– We believe a major goal for everyone is to thrive by achieving an active, healthy and accomplished life. I had a significant back injury myself and I know it’s not fun at all. And, I understand how frustrating it is to not feel your best,
have diminished energy, and to be unable to participate
in the physical activities with your friends and family. At Thrive, we work with
people who enjoy being active and want to continue to
participate in the activities they love without difficulty
and to feel great. Our client’s goals range
from the grandparent who wants to be able to
play with their grandkids, to the person who is
having neck or back pain that is stopping them
from being able to work effective in their job, or to be unable to
participate in the activities they enjoy like golf, tennis, or hiking. At Thrive, we have a
complete wellness program that includes physical therapy,
life coaching, Pilates, dry needling, N.E.A.T. fitness
training methods, and more. Designed to provide personalized care, tailored to your needs, will help you be more active and mobile, feel your best, and live
life to the fullest. I am very proud of our talented team and the success we have been
able to consistently help our patients achieve over the years. We have had the pleasure
of seeing countless people achieve amazing results and
completely transform their life, which is what it’s all about. If you are having pain and
what to make improvements, give us a call and let
us help you get back to the activities you
love and thriving in life. (upbeat motivational music)