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anything whether you’re just starting out on a low-carb keto diet or whether
you’ve done it for quite some time there’s always things to learn so I try
to compile some basics that you can benefit from when you’re thinking about
what to stock your cabinets with so first of all let’s talk about what you
don’t want to do you don’t want to go and spend hundreds of dollars on things
you have no idea how to use so even if you have the best of intentions don’t go
buy a bunch of vegetables you’ve never used you don’t know how to cook them
because they’re probably just gonna sit there and they’re gonna spoil instead
you start off you you empty your pantry you throw out the stuff that you know
you’re not gonna eat anymore the sugar and the starches and the processed food
and then you buy some staples that you’re familiar with you buy some things
that are not gonna perish right away you have used them in the past and those are
gonna be your foundation so let’s talk about those I think it’s a great idea to
start with frozen things because even though that may not be the bulk or
everything that you’re gonna eat it’s just great to have it at home you can
use it sooner or later and it’s not gonna go bad so depending on the size of
your freezer you can buy various amounts and fill it up with good stuff so meat
you can buy ground beef you can buy fajita meat whatever your you usually
get and the better the quality you can find and afford the better so I always
recommend grass-fed organic but if you can’t find it or can’t afford it start
we’re all right that’s the most important thing don’t complicate it keep
it simple then chicken chicken wings chicken thighs I just love those things
lamb is a great meat and fish also keeps very well in the freezer and fish in a
lot of places you can buy the freshest fish frozen because they they fish it
they harvest it and they freeze it already on the boat they pull it
straight out of the ocean and they freeze it so some of the freshest fish
you can buy is actually already frozen plus it’s convenient and some of my
favorites are salmon and then you want to avoid some of the larger predatory
fish salmon is one of the large fish that is actually pretty clean is low in
mercury but other than that you primarily want to stick with small
flatfish so the the white meat fish I like flounder and Cod and sole and so
forth because they generally if they’re small then they haven’t lived long
enough to get contaminated with a lot of mercury and another one of my staples is
sardines and I know a lot of you are just gonna wrinkle your nose and make an
ugly face and frown at me but give it a try a lot of people love tuna but canned
tuna but they just can’t imagine eating these tiny little fish well I challenge
you to buy a good sardine in oil I found some great ones at Costco their sardines
in olive oil and you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between
that sardine and tuna canned tuna right so buy some canned sardines and give it
a try they’re cheap and they’re a fantastic concentrated nutrient source
for very very little money it’s a great snack and some other things you can buy
frozen are vegetables right the broccoli and cauliflower you
and find in a lot of places they do very well and like at Costco now you can even
buy the frozen cauliflower rice the rice cauliflower and it’s already mixed up
with bell pepper and and some onion and some good stuff it’s flavorful you’re
just throwing it throw it in the pan and and you’ve got a dish there already some
of the things I like to buy fresh our spinach and bell pepper and in the first
few days I use it fresh for a couple of days and then before it goes bad I
freeze the rest so the bell pepper I chop it up in little cubes I put it in a
little Ziploc bags and then I have a little portion pack ready to take out if
I make an omelet and same thing with spinach you put it in a ziplock bags you
can squeeze all the air out so they don’t take so much space and then that’s
perfect just to throw in the pan when you’re making an omelet the things I
like to keep around the vegetables I like to keep in the house fresh or
cabbage avocado tomato and lettuce because those are things that I use all
the time so pick a few things that you know you’re gonna use a lot and those
are the ones you keep fresh cabbage is great because it keeps a couple of
months even if you don’t get right to it it’s gonna stay good for a while plus
it’s pretty inexpensive avocados if you’ve never had them I’ve never used
them regularly they can be a little tricky because like how do you know if
the ripe and how long do they last and so forth well I buy them when they’re
green and hard and then you put them on the counter and then you watch them
closely you put them somewhere you walk by all the time and every time as you
see them start turning from green to a brownish black you very gently squeeze
them and with some practice you get really good and the moment that you can
start sensing a little bit of softness in that avocado now you put it in the
