Organic egg Lets talk abt salt. Whic salt to use Best is himalayan rock salt Second one is back salt As himalayan rock salt don’t hv iodine So is my opinion that mix 1kg himalayan rock salt + 1 kg iodine salt Use this salt mixture as ur requirement Avoid sugar U can use jaggery instead of sugar Or product from jaggery Mishri with thread Don’t use artificial sweeter Is contraindicated Lets talk abt daily routine of thyroid patient Early wake up in the morning Means that wake up attest 6 to 6:30 am So that u can hv time to complete oll the stuff as told Is video 1st early wake up Second avoid Late night sleeping habit Avoid sleeping at day time If u really want to sleep then only 10 to 15 minutes only If u sleep on chair that would be better Avoid to sleep on beg at day time And avoid hot and cold food together Example After hot meals don’t eat cold ice cream and cold drinks So plz avoid this habit of eating hot and cold food together Lets talk abt 3rd step Is important and u hv to do it Exercise and yoga for thyroid patient 15 to 20 minutes walk or run And 4 yoga asan flashing on screen Sarvangasan, halasan, sheersasan and Pranayam If shershasan is looking tough Then u can avoid it, but rest 3 u hv to do If u really want to get rid of unhealthy thyroid gland Final and 4th step Ayurvedic combination Is very effective and with good result Plz note it Cinnamon 100gm + cumin seeds 100gm+ fenugreek seeds100 gm Cinnamon 100gm +cumin seeds 100gm +fenugreek seeds100 Mix them and grind well And make a powder Dose 1 spoon at night before sleeping With hot water By using this ayurvedic mixture Ur thyroid levels will get to the normal 2nf ayurvedic composition is 1pl spoon Coriander 1spoon ajwain Soak both of them In 1 glass of hot boiled water Keep it over night Next morning, warm the liquid And drink empty stomach This will flush all toxins frm body If u follow all these 4 step thyroid treatment plan U will definitely get rid of unhealthy thyroid gland If u like the video plz subscribe and support my channel Thx for watching this video