– In this video, I’m gonna
show you three exercises you can use to strengthen weak ankles, each of which requires
no equipment at all. I’ve also got a pair of
SKINS compression bottoms to give away, so stay tuned
to find out how to win those. (upbeat music) Welcome back team, lots of you guys have asked
me to share some exercises to help you strengthen your ankles. It’s an important area for us runners, and an area lots of us
will have injured before with ankle sprains, et cetera. Previous ankle injuries often leave a distinct weakness and instability, and this is certainly
something worth working on to help prevent future problems. There’s definitely a time and a place to make use of wobble boards
and other unstable surfaces to provide a balance
challenge for your ankles and help you improve ankle proprioception. Today, however I want to
show you three exercises you can preform with no equipment at all to help you develop ankle
strength and stability. Let’s get into it. (upbeat electronic music) This first exercise has
you balancing on one leg while you use the other
leg to create momentum, which you then have to control to be able to maintain your balance. The instability created by the swinging of the non weightbearing leg is exactly what the muscles
around your standing ankle have to work hard to control. Keep the swinging leg moving
backwards and forwards to begin with, but then
you can progress this to side-to-side, and rotational movements. Also be sure to keep the standing knee softly bent throughout. I’d suggest aiming for
three sets of 20 swings on each leg without loosing your balance. Next up, I’ve got a really
simple exercise for you which challenges both
strength and stability for the whole foot-ankle region. Start balancing on one leg, then as you drive your knee forwards and match your arms into
this running man position, roll forwards onto the ball of your foot and lift your heel off the
ground as high as you can. Hold this top position for five seconds, then return back down to the start position
slowly, with control. The main focus here is to
maintain control of the movement as you rise up onto the
balls of your feet, and hold. You should feel the effort
in your calf muscles and around your ankles. Aim for three sets of 15 five
second holds on each leg. You might’ve noticed that in recent videos I’ve been wearing these A400
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on Monday the 10th of April. Best of luck. (upbeat electronic music) This last exercise adds a little more dynamic
movement into the mix, so if you’re recovering
from an ankle injury, be sure to go easy, and only introduce this
once the ankle is ready. Start balanced on one leg, then imagine that you’re
standing in the middle of an eight-pointed star. From your start point in the middle, I want you to hop to
each point of the star and back to the middle each time, sticking the landing like a gymnast, soft knees, under control. Aim for three sets of five
rotations around the star on each leg. Hope you found these
ankle exercises helpful. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway, and I’ll see you tomorrow, bye now.