Hi everyone! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life
Lessons and I just wanted to welcome back all of my older subscribers and I
also wanted to say welcome to my new subscribers. So as the title of the video
says I’m here to tell you guys the truth about a carnivore diet. As some of you
guys know, so older little subscribers that have been following me that have been
following my weight-loss journey. I just want to give a quick background. Just, if
you haven’t seen any of my videos. I’ve basically been going through a waste
weight-loss journey. My starting weight was 167 and I went down to 135 and how I
got there was through omad which is one meal a day. Also intermittent fasting and I would. I’m gonna put links to those videos
somewhere here. So that you guys can go check those out and also I used I use a
supplement called black seed oil and I also used outside a vinegar to get me
down to my goal weight of 135 and once I got to that goal way to 135. I wanted to
maintain my weight. I didn’t want to you know go get back into old habits things
that I was doing which was I was basically eating from the time I woke in the
morning to the time I went to sleep which I believe caused my weight
gain. So basically when I got to the 135, I wanted to maintain as I mentioned. So I started doing the ketogenic
diet and I’m also gonna put a link to that in this video and I would urge you
guys to Google the ketogenic diet as well. So I was doing the ketogenic diet
and I noticed that what’s happening with that diet was and I did and I
like the diet I got kind of used to the diet because I was able to eat normally
and then there were so many substitutions in the keto diet for me.
So the ketogenic diet is basically where you’re trying to eliminate sugars. It is
a high fat, moderate protein, low carb carbohydrate diet. So I was trying to eat
healthier but in that diet I was you know you can substitute and there are a
lot of things that have sugar substitutes. Ok so basically what
that diet I noticed what was happening was I was teetering fluctuating between
131, 130, 135. Yeah so and I was exercising like crazy but I wasn’t really seeing
any sort of definition or I wasn’t seeing I wasn’t leaning out at all and
then basically I saw I saw an Instagram post by Dr. Shaun Baker. So I started following him and tell you the truth guys when I was following him I
thought the guy was nuts. I thought he was nuts but that does not steer me away
from people if I think that they’re not nuts or if I think that their ideas are a
little bit out there. It actually intrigues me because I guess maybe cuz
I’m a little nuts myself. So basically if you hadn’t heard of the carnivore diet
it’s been around for a long time. It was made popular by the doctor Dr. Shaun
Baker. He went on the Joe Rogan show podcast I should say and that podcast
has over a million views and views right now. And you can actually Google that as
well. So basically he’s been on that he’s popularized that carnivore diet and
on his Instagram he would post all of these incredible stories of people that
you know literally heal their bodies from this diet and I have some digest
digestive issues. I to have acne and I also. I was also
looking for a way to basically to me maintain my weight that I’ve lost and I
also wanted to lean out a bit and I really have always wanted have abs
my whole life. I’ve always wanted you know a six back. You know I wouldn’t
even dare think about a twelve pack but a six pack. I wanted to lean out. So I decided I would try it. I did try it in the past.
Tried it for five days and then I. It didn’t work for me because I had all
these sugar craving. So I quit but long and short of it. I did the carnivore diet. I did it
for one month. I did it! I’m so proud of myself that I completed the challenge
and I wanted to come on here and tell you guys the truth about it. So basically
what the carnivore diet is is you basically eat meat and drink water and
that’s it. So basically you drink water when you’re thirsty. Eat meat when
you’re hungry. I was still doing the one meal a day and I didn’t want to deviate
from that because it really worked for me. So basically I was eating my one meal
with meat and I was drinking water throughout the day. So one of my biggest
concerns was I wanted to make sure that I was eating enough. So I really tried
hard to eat enough and I wanted I opened up my my intermittent fasting window a
little bit and if you don’t know what intermittent fasting is. I’ll put a link
to that as well and also google that. So basically I was fasting for say 20 hours
and I had eaten window for hours because I wanted to make sure that I was eating
enough and I had said that the guideline for me the protocol for me would be
again having an eating window or four hours. I wanted to make sure that I had a
steak a day because I noticed that when I would eat the steak. It would make me feel full
and it also made me feel satisfied. I noticed that when I eat chicken. I didn’t
feel as full and I would be hungry…you know a couple hours later. So I tried to
have a steak a day and I would combine that with you know another meat product
bacon or chicken. Some wings and I also had decided that I was going to cut
dairy out of the challenge. So I wasn’t having any sort of dairy. No
cheese. No milk because I wanted to see what what this diet was all about and
also what I had decided was I was not going to exercise. I wanted to see. People
were saying they were getting lean from it. So I wanted to see, you know, if I
didn’t exercise with this diet. What would this diet do for me? So I didn’t
exercise for the 30 days. Okay so let’s get to it. So basically the
truth about this diet. So we week one I noticed that around day six or so I
was feeling. What’s the word… what am I…what’s the word I’m looking for? I had sugar cravings. That’s it. Yeah pretty much sugar cravings..
