Hi I’m Alli Saunders from Life
Progression Project and with the holidays quickly approaching and a lot
of; “what the heck am I gonna buy this person”, I have the answers. If you have
someone you have to buy a gift for and they’re into health and wellness or if
you’re like me and you buy one person a gift and then you buy yourself a gift,
you definitely want to know about these top five products and guess what I’ve
tried all these products I actually love them so much that I buy them on repeat! I
use them every single day. I love them! They’ve worked for me, they’ve made my
life better and that’s why I buy them for other people when Christmas time
rolls around or birthdays; so let’s get right to it! This is a Santevia
mineralized alkaline water shower filter it has four layers of filtration for
cleaner, softer water. It filters out chlorine which dries out your skin and
is not very good for you to be ingesting through your skin which is the biggest
organ in your body! And it adds minerals and nourishes your skin and your hair.
This shower filter was actually recommended to me a few years ago by my super healthy friend. I was talking about my skin and how even if I drink at least
eight cups of water a day which I do; even if I use moisturizer daily; my skin
would still be super dry like super dry as in when you take your shirt off at
the end of the day you’ve got the little dead skin cells the dry skin on your
shirt, you know I’m talking about? Well that was happening to me no matter
what I did so he said get one of these shower filters because the chlorine that
comes through the water that you’re showering in is drying out your skin and
your hair. I bought it not really expecting much of
a difference and after I used this shower filter for the first time…. I was in
amazement and happiness! It was a product that worked and it worked right away! I
was so happy I remember showing my fiance; “look at my legs
there’s no dryness! It’s been a whole 10 hours and they’re still not dry”; it was
amazing, this thing really works! You are gonna notice a difference from
using it. I feel better day to day. Not only is my skin softer and my hair
softer but I actually feel like I don’t have chemicals
all over my body and it’s something you don’t notice until you actually use this
and see the difference of how you felt before you had it and after you had it.
The other great thing that I love about this shower filter specifically, is it
doesn’t affect water pressure at all which is awesome. This shower filter’s
under $50. It’s something I actually; this exact shower filter I’m holding in my
hand I just bought for my brother because he loves it so much he’s asked
me to get it for him for Christmas. Since I started using this shower filter a few
years ago I’ve continued to because I love it so definitely check out the link
below this is a shower filter I highly recommend it’s gonna make a difference
in your day to day life for sure. The next gift; gift to yourself or gift to
your friends or family; it’s something that I’ve been using for about a year
now, every single night before I go to bed is this Nourish Organic Argan Oil. As
some of you may know argan oil is great for your hair; if you’ve got split ends;
if you fried your hair from dyeing it too much and you’re looking to add some
intense moisture, this stuff is great. You can also use this on your body as a
great and intense moisturizer; I wouldn’t recommend doing it in the daytime if
you’re gonna do it because the oil might get on your clothes but definitely
before you go to bed put some of this stuff on. Now the main thing that may
surprise some of you, because before I knew about this I would have been like;
“there’s no way that makes any sense”, but the main reason I use this argan oil is
for my face. Yeah. I’ve been using this argan oil on my face, before I go to
sleep, almost every night. It absorbs pretty quickly like in 20 minutes if you
were to touch my face it wouldn’t feel oily at all anymore,
and it has made a huge difference. It only takes like a tiny little, the size
of a penny worth to rub onto your face. You can tell when it’s on your skin that
it’s doing good stuff so I highly recommend this for hair, body but for me
the number one reason I use it is on my face to make my face look fresher, look
plumper, younger and to reduce the acne and the acne scars. I love it so
I’ve bought it for a few people for this Christmas and I’ve
also bought a few more bottles for myself. It’s about twenty dollars and it
is well worth it. This is something that has made a huge difference in how much
better my breath smells every day. I use this, it’s called a tongue cleaner. It costs
about six dollars, under ten dollars; you use this and you kind of go to the back
of your tongue and you put gentle, gentle pressure and pull and you are gonna see
a bunch of stuff come off of your tongue after, so you do that two to three times
gently, rinse it off and use it again at night. This gets rid of a ton of the bad
bacteria; the stuff that even after you brush your teeth kind of makes your
breath smell not so great; it gets rid of that and it actually lasts like I I do
not like, no one likes bad breath. I especially, it’s like one of my…. I
never want bad breath so I used this it’s made a big difference, not only in
my breath smelling better for more than 20 minutes after I brush my teeth; this
is something again before I used it I was like I brush my teeth I… you know, I
floss I do coconut pullin’, I’m good! But I was introduced to this, started using it
and it has made a great difference in the breath situation but you can also
feel that your mouth is just way cleaner because by using it you’re getting the
gunk and the bacteria and the stuff that sits on your tongue off, it’s awesome!
This is my Klean Kanteen. I’m a runner, I sporadically get super into yoga at
times and I’m always on the go. I also avoid using plastic to drink my water
whenever I can because of BPA and all sorts of other stuff and I’m also big on
supporting the environment whenever possible so this Klean Kanteen here is great. It’s created out of safe material and has a
lifetime guarantee which is awesome from Klean Kanteen. It’s a vacuum insulated bottle so whether you want your water, your cold water that you
pour in to be cold for a hundred hours…. yes they guarantee that your water will
stay cold for a hundred hours if you use this; you can put coffee in it to keep
your coffee hot you can put cold beer in it if you want to keep your beer cold;
also, because I’m always on the go whether I’m hiking, on a run, on a video
shoot, whatever; I love this top here because I can hold it in my finger like
so or I clip it onto my belts easily and it just comes along with me throughout
the day so that I’m always hydrated. And, yep I’ve saved the best for last; well
this is the best in my opinion. This is a white noise maker and it is a lifesaver.
This is one of my favorite things I have ever owned ever. Before I got this white
noise maker, if the wind was too loud outside I’d wake up, if I heard a dog
barking which happened regularly, I would wake up and it would take me probably 40
minutes to fall back asleep at now 2:00 a.m. and then if I heard any other
noises I’d wake up again at 6 a.m. and I just wasn’t getting a good quality sleep.
I’d wake up in the morning feeling stressed out because I didn’t have the
energy to be the best version of me throughout the day. This is great because
it creates a noise, a constant noise that drowns out any background sounds going
on that are gonna disrupt you from sleeping. It’s something I truly feel
like I can’t live without. I love it. It’s portable, it’s tiny and the great thing
about this particular white noise maker is that it has 20 different white noises so you can pick the sound that is most
soothing or works best for you. This white noisemaker although it’s tiny,
you can turn the volume very low or you can turn the volume very high. Besides
sleep I also find when I’m working in a hotel room if I can hear noises going on
outside the hallway I get distracted really easily, it takes me out of the
flow, out of the zone of what I’m doing so during the day if I want to avoid
getting distracted by background noises I turn this on low low volume and it
really makes a difference. It helps me stay focused, I love it I can’t say
enough good things about it and anytime I hear somebody saying they just can’t
get a good night’s sleep, guess what; this goes on the list of gifts I’m gonna buy
them because it is a game changer! Everything that I’ve just mentioned are
things that I use on the daily, they’ve made my life better, easier, happier,
healthier and I’ve purchased as gifts for friends and family and they’ve been
really really happy with it so if you’re looking for some great gift ideas for
other people or maybe for yourself then there are five gifts I love and they’re
the gifts that I keep buying my friends and family year after year and I’ll
leave a link in the description below where you can get all of these products.
Thanks for checking out this video! When you try out these products let me know
in the comment below what you thought of them and how they’ve helped your life; we
love hearing from you and we’ll see you in future videos