what's going on Imperials it's imper cubone here a while ago I did the best gym redesigns in Pokemon which if I may say so is a rather unique topic but ever since it did make me wonder which gym makeovers would be considered the worst now again we will only be considering actual changes to the gyms layout not counting any new gen remake re skins so here the top six worst gym redesigns in Pokemon number six bale stone gym I've put this one on the bottom because it could go either way depending on who you ask but to me the Vale stone gym got a little bit worse bale stone City itself was pretty cool so I was excited to see what the gym might be and when I entered I was perplexed to say the least it's a fighting-type gym so I kind of expected the small arena style of combat zones but while the puzzle of giant sliding Tetris pieces might not fit the type theme necessarily I did enjoy it they were big wooden panels that you would push across the floor to open up new pads between the trainers that you could also easily avoid if you wanted to and I'll admit it this one took me quite a bit of time to figure out especially back in my youth but once I did it was so satisfying even if I do personally find the leader a bit lacking cut to platinum version and the gym is completely different this time it's some kind of boxing club that's far more modern and honestly that aesthetic took me out of the game a bit compared to the more traditional vibe from the previous gym even if it didn't make as much sense despite the fact that this gym is new it looks completely run-down with giant holes in the floor but the whole point of this new puzzle is that you nudge punching bags down a wire and they crash into a pile of tires I guess that's marginally more fighting related but the speed at which these punching bags swing is at a Meg cargo space it takes forever and a lot of them go all the way across the room it's one thing if it takes me a while because figuring out a brainteaser but if I'm just getting bored waiting for this downgraded less challenging puzzle to finish itself then you've made your gym a bit worse number five Viridian gym spoiler alerts for a 20 year old plot twist but I'd really like how it turns out that the final gym leader was in charge of the evil Team Rocket that you've already faced multiple times that part of the first Viridian gym was pretty cool but fast forward a bit to the gen 2 games and we see the Viridian gym yet again now under the control of your rival from last time but looking at the layout something happened it's not like the original was a masterpiece it was really just kind of another Team Rocket base with the spin tile was littered about but afterwards they just turned it into a straight line we already had that in the same game with olivine Jim there's no puzzle or anything it's just a glorified hallway so obviously they ran out of ideas but after a reset inch in three the remakes of the gold and silver games had them severely overcorrecting now the gym still has its longer shape but almost the entire floor is now covered in spin tiles turning it into an irritating maze where if you make one wrong move it'll cost you a good minute and a half of spinning just to get back to the same spot to try it again even Team Rocket would look at the abundance of spin tiles in this gym and wince it's very telling when your gym is better under the control of a criminal organization because the redesigns for Veridian gym are either a complete letdown or flat-out infuriating to try and get out of number 4 knackering gym as far as gyms go knackering cities is actually pretty good it's a secret room under a library in the back of a museum that's an amazing setup even if it doesn't sound like they actually want people to try and find it but I do love museums and I've always appreciated libraries and while the puzzle itself might be slightly lackluster I had Lenora and the citizens of knackering city for promoting education and learning as much as battling let that wasn't meant to last while the museum stayed two years later it was no longer the gym in nekron City in fact there was no gym in knackering City at all in black and white to the normal type gym leader and the basic badge had moved over to the other side of the region to its purchase city which is some kind of secondary starting town but what's very out of character for a starting town is the fact that they have a gym which is now run by a rival from last time sounds kind of familiar but going into the gym itself it's really pretty boring you just walk up to a couple of trainers and vite it's basically just another line I do appreciate the actual battlefield set up like in the anime but if the way the ground appears is my highest compliment it's not looking great that's not even to mention the enraging battle against the Gym Leader itself by him constantly using work up and they stuffed it in the back of a trainer school I know I just praised the learning emphasis from knackering city but you think about the difference between learning at a field trip to a museum versus another boring day of sitting in classes it's not the same and that letdown feeling of monotony and dullness is exactly what I feel when I visit this normal type gyms redesign number three dewford gym if you've been keeping track you'll know that I'm not a fan of this rinky-dink town in the first place but looking back at the gym makes it even worse I will say that I actually didn't mind the gym the first go-around you basically just wander through some hallways with limited eyesight while trainers lie and wait around the corner once you beat them