hi guys so we're gonna make a video about say see that no right there that's a small room yeah so we're gonna go over here yup this is we're gonna shoot from we get it in we're safe if you don't get it if you miss do you shop do you push up sorry we have to do three push-ups with this what with that that's gonna be on top of you yes weekly shops normally how is it so right here the walls I'm doing here okay that's my brother Mizzou I mean that's the ball right there that's we're gonna shoot so all set so okay okay so I didn't know I felt so nice with you hey that's wrong and get that again do to go okay you have to be two more so as you know I'm indeed I have one to zero so one last draw after that the winner gets to yeah the loser has to listen to whatever the winner says obviously me so yeah I'll go for a straight shot I hope I get to sit if I get this in my red cuz I'm still out with one but do push-ups deep bubbly oh I did it so much you can forget the Sun rose mmm ooh one so it's a tie right now one last shot to get one Russia whoever they're the Warner's come on bro you got this yep so it's my cheeks turn right here if you get to them some humans and nope he was so close and now yesterday three pushers special riveted something so everybody please subscribe to my channel and yeah see you make new videos if you do something I like all my videos next time I might do something about software basketball or any kind of sport which is about Keithley so so hit that notification button down there we'll see you next time