Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of DrAxe.com. In this video I’m going to talk to you about TCM Diet,
also known as the Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet, and ways that Chinese medicine can help
you transform your health. Within Chinese medicine there’s something
called The Five Elements. The Five Elements, this also stems from something called Five
Elements Acupuncture, but I’ll tell you, by learning these principles it’s going to help
you really know your own body. I think this is what everybody wants. Everybody wants to
know a custom and personalized plan for them, and so I’m going to teach you in this video
what type you might be so you know the exact steps you need to take to heal your body completely
using TCM, that’s Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used
over 4000 years and I believe today it’s the most accurate way of diagnosing and treating
illness, much more accurate than our conventional medical Western system today. There are Five Elements of Chinese Medicine
that relate to the earth, and the way our organ system works, our five organ systems.
Let’s talk about the first element. That’s the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine. That
has to do with springtime, also that’s related to green foods. If you are struggling with
a liver issue or a gallbladder issue to where you don’t digest fats properly, or you have
any type of liver condition, elevated liver enzymes, or you’ve ever been exposed to toxins,
then that means you want to follow the Wood Element Diet. Now, also people can be Wood Elements, and
that’s me, for instance. Wood Element people are typically very wiry, they’re typically
. . . you can see their veins, they typically would look like sometimes rock climbers-ish,
but again they’re a little bit more lean and wiry. When you hear the Wood Element, think
tree roots. So think roots and how they’re built. That’s a Wood Element and those people
tend to be more susceptible to liver and gallbladder issues and not digesting fats properly. And
the emotion that they experience is frustration and sometimes anger. So think angry drunk.
If you have an angry drunk what does that affect? It affects their liver and vice versa.
Somebody has liver problems they can burst out in anger. So again, that’s the Wood Element
in Chinese Medicine. If you are having liver issues or gallbladder
issues at all, gallstones, gallbladder removed, any sort of anger frustration issues, you
want to start nourishing those organs. And this is the big difference in Chinese Medicine.
In Western Medicine today we try and treat a disease, treat an illness; in Chinese Medicine
they look to nourish an organ to help the body heal. And the foods that are most nourishing
and healing to the liver and gallbladder are going to be foods that are sour. So think
sauerkraut, also things like a green apple, also foods that are slightly bitter. Foods
that are mostly sour and slightly bitter are the most nourishing, and foods that are very
green. Wood Element, think trees, think green, think grass, so vegetables like fresh salad
and spinach, veggies juices, herbs like milk thistle and dandelion. Also bluporum is another
one in Chinese Medicine, and then green apples, but think green foods, fresh foods, living
foods, those are going to be the best for healing the liver and the gallbladder in foods
that are sour. The next element in Chinese Medicine is going
to be your Earth Element, and the Earth Element is going to be for people that tend to be
a little bit more round. Sometimes people that tend to be a little more jolly. Sometimes
they’ll get some redness in their cheeks. The Earth Element tends to be people that
emotionally struggle with worry, and it also from a seasonal standpoint has to do with
the fall harvest. People that are the Earth Element tend to struggle with candida. So
if you’re a person that you know you’re a chronic worrier or if you’ve ever struggled
with candida, the Chinese Medicine or TCM Diet can help you. Specifically, you want
to do foods that nourish the spleen and so that’s connected to the spleen and stomach.
Those foods are going to be warming vegetables that are just mildly sweet like pumpkin, sweet
potato, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, even corn, those foods that are lightly sweet
and nourish those organs. Now on the flip end, obviously you have the
candida or you’re an Earth Element person, you don’t want to get too much sweet so it’s
all about balance. If you get too much sweet it totally burns out your spleen and your
stomach, versus lightly sweet, you have a little bit of pumpkin or a little bit of butternut
squash, things that are just mildly sweet, those are nourishing to those organs if you’re
consuming just one to two servings a day. So a person that’s that type of body type,
you want to do let’s say a diet that’s high in things like bone broth and organic meat
and also some good starchy vegetables. Think as a meal, Shepherd’s Pie. That’s a great
example of a diet that an Earth Element person would benefit from. The number three Element we’re going to focus
on now is the Metal Element. The Metal Element are typically people that have big, strong,
bold features. If you think of a big muscular linebacker, somebody that’s sort of chiseled
and built like stone, that’s a Metal Element in Chinese Medicine. That’s their typical
build, and those people tend to struggle emotionally with grief and sadness, sometimes depression,
those would be those negative emotions they experience that can affect specifically the
lung and the colons. The Metal Element has to do with your immune system. If you’ve ever
struggled with any type of immune system issue or immune weakness, you want to consume foods
that support, whether that’s autoimmune disease or food sensitivity or food allergies, any
of those issues are signs that you should be really supporting that immune system. White
foods really support the immune system and the lungs. So think horseradish, think white
potatoes, think garlic and onions and cauliflower. All of those foods are very nourishing to
a Metal Element. So again, getting a lot of those immune foods like garlic and onions,
cauliflower, those things are very nourishing, and then also probiotic-rich foods like yogurt
and kefir are great for those, and raw cheeses, like a raw sheep’s cheese, those are really
nourishing to the Metal Element. The number four Element we’ve got to take
care of is going to be your Water Element. The Water Element is really related to the
health of your kidneys and your adrenal glands, which can sometimes even go and affect the
thyroid, but the adrenal glands and kidneys specifically. So if you ever struggle with
any type of infection, any type of fatigue or low energy levels or adrenal fatigue issues
or chronic fatigue, those are warning signs that you need to nourish those organs. Also,
any hormone imbalance. If you’re a person that struggles with early menopause or PCOS
or any hormonal issue, you want to follow those and support the Water Element in Chinese
Medicine. The Water Element tends to struggle with fear.
They become fearful, and if you think about this that’s tied to an organ. If you get extremely
fearful people can actually urinate themselves because that affects the kidneys. Well, think
about doing that in a light way day after day, you lightly affect the kidneys and the
adrenal glands. You wear those organs out in that way. So the way you want to support
those organs is doing dark colored nutrient-dense foods. Think berries like blueberries and
blackberries, cranberries, also think beets and spinach and seaweed, very dark antioxidant
rich foods. The fifth Element in Chinese Medicine is the
Fire Element, and that emotion tends to be somebody that’s very fiery or passionate,
think the summer months. The best foods for that are spicy foods, and that’s going to
be things like cayenne pepper, it’s going to be Mexican food, it’s going to be corn
tortillas, it’s going to be hot sauce. So again, foods that are very warming and hot
to the body, those are going to be the best; salsa, even guacamole, those things are great
for a Fire Element and that’s typically Fire Element is acid reflux. If you have acid reflux
or a heart issue, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure or circulatory issues,
you’re going to want to follow the Chinese Medicine tips and diet to help heal the Fire
Element. So guys, I could go on and on and on about
this. If you want to learn more about Chinese Medicine visit my website, DrAxe.com that’s
D-R-A-X-E.com or just search Dr. Axe Chinese Medicine or Dr. Axe TCM Diet, but I’m telling
you Chinese Medicine is incredible, it’s rich, it’s one of the top things you can follow
to heal your body naturally. If you want to learn more, again visit my website, subscribe
here to the YouTube channel. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video on the TCM Diet, also known
as the Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet.