– On this episode of The Wmass Biz Show, we’re gonna met with Justin Burchell from N.E.X.T. Fitness and CrossFit Catch. Let’s see what they’re doing to combine the CrossFit and local fitness communities. (energizing music) Hey guys, welcome to
Season Two, Episode Two of The WMass Biz Show. Justin, thanks so much
for being on the show. – Thanks for having me. – Hey man, tell us a little
bit about the history behind N.E.X.T. Fitness and how you guys got started. – Yeah, so N.E.X.T. Fitness
started with a group of friends that wanted to create a
fitness community in a gym. And you know it’s able to offer more than your standard gym, right? You know kind of has a
lot of different aspects. Whether you’re doing CrossFit, Zumba, cardio boot camp, and the idea was to kind of create that as a whole inside one fitness community. – So Justin, tell us a
little about the services and products you guys offer here. – Yes, we offer a lot. The biggest one is
obviously CrossFit Catch. That’s your standard CrossFit membership. We also offer things such as Zumba, yoga, spinning, body sculpting, personal training. We also are reaching out to
some of our community as well. So, we are doing a Ram Wrestling, which is coached by two Olympic coaches. And we’re also doing
things with football teams at the local high schools. – And then are you guys
offering any special events? – Yeah, so we have two big ones coming up. On April 14th, we’re
gonna be hosting our open, where it’s gonna be an open house, where people can come in, check out the body building room, while events are going off
inside the CrossFit room, and vendors and everything
inside the Sharp room as well. Also, hopefully around March we’re gonna be kicking off
a massage therapy clinic right upstairs to be hosted by myself. – Justin, thanks so much
for being on the show. – Thank you very much for having me. – Alright. Hey, if you guys are interested in being on a future episode, just click the link above. See what they’re doing to combine (bleep) Get that box. (upbeat music)