the inaugural Work-Life and Wellness Expo here
at Coleman Coliseum. We’ve rebranded the
employee health fair because it matches really well
with our new strategic goal of incorporating a better work
life balance for our faculty and staff. SPEAKER 1: A lot of the
information that they give out here is really
helpful, especially if you don’t have
medical facilities that you need to attend. There are a lot of vendors out
here that help you with that. SPEAKER 2: Tell me
about the massage. SPEAKER 1: I actually feel
a little bit more relaxed. She told me that I did have
what they call text neck. So I do have that. But the massage made me
feel a whole lot better. ERICA SHUMATE: We
have 72 vendors that are here talking to
employees about their resources in the community. We also offer seven free
health screenings, flu shots, shingles vaccines, our Wellbama
comprehensive health screening, blood pressure,
EKG, everything you could want, all in one spot. So it’s one-stop shopping for
our employees on the Expo day.