– [Charles]: There’s many people that are
interested in trying to invoke these sort of, many of them older ways of transformation. So I’ll make a plug for one of my closest
colleagues, two of my closest colleagues: Rakesh and Saundra Jain, J-A-I-N. They have developed a program called “The
Wild 5,” which is this fascinating online-based resource that basically combines exercise,
diet, sleep, social connectivity, and, what an idiot, I can’t think of the fifth one,
and I’m involved in all this stuff. Let’s see: diet, exercise, sleep, social
connectivity, and meditation. – [Rhonda]: Meditation. – [Charles]: Yeah, mindfulness. it’s a beautiful program because it’s
all, you know, it’s completely sort of user-friendly, and not overwhelming, and doable. It uses a lot of things like tracking your
behavior that make people get the kind of feedback. I’ve been involved in this work with them
because we do so much medical education together, and we do some research together. And the results are really striking. Man, people do it for 30 days and they feel
way, way better. So Rakesh is one of the great psychiatric
leaders at the interface of pharma. The guy is very deeply involved in sort of,
he’s a pharmacologist like me but, you know, way up there. But over the last 10 years, while not abandoning
that, he’s become utterly convinced that that is not the final way forward. That we really need to move into these sort
of transformative wellness practices. – [Rhonda]: Wow. – [Charles]: And so, you know, the king of
pharma goes into this and he brings some of that expertise into it, but it’s a classic
example. I mean they and I, many of us are now talking
about, “Well, how can we develop, you know, various levels of programs that interdigitate
these wellness practices?” – [Rhonda]: What was the name of the program? – [Charles]: “The Wild 5.” – [Rhonda]: “The Wild 5?” – [Charles]: Yeah. – [Rhonda]: Do they give you advice on protocols
to follow for diet? – [Charles]: Oh, yes. Absolutely. – [Rhonda]: Oh, wow. – [Charles]: I don’t know, it’s all kind
of protocol, manualized. Oh yeah, they’ve published a book, if you
just Google “Wild 5,” to get there, yeah, you definitely will find. – [Rhonda]: It’s kind of like the, you know,
those five things are so incredibly important. I mean, sleep, of course, sleep deprivation,
all that’s been shown to be, especially with depression or it caused depression symptoms.