fridge and it keeps for a couple of weeks and then before I’m done with
those avocados in the fridge I’ll buy some new ones and as soon as
they start to soften I put them in and I have in a drawer I put in the newer ones
in the back so I kind of rotate and keep the stock moving forward so I buy a
dozen avocados at a time we go through them there’s several a day in my
household that we eat absolutely fabulous food
it’s keto friendly it is a nutrient-dense plant that just works as
a wonderful complement to all the other stuff tomato lettuce and then cucumber
also or some staples I use for salads all the time so whatever you use a lot
of and you know you’re gonna use fresh you get some of that and on the keto
diet you’re gonna eat very very low carb you’re gonna eat moderate protein and
then you’re gonna fill up on fat as needed so you need some quality fats you
want to be able to cook your vegetables in high quality fat so the ones I always
keep our butter extra virgin olive oil coconut oil coconut cream and MCT oil
and you do want to spend just a little bit extra to get the organic whenever it
comes to fat because most poison most metals chemicals hormones their fat
soluble so when you buy an oil you’re buying a concentrated version of
something and if it had toxins to start with then it’s gonna have concentrated
toxins so as much as possible you want to buy the organic to minimize that
toxic exposure some people avoid dairy some people are sensitive to Dairy and
then you want to cut that out but if you feel that you tolerate dairy well then
you go for the full fat and the fermented those are the best ones so the
ones that I keep around our sour cream and cheese and I try to get the raw
cheese whenever I can but at least get a good quality cheese so it hasn’t been
processed and mixed in with pasteurized milk and
things like that some of the pre-made slices of cheese for example you want to
avoid because they have milk they have pasteurized low-fat milk mixed
in with them so then you’re not really getting the cheese you’re getting
pasteurized milk with it those are the ones that people tend to be the most
sensitive to and next I think that you can go by the deli counter and get some
ham and some sausage and some pepperoni but it depends on where you live and
what you have access to because this is a maybe category
it could be perfectly fine if you find some organic if you find some good
sources if they haven’t added a bunch of sugar and preservative and nitrates been
been there fine and these are great for snacks right there perfect you you’re
in-between meals you just want a little something then grab a few slices of ham
or a sausage and these also keep in the freezer deli to me is totally fine as
long as you’re selective about what you get and fortunately there’s more and
more good alternatives coming out I mean there’s tons more stuff than even just
two three years ago then you want to load up on some nuts and seeds all right
if you have room in the freezer you keep them in the freezer if you don’t then
they keep fine on the counter but on the counter they last for weeks or months in
the freezer the last four years so if you have room you can put them in the
freezer and these are things that are not going to spoil and as you start
exploring different keto options at some point you’re probably going to want to
bake something you might want to make some oatmeal substitutes you want to
make some some cookies or some bread or some crackers and these things are gonna
be your staples for those they’re also great for snacks and if you use them for
snacks you want to try to get the nuts that are tasty when they’re raw so
macadamia nuts walnuts almonds for example are great
and then for the seeds I like the Chia the flax the hemp and
the pumpkin seeds and then I buy almond flour because that’s great for baking
and filling and mixing if you’re making smoothies
then these nuts also come nuts and seeds also come in handy and there’s a great
staple unless you just happen to be sensitive to them or eggs and any old
egg will work but as you get into a healthier lifestyle you want to look for
pasture-raised eggs not pasteurized but pasture-raised that means the chicken
had a normal chicken life and they ran around they had grass and blue skies and
they could eat a variety of things in their environment that’s pasture raised
and as you get used to that you will appreciate the quality those eggs the
yolk is large and orange and beautiful and tasty you also want to keep some
condiments around I like to have hot sauce we have a recipe for hot sauce and
I like to keep mustard and mayonnaise the only thing about the Mayo is as you
get into the keto lifestyle and you start appreciating the quality of fat
you realize that the fats I listed here are inflammation and neutral whereas
most Mayo on the market is made within pro-inflammatory soybean oil and canola
oil so you want to look for some Mayo that is made with something like avocado
oil or you make it yourself you can stock up on a good variety of coffee and
tea ok coffee speaks for itself the tea can be black green white or any herb tea
