– After I had my two daughters,
I figured out in my 30’s was my body was really made to do, and it’s to left heavy stuff. So I really developed
a passion for lifting and power lifting, and I
loved seeing the results that I was getting. Before, I had eating
disorders, and I thought that I was supposed to be
this skinny waify woman, but that’s just not my body type, and weight lifting has
taught me that my body type can be strong. Thankfully, I’ve been
really healthy in my life, my second daughter was breech,
so I had to have a c-section, and after the c-section, I
ended up having a hysterectomy a couple years later. And with the partial hysterectomy, they went through my abs, and in doing so my abs were shot. I thing the worst part
about being injured, is your brain knows what
it can or should do, and you can’t physically do it. My first impression of Thrive, was of the warmth, and family. You really walk in and everybody knows your name, they’re jovial, and they’re
fun, and they get the most out of their clients, because they’re helping their
clients holistically. Clark helped me do a lot
of functional movements to get back to my day-to-day workouts, and my day-to-day life. From lifting sandbags, to doing these bear crawls on the floor, it was really fun, because they are things that I’ve never done before, and I really didn’t think
my body would be able to do, but he showed them to me in
so many different variations, that I could start at a basic level, and then move up quickly. I noticed an immediate difference
about a week or two in, which was really surprising. Just this week, I PRed
my dead lift at 235, my box squats are up to about
205, so it’s really exciting to see my numbers every week going up. I’m amazingly thankful for Thrive. We joke that I am now family, because they can’t get rid of me. I love the Thrive family, and
the experience I have here is really truly amazing. (peaceful music)