In October, 2015, McDonalds debuted the All-Day
breakfast Menu, and people everywhere rejoiced at the idea of eating cheap and delicious
breakfast food around the clock. But all day breakfast is just the latest innovation
in Mickey D’s long and checkered food history. Here’s a look at some things you didn’t know
about McDonald’s breakfast. Behold the Egg McMuffin Back in the day, not only did McDonalds not
serve breakfast all day, they actually didn’t serve breakfast at all! It wasn’t until 1970 that franchisee Jim Dellegatti,
who also invented the Big Mac, came up with the idea of serving breakfast at the McDonalds
he owned and operated. But it didn’t become a national phenomenon
until 1971, when fellow franchise owner Herb Peterson fed McDonald’s head honcho Ray Kroc
an innovation the world now knows as the Egg McMuffin. Kroc loved it so much he brought it to the
company’s senior management, and by 1976, every McDonalds in the country had a full
breakfast menu. “I hereby proclaim breakfast at participating
McDonald’s every weekend!” “Yeah!” Haters gonna hate “it’s so frustrating! You race to McDonald’s, glance at Mickey and
‘Oh no! It’s 10:33! You’re three minutes late. No breakfast for you.” Luckily, those days are gone now. But while fans of hashbrowns may love All-Day
Breakfast, but not everyone at McDonald’s is actually lovin’ it. Some franchisees had to invest a lot of money
in order to make their restaurant capable of serving breakfast alongside the standard
menu items. Others felt like they were rushed into service,
and wanted more time to introduce the new menu. And some were concerned about menu items that
All-Day Breakfast pushed off the menu, like some McWraps. Though All-Day breakfast proved to be a massive
hit initially, by 2017 it was reported that sales were slumping once again. So was the convenience of All-Day breakfast
worth all the effort? Only your mouth knows the answer. They’re invested in the coffee game By 2006, McDonalds was one of the dominant
forces in the breakfast market, selling one out of every ten cups of coffee in the United
States to the tune of $19 billion a year. But with upscale coffee shops like Starbucks
cutting into their action, McDonalds was forced to up their game. In 2009 they introduced the McCafe line of
drinks, which offer cheaper and faster alternatives to Starbucks coffee and lattes. And they haven’t stopped yet: by 2020, 100
percent of their coffee will come from sustainable sources. There are healthy breakfast options You don’t need a degree in nutrition to realize
some of the breakfast options at McDonalds can be kind of unhealthy. The Big Breakfast with hotcakes, for instance,
contains your entire daily recommended fat intake in just one meal, plus more than half
of your recommended daily allowance of sodium. But there are a few healthier options if you
know where to look. The Egg McMuffin, for instance, clocks in
at 300 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 730 milligrams of sodium. And while that’s a bit high in fat and sodium,
you do get 18 grams of protein. Still, the healthier option is the Egg White
Delight McMuffin, which has 260 calories, eight grams of fat, and 730 milligrams of
sodium. And it only has two grams less protein than
the regular McMuffin. More humane food One of the most central ingredients on the
McDonald’s breakfast menu is eggs. How central? McDonalds actually uses more than four percent
of all the eggs produced in the United States. And they’re committed to making sure those
eggs are gathered in the most humane way possible, as they’ve committed to going completely cage-free
in their North American restaurants by 2025. That decision may have been influenced by
the great pork scandal of 2011, when their pork supplier, Smithfield, was accused by
the Humane Society of lying to shareholders about their animal welfare practices. It turned out that the company used gestation
cages, meaning their sows lived in a space so small, that during their entire lifetime
they couldn’t even turn around. In response, McDonalds pledged that by 2022,
all of its U.S. pork suppliers would phase out the use of these inhumane crates. The options are very different abroad If you’ve ever traveled outside of the United
States, you’ve surely noticed some of the variations in the McDonald’s breakfast menu,
depending on where you go. For example, if you’re traveling in the Middle
East, you’re not going to find the pork on the menu at all — because it’s forbidden
in Islam. And that’s just one regional variation. Depending on where you are, you can also order
a George Pie, stroopwafels, a Halloumi Muffin, or a Brekkie Wrap, among many others. So before you order a McDonalds breakfast
overseas, make sure you actually know what you’re getting! Happy breakfast Everybody loves Happy Meals, so why don’t
they have a breakfast Happy Meal? Well, it turns out they do! Back in 2016, McDonalds rolled out a pilot
program in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, testing a breakfast Happy Meal in 73 locations. There were two basic options, one centering
on McGriddles, and the other on Egg McMuffins. So far, Mickey D’s hasn’t rolled out the breakfast
Happy Meal to the rest of the country, but here’s hoping! After all, everyone wants their food to come
with a prize. “It all comes in a Happy Meal box! With games, puzzles, jokes and a prize!” “Prize!?” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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