just watch on the herb teas the vast majority of them are great but there are
some that have added sugar or some chemicals or some weird stuff in them so
go with reputable brands and and figure try to figure out what’s what’s in there
so you’re getting good things and like I mentioned
you’re probably gonna want to get into baking something at some point I’ve
discovered some great keto breads I’m doing some cookies for treats and for
these you want the same nuts that we listed above but you could also have nut
butters like peanut butter cashew butter almond butter go easy on the cashew
because it’s kind of high in carbs and you can have seeds same ones we listed
the Chia flax hemp and pumpkin but also shredded coconut in a lot of health food
stores and farmers markets you can find unsweetened finely shredded coconut and
that’s the one you’re looking for not the regular shredded coconut because
that’s like 50% added sugar I keep almond flour around I grind my
own pecan flour and walnut flour for for baking and also you want to keep cocoa
powder because you can make hot chocolate from coconut cream you can
make smoothies with it you can make some cookies and treats with it some Quito
bombs and baker’s chocolate really dark chocolates you can keep around some
eating chocolate as well some as long as it’s in the 80% range 80% cocoa or above
the dark chocolate then it’s gonna have very very little sugar in it so you can
enjoy an occasional treat but if you go down to like 50 percent cocoa in the
chocolate now it’s gonna have too much sugar so you’re gonna eat a lot of sugar
but it’s also gonna stimulate cravings so you’re not gonna be able to stop as
easily but once it’s 80% or above a single piece is often very satisfying
you want to try to do away with just about every sweetener that you’ve ever
used such as sugar or honey or agave or maple syrup etc but there are some
sweeteners that I think can be useful and acceptable you want to give up soda
for sure except something called Z BIA and that’s a soda with a variety of
flavors I don’t get paid for this and they sweeten it only with
stevia and they have nothing artificial no artificial colors even the cola and
the orange soda is perfectly clear like water so it’s a good product don’t
overdo it but it’s a nice treat once in a while you can get some stevia and monk
fruit but you want to get it in the concentrated powder form or you want to
get it in a concentrated liquid form try to avoid the ones that have a lot of
fillers and that have a lot of sugar or multo dextran and things like that in
them it’s not terrible to get those little packets but if you use them on a
regular basis even that little half gram of sugar can add up and it’s just
unnecessary so some people like to drink coffee or tea and they can’t drink it
just straight so then they add a little bit of stevia and monk fruit and I don’t
personally like stevia in coffee I just don’t like that flavor however I love
stevia in smoothies and on yogurt and thinks there are kind of tart or sour
the stevia works wonders so basically everything on this list is gonna have
less than 4 or 5 grams of carbs per hundred net carbs per hundred grams of
food so less than 4 or 5 percent of this food is going to be carbs and that means
it’s very keto friendly as long as you stick to these things it’s going to be
very difficult to exceed your carbohydrate allowance keep it simple
stick to the things you’re somewhat familiar with in the beginning and then
you slowly branch out and you develop new skills and you find and develop new
recipes a new repertoire for things alright but don’t try to go all esoteric
and go crazy in the beginning because then things get too complicated and you
want to be nice to yourself and not complicate things and super important is
that you have some snack available so that you don’t fall for the
temptation it whether you’re home or whether you’re out somewhere you want to
have something that if you get a craving or desire that you can grab something
real quick and some of the best things then would be for me I know this sounds
strange but sardines are great you could have something like avocado those are
things you can eat like the right the way they are but also ham sausage
pepperoni cheese those are great snacks nuts a great snacks keep something handy
keep something in your purse in your pocket so that you don’t run out and are
tempted to eat the wrong thing and then when I recommend overtime is that you
learn to cook large batches of things so when you make a stew or when you bake
something or whatever you make then you make a big batch that does well with
freezing and then you can cook on weekends and you can cook enough of
something for a month or two and then you start kind of increasing your
repertoire you fill up your freezer with ready-made things that you can just pull
out and defrost and make life much easier if you enjoyed this video make
sure to check out that one thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in
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