hi I’m Bob Boross and this is My Jazz And Tap Dance Life we’re here again for another installment of the Monday Mattox
series although this is going to be the final one at least for a while I have a
lot of projects coming up during this coming fall and so I’m going to take a
little break from the Monday Mattox to work on some other things one of those
things being we’ll be working on a live interview program with top people in jazz
dance across America and even throughout Europe that should be starting within
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for that but today we are working again on Matt Mattox exercises and this is an
unusual one maybe you haven’t seen before this one is called throws throws
and usually we do this very at the end of the opening what Matt would call the
barre section so after you do hip isolations and you get to a point of a
stretch this would be something that would be done just before you sit on the floor
it’s a very deep movement it’s a very sculptural movement and I’ll try to
explain it as much as possible in this two-dimensional format so right now
we’re going to do throws from the matt mattox freestyle jazz dance technique so
we are working on throws from the matt mattox freestyle jazz dance technique
now first thing we have to understand is that there’s a very sculptural position
that we are throwing the body into so let’s talk about that position before we
talked about the actual movement of how to get into that position I’m going to
take my right leg and step on it I’m gonna pull my left leg around the
back my left knee will be straight in the back from here the heel is pushed
forward so it’s not back with a big gap between my legs tighten up your thighs
as much as you can when you do hit this position you will be lifting both heels
off of the floor so your front heel will be released also so that’s what the back
or the bottom of half of the bottom the body is doing now from here I’m going to
take my torso and rotate it so if my left leg is back my left
shoulder is rotating forward to make a curve I’m gonna continue that with the
arm on the throw it will actually be reaching across your face and pull the
shoulder out to make this as long a line as possible it will not be here but it
will be here that position creates a little bit of a helix type of a look
through the arm down through the body and through the back leg so that there
is a three-dimensional spiral that comes down that’s what we’re working for now
one thing you want to do is to not allow the body to go sideways you do not want
to tilt the pelvis forward which will pop the ribcage forward this is in and
supported and then it’s rotated from there so that this is nice and a level
and not in a released position that will kind of ruin your line if you do that
this side arm is parallel to the floor the other arm is curved across it to
make that line I want to feel that my shoulder is pulling in that direction
but I’m going in on the ribs so there’s a two-way stretch that’s happening in
right here in the ribs and in the midsection but stretching along on the
shoulder all the way down to the opposing hip so that’s what we’re gonna
get so I start with my feet together first thing I do is reach the arms and I
bring my body to a tilt there’s a little point there now I’m going to push back
and I’m gonna throw to this position my heels will be off and I return with a
little up-down movement and prepare so I have 1 & 2 3 & 4 1 & 2 3 & 4 I go to the other side 1 & 2 3 & 4 1 & 2 3 & 4 so that’s
all it is it’s a little relaxed movement it’s a throw it’s a really beautiful
deep sculptural movement and it’s something that’s a nice conclusion to
the very hard as Matt calls it “barre” that he would do in the beginning of class to
warm up the body so we’re gonna do four in each direction okay so I start with
my feet together I have a little plie in a tilt six seven eight, 1 &2 3&4
you really look where you’re throwing look three give it a suspension for both
heels off one two three and four from there so that’s the exercise those are the
throws from the Matt Mattox freestyle jazz dance technique one additional
thing I can tell you about just remembered Matt used to tell us when you
throw there’s a direction of the fingers that makes a line your eyesight also
goes with it and at some point the line of the fingers and the line of the
eyesight will meet far far out in space at which he called infinity that’s how
far you’re supposed to be reaching and looking so that is the dimension of the
body that big as we make it so make sure you’re looking for infinity as we do
this exercise so those are throws from the Matt Mattox freestyle jazz stands
the technique now in terms of my channel it’s been growing by leaps and bounds so
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to everybody so so that’s it my name is Bob Boross and this is so that’s
all it is it’s a little relaxed movement thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video