caffeine withdrawal. I was going through… I had head headaches and basically I just
wanted the sugar so badly but I know my body was basically detoxing from all of
the sugar. So at that point what I needed was I needed some incentives. So I didn’t
really go on this diet for weight loss per se but if I did lose some weight
couple pounds. I was okay, you know but I needed some incentive to see that this
diet was actually working. So I got on the scale and wow for the first week. I
lost four pounds. So I was down to 130. Okay so… now I’m moving on to the second
week. I was noticing that my acne was clearing up. I noticed my… there was no
bloating and I have suffered from digestive issues my whole life. So for the first time in so many years. I actually did not have any bloating in my stomach. Like my digestion was working. My digestive digestion was amazing. Off the chain and I was also
noticing that I was getting the best sleep. The most blissful sleep where I
didn’t have to I did sleep you know like eight hours of nine hours
but I could get. I was getting say seven hours of sleep and I felt so rested and
I had the most beautiful dreams. So those were the benefits I was experienced
around that around that period. Also what I’ve noticed. So going into so that at
the end of those second week. I weighed myself again. So I was down another two pounds.
So I was down to so that I was totalling six pounds down and then going on to the third week. We did another weigh in. I lost another pound which brought me to seven pound weight
loss and when I noticed in the third week continuation of my skin was
clearing up. Again no bloating. Digestive great but that’s what that was around
I’d say around day 18 or so I was kind of feeling a little bit bored of the
meat. Just eating meat all the time. So I wanted to kind of change it up a little
bit. So I decided I would add a bit of cheese. I said, “But oh you know what I’ve gone this long. What’s a little bit of cheese. It’s not
gonna really you know. Let’s just do the cheese.” It’s fine and would you believe. I
woke up in the morning and my face was all greasy and I had like some break out.
Okay so I mean I went all this time is not a breakout and because I had a
cheese and some cheese just you know I ended up with a breakout. So I mean
that’s something that I’ve learned through this diet that I do have some
issues with dairy. So yeah the benefits are still continued on to the fourth
week and so I’ve had. So basically now I’m at I’m at 127 that is my weight that I weight right now with the total weight loss
like 7 pounds because ah my starting weight was I was 134 and so what
else.. what else.. what else. So I guess yeah so it’s basically to sum up guys. The carnivore diet works. The hype is true. It’s.. I wanted I was actually gonna. I’m
actually surprised. I wanted to come on here and I thought I’d come in here and
say, “Oh it doesn’t work. This guy Shawn Baker. He’s nuts.. you know. Don’t do this diet.” But now I’m on here saying basically saying that the diet works.
It actually works and I mean if you guys are thinking about you know trying this. I will say to you. Please check with your doctor first. I’m not a health care professional. I’m not a
the doctor. So you know. I’ve had a lot of people on
Instagram ask me…you know medical questions. And I can’t answer those questions. I
can’t provide you studies. I’m not a doctor. So I mean this is something that you’re gonna have to do that research yourself
and and research it. Google it. Look into it. This is something that you’re interested in doing but for me. This is my weight loss journey and it worked for me. So yeah I guess you guys want to see that after
but as I mentioned to you. I wasn’t really doing this for weight loss but
and I’m going to keep my hourglass figure but I wanted to
it was mostly. I wanted to see if there would be any kind of change in my
stomach without any exercise. So I’m gonna put the before I think over here.
So and so here so here’s my stomach and I noticed for the first time. I’m
actually seeing abs coming in and the other thing that I was a little bit
concerned about when I was doing this was I actually starting to see my ribs. So I realized that you know maybe I’m leaning
out a little bit too much. So yeah.. so I’m it so kind of happy about the 30 days
right now because I don’t want to lose any more weight. I think I’m good at this
point and I had mentioned to you guys that I have lost a lot of booty during
my weight loss journey but that’s something that I could always work on.
Squats or whatever but this is the area that I was more focused on was my
stomach and I do see the abs are coming in. So can you imagine if yeah… sorry So basically can you…imagine if I was working out while on this carnivore diet. I think that I would probably be seeing more definition in my
stomach but I am happy with it. So basically what I’ve decided to do is I
am going to continue with the carnivore diet but what I’m going to do is. I’m going to
incorporate keto with it. So basically I’m gonna maybe…do like say five five
days of carnivore and two days at keto. Just to change it up a bit and also I do
like my sweets. So I don’t want to give that up completely but yeah I was
completely. I was very happy with the very happy with the results and the
benefits but you guys are interested in more information. I’m gonna put a link
down below to some resources for you guys. So check them below and oh yeah
I’ve had people ask me if I’ve been taking any supplements during this and
yes I have been. I’ve been taking black seed oil. I have also continued to taking apple cider vinegar not everyday but I do take
black seed oil every day. I was been also been taking another supplement.
Oh my gosh! Can’t remember but I put the link down below the name of it. What else
have I taken and I take magnesium as well and i season my meat with himalayan sea
salt, black pepper and I do use spices on my on my meat. I think that’s about it, if
you guys have any other questions other questions for me. Please just ask me in the comments. I can’t remember the other questions that have been asked but that’s about it. I don’t want to ramble on any more and have a
tendency to ramble on but I just wanted to thank you guys so much for watching.
Thank you guys all for your support and you love the encouragement and I want
you guys all to just stay happy and stay healthy. Bye for now!