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Athletes, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX. Today, I’m gonna be speaking on the truth, about burning belly fat. Now, we have millions of
THENX Athletes working hard and working out everyday, getting in the best shape of their lives. And every so often we
have these lazy comers that don’t actually work out, trying to discourage the people that are working hard to get in shape because they feel
miserable about themselves. So today, I’m gonna be answering the
age-old internet question for all these trolls out here and it is, can you target and burn belly fat? No, you will be burning fat
from everywhere in your body. However, that includes the area that you’re trying to target, your belly. And if you are simultaneously building and defining the muscles in that area that you’re looking to improve, you will successfully get a
strong core and six pack abs. Which is why, I always say to incorporate HIIT training
when you’re trying to burn fat. You see the more muscles
that you’re working, the more fat you’re burning. People saying that you
can’t target fat loss, in specific areas are just
not looking at the big picture and chances are, they’ve
never actually been in shape and have no experience
other than googling, “Can you target fat loss?” And then finding the google answer, no. Although, you cannot choose to burn fat from one specific area only. You can still choose to burn fat using the
most efficient exercises and burn fat through
all areas of your body. Including, the area that
you’re trying to target. And if you’re simultaneously building and defining the surrounding areas, you will get an aesthetic six pack. Contingent upon healthy
eating habits of course. Now, ask anyone how
they got their six pack and I will guarantee you
they will mention burning fat and training your abdominal. Now, if you’ve been
following to our videos and you’ve been burning fat
and getting in shape, already. Then, you would already
know this from experience, which is why you need to listen to the people that have done it. Not the salty, clueless, out
of shape people on steroids that are googling it and
are getting triggered, every time they see the same
three words, burning belly fat. So, in conclusion, can you
target only belly fat to burn? No, can you burn belly fat, yes. Will this workout help you burn belly fat? Yes, so today I’m gonna
show you guys an excellent, super effective HIIT workout that’s gonna have you burning
fat and building muscle. So, we’re gonna start off this
routine with High Knee Taps. This is an exercise that’s
gonna bring up your heart rate, from the very beginning, but it’s also a very
good introduction move to getting your body starting
to workout and warming up. If you structure your exercises correctly and you choose the right workouts to work your way up into
more intense exercises, you’re gonna properly warm up your body and you’re gonna actually perform better. When you do those more intense exercises. And the more reps and
better quality you do, the more effective this
exercise is gonna be. So, let’s start off with
some High Knee Taps, bring those knees right up. We’re gonna go for 50 in
a row, let’s get started. (energized music) Alright, let’s go for some Burpees. (upbeat music) Woo, alright moving on, now
you can start to feel it. We’re gonna hit some Russian Twists. So, for this workout routine, we’re not gonna be using
any equipment at all. Just the ground and gravity
so, there’s no excuses. All it takes is discipline
and the will to go harder. And you’re gonna get there so, let’s go for these Russian Twists, keep your legs as straight as possible. The better the form, the
more effective this is, the better it’s gonna work. One side, other side, 50 let’s go. (energized music) Make sure you completely
twist every time you turn. Get a nice hard twist in there. (energized music) Woo, alright let’s go into
Switching Mountain Climbers. Again, we’re gonna go for 50
reps, one side, other side. (upbeat music) Woo, alright you should start
feeling it right about now. Alright, moving on to the next exercise, we have Plank Knees To Elbow so, let’s assume a plank position. One knee up, let’s keep it going, 40. (harsh energized music) Alright woo, moving on, we’re gonna go right
into Seated In And Outs. Hands back, legs straight,
knees all the way in, all the way back out, let’s go for 40. (energized music) Woo, alrighty, we are on
the last exercise guys. We’re gonna go on to some Star Crunches. We’re gonna go ahead
and do 10 on each side and if you guys have noticed, I’m not doing this as fast as I can, I’m trying to make fuel the
full range and come back in. You don’t have to do
it super slow although, it will be more effective, but
you definitely don’t wanna go to fast and just go through the motions. You wanna really make that
mental muscle connection and feel every single rep. Alright, let’s go onto the last exercise. 10 on each side guys, here we go. Up, touch the ankle, come
back down, two, three. (energized music) Woo, alright, so that’s round
one and as you can see guys, I’m already busting a
sweat so, I want you guys to send this video to
every salty troll out there that says you can’t
target burning belly fat. And when you see these salty
trolls in the comment section, guys, don’t even pay them any mind. They’re literally just
trying to get a reaction out of you and you know what THENX Athletes do to people like that, just like that. ‘Cause I see some THENX
Athletes in the comment section, replying to these morons and
giving your own testimonial on how you’ve been watching THENX videos and getting in the best
shape of your life. They don’t need any of that, as long as you’re doing what you
needa do to get in shape and you are in shape,
forget what anybody says. Keep doing your thing and healthy
reminder before I go guys. If you’re trying to get in shape, don’t ask the man that’s
out of shape how to do it. Ask the ones in shape how they did it and how they continue to
do it every single day. A lot of people out there, don’t wanna see you
reach your true potential or project their own doubts
and insecurities on others, but we at THENX, we wanna
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Sunday, mad love, peace out. (energized music)