you can see a little bit more of what's around you like an incremental use of flesh which thematically fits with the nearby cave where you use flash as well overall not that hard but still kind of unique and then an emerald the gimmick was still the same but for some reason they did redo the inside and made the maze look pretty different and even a little bit harder navigate which to me made it even better then years later we come to Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire and after being wowed by the first gym in rustboro I was even more disappointed by the changes to dewford firstly they took the gym title quite literally by moving in a bunch of exercise equipment but the problem is that they took the darkness aspect and remixed it in a terribly misguided fashion you now temporarily illuminate the side sections in order to mentally map them and then are forced to stumble through the dark to get to the next trainer is this place shut down or something why can we not have the power in the side rooms especially since these rooms are where all of the workout equipment is actually located do not use a treadmill in the dark kids trust me can't we just put a barrel on one of these floor buttons and light it up maybe and for no reason whatsoever there are constantly running conveyor belts in the floor that make you go through the side sections again if you go back at all it's just a completely separate ball park for me and being able to see a tiny bit around you versus turning it into a mini ecruteak gym where it's not even a puzzle it's just straight memorization that's not fun that's homework due for taking a perfectly fine gym and changing it to force me to devote precious brain space to this game consequential shady maze makes this redesign one of the most unnecessary in my book number two mombasa gym in buzz' City somehow became my favorite in the univer wool of life and potential for battles but for my money it also had one of the best gyms it was a neon theme park indoors the worst part was waiting for the pods to come around if you missed them but I suppose waiting in line is true to life in a real amusement park as well and it was great fun riding them around not to mention one of the best gym leaders to me as well so in black and white ooh I ran right into that same building went through all the same rides fought a bunch of trainers and the end only to find out that it wasn't the gym I guess I could have read the sign out front but where is it well just off to the side is a runway of sorts and apparently just because the leader is a model and hangs out there that also makes it a gym you just walk in a long straight line hi Jim five how could they still think that was a good idea did they just get tired of being creative for a minute or was it close to their deadline it doesn't even seem to have the standard battlefield it's just such a bummer that the Mombasa City Gym which used to be a land of wonder and entertainment has been turned into a hollow shell of its former glory only leaving a treacherous redesign in its wake number one Cinnabar Jim I really liked the sin of our Jim the first time I was there well after I was able to get inside I did not enjoy the doors being locked and having to ransack through several floors of a dilapidated mansion just to find the key but what I appreciated most about the sin of Ark Jim was that for the first and really only time it gave you options you could either fight the trainers like normal to progress through the closed doors or you could use your knowledge of Pokemon instead by answering a series of trivia questions this Jim rewarded you for your heightened awareness of this fighting monster game and allowed you to completely bypass enemy trainers if you wanted to and didn't need the experience in interesting divergence of letting trainers progress even if it wasn't a fire pit like in the anime but then move over to the next generation two years later in gold and silver and come to Cinnabar Island expecting the same old thing but in that time the volcano erupted and completely covered the island leaving only a Pokemon Center without even knowing what to do you instinctively move over to the seafoam islands and explore and there you can find blame just standing in an empty room by himself there aren't even any other trainers this is considered a gym I know the original got destroyed at all but you could put any effort into at least NIM basa still had other trainers but honestly they put up more of a fight on the route to get to this new gym than the one guy alone in a tiny room luckily it turns out that they saw the error of their ways in the remakes and added in some extra trainers to fight and it's not nearly as egregious but I was not a fan of the way it was restructured in the let's go games either it still had the questions to answer but at this time it was set up as a game show of sorts but the whole thing is done on stage completely stationary you don't get to move you just scroll through a bunch of text possibly interspersed with battles now you're taking away my autonomy being forced into what essentially amounts to an extended cutscene for a gym is not my or anyone elses idea of a good time this combined with the utter lack of any kind of a gym in generation 2 means to me cinnabar has got to have theme worst redesigns in Pokemon history so there's the top 6 worst gym redesigns in Pokemon what other changes to gyms were downgrade let me know down in the comments also be sure to leave a like share this video and subscribe so that you too can become an imperial today and we'll see you around next time