this week we are affirming the
importance of artistic balance this topic is extremely important to me and I
think many of us often forget about we all want to have the best training we
want to make sure that we are the best singer dancer actor musician artist that
we can be but we are highly missing a few elements I want you to consider
having an artistic balance not only on stage but offstage you are a human being and for you to be
successful on stage you also need to make sure that you are being the best
human being that you can be in your daily life so I want you to focus on
three elements this week I want you to focus on not only your body but also
your mind and your spirit you really want to make sure that your body your
mind and your spirit are all in a balance so of course what we’re talking
about is number one your body making sure that you have the best instrument
and your instrument is it sits in shape it is flexible it is able to do what you
need to do as a performer and an actor on stage so yes taking singing lessons
acting classes dance lessons musician training whatever it is your specialty
is being always prepared so you are going to be safe on stage and off stage
so number one your body we often forget that we need to focus on our mind and
that means your emotional well-being and your mental health mental health is an
extremely important topic to talk about because often we think that being
successful is just being on Broadway or being able to perform every single day
and as much as we love that and that is our goal if your mental health is not in
balance and your mind is not at its best you’re going to have an extremely
challenging time not only off stage in your life but that’s going to translate
on stage so I want you to make sure that your mental health and that your mind is
in the best place that it can be if it is not right now I want you to reach out
and ask for help go to those people that support you and that help you and ask
for help make sure you’re giving yourself breaks
and that you are able to make sure your mind is in the best shape it can be
the third part of the balance is your spirit so what brings you joy is it your
family your friends your faith your pets what brings you joy and positivity in
your life every single day making sure that you find joy both onstage and
offstage is going to make you not only a better human being but it’s going to
make you a better artist so this week your action is to make sure that you
have all three of these elements balanced on a daily weekly and monthly
time so that you can be the best you as an artist and as a human being
thanks for watching this week remember be a balanced artist both onstage and
offstage with your body mind and spirit and if you need help reach out for it
don’t be scared we’re always there to help and support each other in this
community of musical theater performers if you want to leave me a comment below
I would love to hear from you otherwise I will see you at the next week’s video
have a wonderful week start taking actions you need to gain success in your