Hi all from Piero. Today as a first review about tech gadget, I’d like to talk you about this fitness tracker from ANEKEN, nice shape, strong, full of functions and cheap. From my point of view, a good Christmas gadget. Now let’s start with the specs descriptions Here there are the heart rate sensor Once dressed it monitor heart rate. To turn it on, just slide the screen and the same to enter into the menu Main options are: do not disturb that avoid notifications Timer: it’s the usual on/off chrono Selfie function Just shake the wrist it send the command to the smarphone camera 5 different display screen The option to disable the capability to switch it on by shaking the wrist Clock alarm Switch to enable/disable heart rate monitor I don’t have a clue what it is? Bluethooth On/Off switch and smartphone lost alarm Weather forecast 5 notification message from chat programs such as whatsapp, facebook SMS and so on Incoming call alert we can pickup the call Anti stress application Several training options To start a training session just press 3 second the screen and it start recording steps, heart rate kilocalories kilometers and speed To end the session just press again the screen for 3 seconds and it will ask if transfer data to the app or not Apllication that has to be used with this fitness tracker is VeryFitPro useful also to setup the fitness tracker Now let’s go in deep into the most important features